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'Pawn Stars', on The History Channel, and when I was in Vegas, a while back, my high school buddy Tay Tollefsen took Carol and I to see the pawn shop (among many other spots) where the show is filmed. A couple years ago he had shown me a signed letter from Knute Rockne, the famous Notre Dame football coach, sent to his dad, Ed, right before Rockne's death. SO, that brings me to the Feb 27 'Pawn Star' show, which Tay says will feature his son Scott meeting with Rick and the guys, to maybe sell the letter. I've got it set to record. Will be nice to see Tay's son.


Fam Guy said…
Saw the show and found out the letter IS genuine and has a value of $3-5000, but Rick was only willing to pay $2000, so Scott said 'no thanks' I'll keep it'.

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