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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barcelo 'Palace' Resort

from a distance, while on a walk. I wanna go back.....

I know I'm biased

but I think Piper, my little granddaughter, is kinda cute.

Interesting article on CSM,

Colorado School of Mines, in the local paper today. Not only is their basketball team #2 in Div II, nationally, at 25-2, but Business Week magazine recently chose them as the #1 bargain in college education. For approx $100k in schooling costs, they can expect to make approx $1.7 million. Not bad, but I'm sure Santorum thinks they're a 'bunch of snobs', who get indoctrinated by the Satan inspired Liberal elitists, unlike his crowd who knows the earth is only 6000 years old.

Two of the biggest

money making businesses in the country, health care and the Catholic Church, are continuing to merge, (cuz that's where the money is), and the main victim is women's health, as the tax-exempt church uses it's anti-female dogma to fight basic women's health issues. C'mon, pick a side. Be a church or own big-business hospitals...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The high school shooting

in Ohio brought back memories of Columbine, many years ago, when the shooters (Harris and Kleibold)  killed themselves, after killing and wounding several students and teachers, BUT, the SWAT team cowered in the parking lot, while victims bled to death , for another 2 hours, cuz they might get hurt. These jerks later charged the school district several million dollars to conduct an 'investigation', to determine who was guilty of the crime. Chickensh*ts, who hid outside, in their 'gov't paid for' body armor, while people slowly bled to death.

Gotta luv 'em

the Repub candidates that is, if you AREN'T a Repub, like this observation, today.

In November, a Pew poll showed then-front-runner Romney was leading Obama 53%-41% among independents. Now, Obama's up 59%-38%, and the president hasn't even started campaigning aggressively. Given some of the disconnected lunacy already heard during the primary, there's no telling what the candidates think they have to say to prove their tea party street cred and lock down the nomination. I don't know about you, but I have lost my ability to be surprised by the things that come out of these candidates' mouths. I am fully prepared to hear Santorum refer to Obama as the anti-Christ, only to be one-upped the next day by someone calling Obama the super-duper, most evil anti-Christ ever -- fo' real. It's juvenile. It's stupid. But apparently it's the way this field has chosen to play. Which is why in the eyes of many, they have already lost the game.

Another view

I recognize that, as a Democrat, I’m in no position to offer advice to Republicans. But hey, keep it up boys. The version of Republicanism you are offering is a gift to Democrats looking for recruits. The anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino, anti-Muslim, anti-Europe (particularly the French and the Greeks), anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-99 percent and now anti-college graduate rhetoric enables us to eagerly welcome your castoffs into the Democratic Party — where inclusivity is celebrated and their contributions are welcome.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/73337.html#ixzz1nhYH0yBJ

This is pretty cool

You can click on this and watch a live feed of a pair of eagles with 3 eggs. The first egg was laid Feb 17, with gestation of 35 days, so around March 23,  we could see a chick. (Beware, occasional commercial)


Monday, February 27, 2012

Great story on '48 Hrs',

about cops who set people up, with DUI's and drug arrests, for kickbacks, AND, took the drugs from criminals they busted, and re-sold them. Wow, like I never heard of that before, esp in Texas....

Who Is 'Rasmussen Reports',

frequently quoted by FOXNews, and why are their results so different than all the other nat'l polls?
TIME has described Rasmussen Reports as a "conservative-leaning polling group".[25] "It’s clear that his results are consistently more Republican than the other  results.”[27]
The Center For Public Integrity  claims that Scott Rasmussen was a paid consultant for the 2004 George W. Bush campaign, has ties to Karl Rove's 'Grassroots' organization, and Rasmussen is known for 'unusual' wording to his poll questions to achieve the reults he wants.

OK, now it makes sense. Typical FOX bullshit, that SOME people actually believe.

According to FOXNews (ha ha),

a national poll (Rasmussen Reports) shows that both Romney and Santorum lead Obama, if an election were held today, BUT, according to 'real' news, (on Politico, a right leaning site) that isn't exactly true.

Washington (CNN) - President Barack Obama holds double digit leads over the top two GOP presidential candidates, according to a new national survey.

A Politico/George Washington University Battleground Poll released Monday indicates Obama topping former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 53% to 43% in a hypothetical general election matchup, with the president leading former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania 53% to 42%.

