Saw a great 'Daily Show', last night,

where Jon Stewart made fun of the various religious groups fighting Obama, with a 'sausage club' of 10 men, testifying before Congress, who saw no problem with paying for Viagra, BUT, fight  against birth control, because Viagra 'is for a legitimate medical condition, but birth control is an option and a sin'. How any intelligent woman could support this crap is WAY beyond me. If there is any organization in the US, more 'anti-woman' that the church/Repubs, I'd like to see it. Then there's Rick Santorum, who says pregnant rape victims should embrace the chance to bring life into the world, and today, came out against a college education, cuz it would make you a 'Liberal'. Who ARE these people???? and who would vote for them????


Anonymous said…
Maybe we should hold a hearing on prostate health and invite a panel of all women to testify why they're morally opposed to treating it. You see how ridiculous it sounds when the shoe's on the other foot?

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