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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Am really conflicted,

with the 'scandals' in Wahington. First of all Benghazi is not a scandal, no matter how hard the Pubs try to make it into one. BUT, the IRS and AP affairs have some merit, although the Tea Party (created and supported by the Koch bros) and FOX News are just arms of the Repub Party, whose sole intent is to take down Obama and the Dems, by any and all means. That is a given. SO, should the Dems just roll over when they are constantly under attack? No, BUT, they need to fight legally, and using the IRS and stifling a free press isn't right either. Not NEARLY as egregious as the last admin's behavior, but wrong, none the less. Personally, it just makes me more disgusted at the dirty game of politics that is all about the power and money involved, rather than doing what is best for the people. Nothing new here, but I wish there was some other choice, rather than just bouncing back and forth between two corrupt political parties. The only thing that makes the Dems somewhat palatable is the fact that no matter how bad they are, they look good in comparison to the crooks on the other side. Sad....

Monday, May 20, 2013

Seems impossible,

but they're saying this latest tornado in Okla City is worse than 1999 in OKC. I worked that one for months and have always said it is the worst devastation I have ever seen, incl all the hurricanes. Hard to believe anything could be that bad, or worse. Will find out more as time goes on, but this seems REALLY bad, and it is the same area that got hit before.
UPDATE-Original death toll cut in half and number of houses damaged revised from 13,000 to 1200. Good news for Oklahoma, but goes to show how the media can't be trusted for 'facts'.

Had a great B-day party,

yesterday, and would have been even better if I hadn't been 'under the weather'. Lots of great food, including BBQ babyback ribs, w/special rub/sauce/smoke, old fashioned potato salad, tasty appetizers, an occasional beer, topped off with watermelon and a fantastic cake. Fun games, incl soccer with Piper and a 'cornhole' tournament. The kids and Carol totally spoiled me with presents and it was a wonderful, memorable day, answering the question, 'will they still need me, will they still feed me?'  I have no idea why I'm so fortunate, but am SO happy to get such quality family time, with such a quality family.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

When I first listened

to the Pubs bitch and moan about the IRS and AP, on top of Benghazi, I was really worried, that they could have some traction. Then I looked at the facts, and thought, although there is something there, it's the same old crap, as they divert attention from the real problems, that GW and the Repubs created, but refuse to help correct. It'll be forgotten before the 2014-16 elections, cuz there's really not much there, BUT, the Pubs and FOX, one and the same, are gonna flog it til there's nothing left but a bloody corpse.

Just to 'keep it real'

the IRS has delayed Tea Party-type groups tax-exempt status, while it investigates if they are actually MOSTLY a 'social welfare' group, AND, the guy in charge was a Bush appointee. They are only eligible if OVER 50% of their activites and expenditures aren't political. I'd say deny 'em all, cuz they exist for one reason only, to take down Dems and elect Pubs, with anonymous donors, and delay is totally different than audits, like the Bushies did with ACORN and the NAACP. While the Pubs scream about the rights of the 'lamestream media', when the Dems tried to find a scurity leak, it's like the guy with a club saying he cares about baby seals. In the Pub mind, pertaining to nat'l security, 'torture good, phone records bad'. As for Benghazi, of course there were lots of revisions in e-mails, right before an election, and maybe it should have been ist, instead of ism, after terror. Big deal. On any measure of lying and damage caused, Bush admin vs Obama? Not even close. Just another excuse for the Pubs to be sniffing for smoke as the forest burns down around them.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Haven't seen a lot

of movies lately, but saw a really good one yesterday. Matthew McConaughey, and the entire cast, does a fantastic job in 'Mud', which takes place on and near a river in a small Arkansas town. Sorta like 'Stand By Me', the 14 year old boys, learning about life in a beautiful outdoor setting, lead us through a landscape and adventure that never lets up. Check it out. I bet you won't be disappointed.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The 'Fair and Balanced' headline?

'Now We Know-Obama Corrupt and Incompetent', as they pounce on, and take the lead in the latest scandals. The HUGE dif between Obama, vs the Repub's Iran-Contra, Plame-Iraq, Watergate? Obama had no personal involvement in Benghazi, IRS or AP stuff, unlike the Pub prez's, whose sins were WAY worse. Good 'Daily Show' last night where Jon has been piling on, and had no problems with others doing the same, UNTIL, Cheney and Rumsfeld, TweedleDick and TweedleRum, started complaining about the Dem's 'lying for an agenda'. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What? They think we can't remember what they did such a short time ago, that cost SO MUCH in money and lives?