What's this? FOX wouldn't lie, would they? HA!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I like to watch

'Pawn Stars', on The History Channel, and when I was in Vegas, a while back, my high school buddy Tay Tollefsen took Carol and I to see the pawn shop (among many other spots) where the show is filmed. A couple years ago he had shown me a signed letter from Knute Rockne, the famous Notre Dame football coach, sent to his dad, Ed, right before Rockne's death. SO, that brings me to the Feb 27 'Pawn Star' show, which Tay says will feature his son Scott meeting with Rick and the guys, to maybe sell the letter. I've got it set to record. Will be nice to see Tay's son.

Remember that fateful day?

When you had to decide if you were gonna be straight of gay? Cuz we all know 'it's a choice', right?
Well, in Michele Bachmann's district there's been a rash of teen suicides, recently, as those who 'chose' to be gay, were persecuted, not only by classroom bullies, but also by the school administration and general community in the highly religious, right-wing town. Serves 'em right, for choosing to be gay. What'd they expect? They shoulda gone to the Bachmann's Clinic, where they can 'pray away the gay'. Dummies...

As I think back,

to our time in Playa, I like to remember the view from our deck/patio. VERY relexing. (Click to enlarge)


The (formerly) repected Wall Street Journal, (before it was bought by the Murdoch/Ailes propaganda machine) has come out in favor of SuperPacs, OK'd by the 5 Repubs on the Supreme Court. Now, it is legal for gazillionairs to contribute as much as they want, to put 'their boy' in office. Anyone else see anything wrong here? Think they'll want any favors if their pet monkey actually wins? Unbelievable, but SO Republican...

The only 'news' network,

that paid hundreds of millions of dollars to be included in television packages, instead of the other way around, is no longer being shown outside the US, like it used to be. This year, when we toured several European countries, we never saw it once, in the hotel TV packages. AND, last week in Mexico, for the first time in memory, it wasn't among the the 50 or so stations shown at the largest resort in the Cancun/Cozumel area. They just got too many complaints, from people who wanted 'real' news, not the FOXNews version. It's now CNN everywhere. There IS hope for this world...

College, NO- Ignorance, YES

Santorum, whose name aptly comes from the same Latin root as sanctimonious, went on Glenn Beck’s Web-based show with his family and offered this lunacy: “I understand why Barack Obama wants to send every kid to college,” because colleges are “indoctrination mills” that “harm” the country.

I can see why the Repubs are against a college education.  Once you've passed a few science and geology classes, you have a real hard time believing the Bible thumpers and  anti-science/birth control crowd that dominates the Repub party, the nutjobs who claim the earth is 6000 years old and wanna to take our country back to the days of burning witches and leading religious Crusades to the Middle East.

It's finally sinking in,

Republicans are getting queasy at the gruesome sight of their party eating itself alive, savaging the brand in ways that will long resonate.
“Republicans being against sex is not good,” the G.O.P. strategist Alex Castellanos told me mournfully. “Sex is popular.”
He said his party is “coming to grips with a weaker field than we’d all want” and going through the five stages of grief. “We’re at No. 4,” he said. (Depression.) “We’ve still got one to go.” (Acceptance.)
The contenders in the Hester Prynne primaries are tripping over one another trying to be the most radical, unreasonable and insane candidate they can be.
“It makes the party look like it isn’t a modern party,” Rudy Giuliani told CNN’s Erin Burnett,  “It doesn’t understand the modern world that we live in.”       

Go ahead guys, appeal to the right-wing nut jobs to get the nomination, then go home in November....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Say hello to my little friend

Piper loved her porpoise squirt gun..

Watching a 20/20 show tonight,

about breast enhancement surgery. Just came from the beach, in Mexico, where such surgery was very obvious, in some instances. I guess I can understand how some women would like to be a little 'perkier', but c'mon, those huge silicone bags and stretched skin is ridiculous.

Looks like Romney,

might lose MI, his home state, just like Santorum got voted out, in a landslide, in his home state. Just like John Ashcroft, who lost HUGE, to a 'dead guy' opponent in MO, before GW made him his Atty Gen. At least the Pubs are consistent. Lose big in your home state, where people know you best, then go for national politics.

