Sarah Palin would lie? You betcha!

Sarah the guv:
"We Alaskans are living with the changes that you are observing in Washington,” the Republican governor said. “The dramatic decreases in the extent of summer sea ice, increased coastal erosion, melting of permafrost, decrease in alpine glaciers and overall ecosystem changes are very real to us.”
Sarah the Repub sheep:
'Climate warming is false science, perpetuated by the anti business liberals'.
Surprise! She flip flops to parrot the official party line. Who woulda thunk?


ladyj said…
And you honestly believe the woman can think? Seems she pops out kids and gives them odd names; shoots wolves from helicopters; believes "gall-durn" is in Roget's Thesaurus; Todd is intelligent; she is funny; and her son is "retarded". Finally she has a opportunity to run for Congress and then be our President!!! God bless America and cap my ass with a nine.
Fam Guy said…
Cap my ass with a 9???
Fam Guy said…
You're asking to get shot in the butt w/ a 9mm?
ladyj said…
that's ghetto talk, bro for taking somebody out. Oh, I forgot you live on a golf course where they beat each other with clubs...sooorrryyyy. I live in the real world. What I meant, if this shallow minded Republican gets to the Oval Office, then shoot me.
Anonymous said…
Way to go Lady J-he does live in his own little world doesn't he?
Fam Guy said…
Oh, I feel so deprived, that my crowd doesn't talk about getting our ass capped with a 9. I do agree with your sentiment though. Just didn't realize you live in such a rough hood.
ladyj said…
Oh please.......our city just happens to be in the "rust belt" and we've had to lay off police officers in Toledo, as well as, detectives to solve the crimes. even the prosecutors have been laid off due to the city budget crisis. We live in the land of CARTY! Our entire city is the "hood". Evidently, Bailey "got" your back, Jack.

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