Who Is 'Rasmussen Reports',

frequently quoted by FOXNews, and why are their results so different than all the other nat'l polls?
TIME has described Rasmussen Reports as a "conservative-leaning polling group".[25] "It’s clear that his results are consistently more Republican than the other  results.”[27]
The Center For Public Integrity  claims that Scott Rasmussen was a paid consultant for the 2004 George W. Bush campaign, has ties to Karl Rove's 'Grassroots' organization, and Rasmussen is known for 'unusual' wording to his poll questions to achieve the reults he wants.

OK, now it makes sense. Typical FOX bullshit, that SOME people actually believe.


Fam Guy said…
Here's some typical crap.

President Barack Obama’s favorability rating has fallen to its lowest point in more than a month, allowing two prospective opponents — Mitt Romney and Ron Paul — to overtake him in Rasmussen Reports’ daily tracking poll.

It is the first time since last year that Obama has trailed any of the four GOP candidates in the poll. Both Romney and Paul beat the president by 2 percentage points.
Total bullshit, but typical of Rasmusssen.

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