Saw a great 'Daily Show', last night,

where Jon Stewart made fun of the various religious groups fighting Obama, with a 'sausage club' of 10 men, testifying before Congress, who saw no problem with paying for Viagra, BUT, fight  against birth control, because Viagra 'is for a legitimate medical condition, but birth control is an option and a sin'. How any intelligent woman could support this crap is WAY beyond me. If there is any organization in the US, more 'anti-woman' that the church/Repubs, I'd like to see it. Then there's Rick Santorum, who says pregnant rape victims should embrace the chance to bring life into the world, and today, came out against a college education, cuz it would make you a 'Liberal'. Who ARE these people???? and who would vote for them????

The PGA is at Mayakoba,

in Playa del Carmen right now, and I met Charlie Beljan who was buying a 6-pack of Dos Equis Tues evening in Playa. Could tell he was a golfer and asked him where he played. 'PGA Tour,' he said. Anyway, I saw he was tied for 20th, after 2 rounds, but he blew up today with a 79. Tough being a rookie on the tour...

Wasn't all play, and no work

Pool exercises are tough. Note Piper (in her Baby Net) with Kari, Nate and Laura.

Piper liked to play in the fountains

love that swimsuit.

My girls, Kari and Piper

 Blowing me a kiss.

Nice view,

from the deck and hall.

Tough choice- beach or pool?

No matter how long you stay,

there's always a 'last day', when you wanna prolong every view, experience, and the feeling of actually being in Paradise. There's always three kinds of people at the resort. Recently arrived, mid-vacationers and those soon to leave. I hate being the third type, but it happens. No more beach, surf, pools, unlimited food, drinks and entertainment with excellent service. A few blog posts back, there is an aerial pic of Baracelo Tropical/Colonial where we stayed, and I can actually see the part of the beach/pool where we spent most of our time (pic of Carol, facing beach, w/swim up bar behind, click to enlarge). Boo hoo, as it comes to a close, and the countdown calendar goes back to 355. Oh well, it was a great trip with the kids/spouses and Piper, although it's gonna take a few days to gradually slide back to reality....

Monday, February 13, 2012

Yup, pretty lucky guy,

as I get to spend some quality time with my wife, kids/spouses and granddaughter. Good time of life....

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just when I think,

things are really screwed up, I watch the Grammy's and realize we have a chance, as SO many different genres can come together, with music. From pop and rock to rap and country, after Foo FIghters and Coldplay, you get the Beach Boys, Paul McCartney, Adele and Taylor Swift. So cool.

As I watch the Grammy's,

I hear Bruce Springsteen singing about the same thing that Clint Eastwood said in the Super Bowl commercial (that the Pubs crapped their pants about). Our country is broken, but can maybe be fixed. Is obvious who broke it, to anyone who can read a chart or graph,  (look 2000-2008), BUT, the question is, 'How do we fix it?' Not gonna be quick or easy, not even sure it can be done, but we gotta get past the petty politics. HA! Does anyone believe the politicians will do that? Neither do I....

Is so funny,

(pic when they first met, long ago) Every year about this time, as Bear and Bailey get together, and they gotta act like they don't like each other, BUT, if you watch close, they do. Is kinda funny, as they become housemates, while we travel. OMG, cat and dog, living together, with Don, who eats our food and drinks our booze, but that's OK. Win/win....

Riots in Greece today,

as the people react to the new austerity measures that the gov't OK'd, but the people haven't. C[mon, just go ahead and default, cuz it's gonna happen sooner or later, and it doesn't help anyone to put it off. Not gonna be pretty, but is gonna happen, so just do it, and move on. The bad news? Then there's Italy, Portugal, etc.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

'Bout that time of year

for 'changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes', as Jimmy would say.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Inconvenient facts, for the Pubs

Republicans have created this completely fictional president. His name is Barack X. And he's an Islamo-socialist revolutionary who is coming for your guns, raising your taxes, slashing the military, apologizing to other countries, and taking his cues from Europe, or worse yet, Saul Alinsky! And this is how politics has changed. You used to have to run against an actual candidate. But, now, you just let FOXNews create one and run against your new fictional candidate."
(You can watch the clip of the whole "New Rule" here or read the transcript here.)