Interesting political cartoon today,

in the Denver Post, concerning the 2nd term jinx, for presidents. Was kinda funny to see Nixon/Watergate, Reagan/ Iran-Contra, GW/Valerie Plame-Iraq compared to Clinton/Lewinski and Obama/IRS slowing the process for tax exemptions for Tea Party type groups. Wow! Seems like the Dems are real rookies when it comes to creating scandals, BUT, you'd never know it listening to the Pubs scream.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Just to 'keep it real',

this is a map (based on population) from the latest election, that put the Pubs in Washington. IF you notice, the Red states are the same as the bottom of 'education/income', that is the Pubs' base. (Coincidence?) The lower your educ/inc, the more likely to be a Pub. Not opinion, but FACT. Sign up the voters who are sure the earth is 6000 years old (over half of Pubs), and they'll believe, at FOX's urging, that Benghazi is 'impeachable'. (Why?) Look at the map. Nothing new here, as they continue to take down our economy, again, (remember 2008?) by any means they can, and return to power, by focusing on 'scandals', while refusing to negotiate/compromise on what really matters for the people.

The more I find out

about Benghazi-gate, the more ridiculous it is. OF COURSE there were changes to original emails before they were released for public consumption. Big deal. It just shows to what lengths the Pubs will go, to create a scandal. Total bullshit. The IRS thing is way different, sorta like the Pubs going after Clinton for 'Whitewater', the Ken Star fiasco, until they found the 'Lewinski Scandal', which involved a BJ in the White House WOW! Wars GOOD, BJ's BAD! Boehner and the Pubs smell blood in the water, are quivering in ecstacy, and the circus is in town. Forget working on any kind of negotiation or compromise, for the people, WE GOT YOU BY THE BALLS! HA! Sickening, but SO real. Is only gonna get worse, although there is no evidence that Obama/Clinton had anything to do with lower level decisions, concerning Benghazi or the IRS. This just in. Limbaugh was slobbering SO much, he choked on his drool. Good luck, Rush....

Just remembered another Barry Fey story,

that wasn't in his book. Everyone knows he loved to gamble, and he'd hit it big with a Las Vegas bookie, but the guy refused to pay. After a while, Barry sent LC (Lorenzo Cortez Clayton), his main bodyguard/security dude, (think of a cross between Shaft and SuperFly), along with Tom Swift (his real name) out to Vegas to convince him to pay, or bring him back to Denver so Barry could 'reason with him'. Seems LC and Tom weren't able to get the guy to pay up, and were in the process of putting him in the car for a trip to Denver when he started screaming, created a scene and the cops intervened. LC was taken to jail, but Tom got away and called Barry, who was able to contact the bookie the next day. He explained that he oughta drop charges, bail LC out of jail, and come up with a substantial downpayment on his debt, OR, the 'next' bill collector was gonna be more efficient. The next day, charges against LC were dropped and the boys brought back a wad of cash. Never did hear if Barry was paid the full amount, but Tom and LC got a good story out of it. Tom later took an offer with Ticket Master and offered me a job, but I passed when I found out I would need to get a 'concealed carry' permit, cuz I'd be dealing in lots of cash from the ticket outlets and robberies by junkies weren't uncommon. I passed, but looking back, kinda wish I'd have hooked up with Ticket Master in their early days. Who knew?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Although it's definitely wrong/bad,

that the IRS targeted the Tea Party-type groups for investigation, it's TOTALLY different from what Nixon did with his 'enemies list', where he had individuals 'audited' and persecuted. This time, the IRS looked at the 'tax exempt status', of groups like Crossroad GPS,, and other rightwing groups, whose only function was to elect Repubs, cuz they claimed they were a 'social welfare' group, which is total bullshit, BUT, would allow them special tax priveleges. Politics is an ugly game, with HUGE dollar amounts, and the 'patriotic' Tea Partiers' existed for one reason only, and that was/is, to take down Obama. It's fine to fight back, but this isn't the right way, and is comparable to the 'Citizen's United' ruling by the Repub Surpeme Court that allows corporations to buy elections, legally. Unlike the Benghazi bullshit, where no one can actually explain the 'terrible thing' Obama did, but FOX assures the sheep it was 'impeachable', the IRS thing is gonna be around for a LONG time. Too soon to say if the AP phone record snooping was warranted, but I don't like the gov't being so 'Big Brother'. At least he didn't 'shock and awe' a bunch of inncocent civilians and start a 10+year, multi-trillion dollar war, based on easily provable lies, which the Pubs have 'no problem' with. Bottom line, it just proves there are sleazeballs on both sides of the aisle, which is nothing new.