Contrary to the fictional stories told by Republicans, the president has cut taxes (taxes are lower under Obama than they were under Ronald Reagan, and the tax burden on Americans is the lowest it's been since 1950), raised the military budget, been more aggressive in fighting Islamist militants than his predecessor (bin Laden and numerous dead Taliban and al-Qaida leaders would attest to this fact if they could, and has not proposed or supported any anti-gun legislation. But does this matter to FOX sheep? Not at all, cuz they get their own 'special' news. No wonder they're riled up! I would be too, if I listened to the crap they do.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Actually, am kinda serious here,

as I wonder. 'What do the sheep tune into, after watching FOXNews?' The Kentucky 'Gov't Channel' using public funds to build 'Noah's Ark' theme park? Gary Busey's " Reality Channel'? 'Newt Gingrich's Marriage Advice'?  Tom DeLay's "Integrity, Explained', Ted Haggard's "Leisure Activities', or Larry Craig's, 'Meeting New Friends'. Seriously, what do the sheep watch, when the FOXNews Fantasy Channel does commercials, after they have been 'conditioned' to a whole different view of 'reality'?

Carol and I are SO happy,

that I can unload here, whenever I feel all the Repub BS building up in my world. WOW. Don't have to bother my friends and family, when the bullshit gets out of control,( and it's only gonna get worse as the Pubs try to take over the system they wrecked). Works for us....

When asked 'why' they hate?

Most Repubs' main problem with Obama is his 'overspending', BUT, most of the budget, by far, is non-discretionary and military spending, AND he's been hobbled with way less tax money coming in, after W's wrecked economy, and 'temporary' tax breaks for the rich. AND money going out to pay for W's wars, AND way more to pay for needed social services, after W wrecked the economy. Yup, that damn Obama. We just need to return to the glory days of GW, who was run outta town with a 22% approval rating. Remember?

Gee, hope I don't offend anyone...

An act of compassion,

by a teacher who cared, has landed her in big trouble.

A former Texas high school coach is facing a felony charge for allegedly giving one of her students ‘morning after’ pills after the student told her that she feared she would get pregnant after having unprotected sex with her boyfriend, MyFoxAustin.com reported.

I guess the proper response should have been, "Go ahead and get pregnant, that'll teach ya, when you gotta drop out of school at 16'. Gotta love those conservative, fundamentalist Texans, who also hate paying tax dollars to welfare mothers.

Conservatives attack!

No one is forcing Catholics to take birth control, but, the Catholic Church, one of the largest employers in the US, with millions of non-Catholics in their health care system, wants non-tax status from the gov't, but doesn't want to follow gov't rules. Of course, the right-wing is banging the drums and screaming, but a majority of Catholics don't even agree with the anti-birth control doctrine. And, if they really cared about abortion, they wouldn't fight against birth control, the single best way to avoid abortions. Obviously, the Pubs will jump on any issue to criticize the pres and divide the people. This is a clear cut legal matter, BUT, that has never stopped the religious right from forcing their dogma on everyone.


WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday will free 10 states, including Colorado, from the strict and sweeping requirements of the Bush administration's No Child Left Behind education law.
Finally. But how many promising kids have been ignored, as the teacher's have had to 'dumb down' the system, and teach to the bottom of the barrel, wasting precious weeks 'teaching to the test', then wasting more time on the tests themselves, while our competitors in the world market develop their 'best and brightest'.  All so Bush could say, 'See, I sure fixed them schools.' As I've said, it's gonna take decades to undo the damage done by that clown, but at least this is a start.

From Dave Hardy's column

FYI, the column below is from The Guardian, a U.K. newspaper. A recently-published academic study of thousands of subjects over multiple decades – in which the subjects’ IQs were measured when they were in their early teens – and then twenty or thirty years later these same subjects were interviewed in depth about their political views.
 Yeah, you can smell it coming, right? The higher the IQs of the kids – the more likely they were to be political liberals as adults. The “dumb kids”……? Yep, most of them grew up to be conservatives.
As the author notes below, this is a trend – not an ironclad rule. There are a few highly literate and thoughtful conservatives (but I’m having a hard time coming up with some good examples) – just as there are a few simpletons who parrot leftist talking points. But according to this study (and many others like it over the years) – the trend is very broad and statistically solid as a rock.
So though it may not be polite to bring this up – we know from our daily observations that it’s true. Which political party denies global warming, disdains scientific analysis, trolls the “bottom of the bucket” for bigots and religious fanatics to construct it’s “base” and delights in labeling anyone who knows anything about foreign countries or can speak a foreign language as “elitists”? Obviously, it's the right-wing conservatives. Anyone surprised?
George Monbiot is the author of the bestselling books The Age of Consent: A Manifesto for a New World Order and Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

You may remember

the Repubs took over Congress in 2010, cuz the Dems weren't able 'fix' the economy, (which took 8 years to wreck), in only 2 years. In related news, a new Gallup Poll puts Congress' approval rating at 10%, the lowest in the history of polling. Makes W's 22% look good. We all know the Pubs will do anything to get re-elected, BUT, they're gonna find out America is more than the Grover Norquist loving FOXNews sheep who make up the 10% that actually approve of those clowns.

Everyone knows, even the Repubs

don't like Romney, and it looked like the alternative would be Newt, who was even more crazy, SO, what ya' gonna do if you wanna return to the 'glory days of GWBush, (who was run outta town with a 22% approval rating)? You vote for Rick Santorum, of course. Insane, but SO Republican. NO WAY the Tea Party candidate can win, but this is the time of year when the whack jobs get to be heard, as they go to the caucuses, and 'out-crazy' each other, as they swallow the talking points of FOXNews, and rail against Obama, who is finally turning the tide, after Bush and the Pubs wrecked the economy. President Santorum? What a joke....

Wow, I'm shocked!

Recently, a gay-hating group, under the name 'One Million Moms', called for a boycott of JCPenney's, because Ellen DeGeneres is a spokesperson, and happens to be gay. Not much new there, but the crazy thing, is that Bill O'Reilly came out against the 'Moms'. Wow! A FOX guy doing the right thing. I am truly shocked. What's their angle?

Gotta love the new Repub

frontrunner, Rick Santorum. Former lobbyist, against a woman's right to choose, (even after proven rape), equates homosexuality, (in his words) to 'man on dog sex', and in his last re-election campaign, in PA, was voted out, by the people who knew him best, by the largest margin in over thirty years. Them Pubs sure know how to pick 'em. He is cute, though...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Pubs accuse the Dems of 'Class Warfare',

Editor's note: FoxNews.com is pleased to present an excerpt from "Dispatches From Bitter America" the new book by Todd Starnes. host of Fox News Commentary

The antithesis of bitter Americans, I imagine, would be our countrymen who’ve been educated in Ivy League schools, who listen to highbrow music, and who dine on arugula and fermented soy. They are well-bred men who marry high-society women named Babs and Muffy. They are Americans who believe the only free speech should be their own. They are Americans who would rather the criminals have guns than law-abiding citizens. And they are Americans who believe mankind created the heavens and the earth.
Are you kidding me? There's SO much wrong, in one paragraph, I have no idea where to start, BUT it's what the sheep love to hear, so FOX shovels it out there.

Not sure why,

but blog visits dipped to around 55/day, for a while, but now back on track, around 80. Not sure how/why that works, but it's real, and very verifiable. I remember when I thought 10 was HUGE. The most interesting part is seeing where they all come from. Lotta 'lurkers' out there, but that's OK...

This time,

every year, I talk w/Don, and he acts like I'm really 'leaning on him'. He spends a week at our house, Bear eats premium food, at our expense, and he has access to a hot tub. Sorry bud, but Bailey has finally gotten used to Bear, although he's kind of a wuss, for that breed...

The Pubs are freaking out,

cuz Obama finally decided to level the paying field, and is using the Super Pacs, that the Pubs inflicted on the US political system. If you can't understand this, you aren't trying.

Really bad news,

if you are a Chauncey Billups fan, which I am, cuz he was a Denver high school and CU All Star, before being an NBA star. He tore his Achilles tendon and is out for the year, and probably done, for his career. Really sad, for a premiere athlete, like Chauncey.Not many like him. Sorry for you, bro...

Am getting a little worried,

cuz I kinda enjoy watching 'Ellen' with Carol (the ONLY show we watch during the day), and really liked the new show, 'Smash', last night. Both a little gay, but interesting, with a LOT of talent.

Have gotten into a routine,

where I work in my woodshop 'til I get cold, then come in and warm up by the gas fireplace. After a while, I get too cold, and need to get in the hot tub. Works for me.... (another good part, is warming my sox on the fireplace mantel, while I'm in the tub).

After a couple days without

snow, we got another 3-4" to add to the total, which has made this a memorable winter. All this white stuff sorta reminds me of the beaches in Playa del Carmen. Yeah....

Flip flopper?

Obama and the Dems, who have been critical of the SuperPacs, OK'd by the Pubs on the Supreme Court, have finally decided to fight fire with fire, or mud with mud.

With the influx of Republican spending on super PACs [and] the recent reports that Republican super PACs are committed to raising half a billion to defeat the president," a campaign official said, "we made the decision to not allow the Republicans to be the [sole] beneficiary of unlimited spending."

It's about time. How long can you just ignore the Repub 1%, and their mud-slinging efforts to buy the election?

Wanna read something funny?

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly tells MultiChannel News, today, what Fox and CNN have in common that MSNBC doesn't:
...I see a huge difference between Fox News' presentation and the presentation on MSNBC. And the difference is basically more authenticity. You know on one network you're getting a very strong leftwing, partisan approach, which is fine, they can do what they want.
Yeah Bill, MSNBC is leftwing, but FOX is traditional, with more authenticity. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. FOXNews, what a total joke.

The Repubs know

that their chances of winning in Nov are better if the economy, which they wrecked, is still bad, and have been doing everything possible to keep it from improving. In spite of them, it is slowly climbing back to where it was before W's disastrous reign, SO, their propaganda machine, FOXNews, has a new plan. According to these clowns, 'there is no evidence and no proof, BUT, it is possible that the administration is cooking the books to make things seem better than they are'.  That is the new spin that FOX is putting out there, saying that the Labor Dept, who does the stats, is run by a Democrat, 'and you know what that means'. NO shit, that's the kinda stuff FOX is famous for. If you don't have any facts, just make up crap and muddy the water. Same ol' shit from the same people.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Watching the news tonight,

 reminded me of something. At my first class reunion, (5th or10th?), Harold McClure,(KHS pricipal) came up to me and asked a lot of questions, and I couldn't figure why at the time. When I asked about it, he said that I was 2nd, in a class of approx 270, in 1967, on the SAT tests, (which I would never had known, if he hadn't told me) and he wondered what I was doing. I remember how disappointed he was, when I said I was a carpenter in Denver. He said I oughta consider 'doing more', with an IQ of 147. I blew it off at the time, (cuz I didn't know how good that number was) but am looking at it, in a different light, now. Not to brag, but have just recently looked at the numbers, (after an interview on Denver Channel 9, with one of the 'Red Tail' veterans, from the new movie, who said he become a pilot when his IQ was found to be over 140) and I kinda realized why I look at the world a little differently. Not gonna lie, cuz the facts are 'out there', if you can access them (1967 SAT scores, Kearney, NE). An 'all day' SAT test, and I came in 2nd, in 1967 at KHS. I always wondered who was 1st. Jim Lane, Dick Oliver or Carol Kimbal? I just know, I was 2nd. Not bad, for a jock, who ended up in construction. Just kinda explains why I'm a little 'different'.

The a**holes at FOX,

are 'offended' by the Chrysler ad during the Superbowl. They trotted out one of their main spinmeisters, Karl Rove, who was 'very disappointed', because Clint Eastwood's comments in the halftime ad, said it was 'halftime in America', and that could be construed as Obama getting another four years, and that, according to Rove and the 'Fair and Blanced' FOX, would be a disaster. How DARE these a**holes claim to be 'Fair and Balanced'? They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Repubs, and a total JOKE, when it comes to 'news', but, not a funny joke, when you consider the sheep actually consider them legitimate.

In case you missed

FOX's Fair and Balanced coverage, here's a sample of today's programming.

Starting at 9 ET: The polls, the politics, the party! Who can take the GOP all the way to the White House!

Yup, Fair and Balanced all the way, AND they are great mathematicians (see chart).

Although I don't usually quote Supermodels here,

I have to agree with Tom Brady's wife, Giselle.
“You [have] to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball,” she said in a video posted by TheInsider.com, via TBL. “My husband cannot f–king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”
How true....