During these serious and troubled times,

 people of all faiths should remember these four great religious truths:

1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God's Chosen People.

2. Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

3. Protestants do not recognize the Pope as the leader of the Christian world.

4. Baptists do not recognize each other at the liquor store.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Just returned

from a visit with my folks, in Kearney, Nebr. The time went way too fast and I wish I would have scheduled more time with them. Will have to get back much more often. For a couple who's 90 and 87, and still living in their own home, they are doing pretty well, but the years are taking a toll, as their bodies get weaker and more frail. Their minds are sharp, though, they are still in love, relatively pain free and comfortable in their cozy home, though the temp was a little too warm for me. Had a great time reminiscing, looking at old photos and just enjoying their company. Was just a little sad, though, too feel how 'bony' they had gotten when I gave 'em hugs, which I did at every opportunity. Seems dad has a medical condition that's really 'fatiguing' him, but they weren't able to explain just what it is, so I have a call in to his Dr, and he has agreed to call me back tomorrow, after I was added to 'the HIPA list'. Can't wait to speak with him and hear the official diagnosis/prognosis of his problem. The good news is they have SO many friends who drop by with food and companionship, because they are such wonderful, special people. I just wish I was closer, so I could spend more time with them, but am planning more phone calls and visits, while I still can. Am realizing more, all the time, how fortunate I am, to have them as 'Mom and Dad'.

Wow, the Pubs finally have a REAL scandal,

after their nonstop witchhunt on Benghazi, which has consumed FOXNews and their minions for the last 8 months. After the serious, easily provable crimes of the Bush admin, it seemed like charging a pedestrian with jaywalking while ignoring a mass murderer with an AK-47, BUT, it was all they had and they were on it like a starving mutt on a bowl of Alpo. Now they have a real bone to chew on, with the IRS supposedly targeting the 'grassroots' Teaparty (R), formed and financed with Koch Bros money. In the Pubs mind's, fighting back just isn't fair. Now, the crew that wrecked the economy and who's fighting every effort to fix it can finally get some traction, screaming about the IRS, cuz it seems they actually have a legitimate complaint, and just maybe they'll lighten up a bit about the disaster that happened after they voted to cut embassy security? Naw, they're just getting started, as they avoid the REAL problems that face our country and future.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Are you kiddin' me?

As the Repub witch hunt contiues further down the rabbit hole, it reached epic proportions of hypocrisy today as 'The Dick', Boom Boom Cheney said Hillary Clinton 'may need to be subpoenaed'. The ultimate chicken hawk,, whose lies led to the Repubs 'Oops, no WMD's' war, thinks we need to find out who screwed up. IF, there were any justice in this world, he and W would be rotting in jail as war criminals, BUT, they sit in pompous indignation after 4 diplomats were killed 8 months ago, when the Pubs voted to cut embassy security. I'm speechless....

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Was kinda funny,

as I checked out the recording of the Rockies game, looking for myself on TV, today. Finally found a view of the crowd in the 8th row, from the back, looking toward first base, and saw Bob's bald spot, Don's pony tail and a tall guy with gray hair. VOILA! That's us, before the rain forced us out...

Had a fun time last night,

when Bob shared his tix, in the 8th row right behind the Rockies dugout. The Rocks beat the Yankees, in a game where it started raining in about the 3rd inning, and never stopped. Was a real idiot and didn't take a raincoat after I checked the forecast and found a 20% chance of rain. Don and I moved back under the overhang, when I had to choose between keeping my head, or lower back dry. Good thing I don't live closer to the Ginn Mill, near where Bob has season parking for the game, cuz they have 3-8:00 Happy Hour, with $2 dollar 'top shelf' call cocktails. Yup, Jack 'n Coke for 2 bucks. That could be dangerous. Found out Bob's wife, Theresa, has an oil portrait of Don, hanging in her art gallery in Louisville, and it's 'real good'. Gotta check that out. Thanks again, Bob, for a fun evening...

Barry Fey ended his book,

by saying, 'I wish I'd have been nicer'. HA! A nice guy woulda never prospered, like he did, in the cutthroat business of concert promotion. Gary and I were in his Brooks Towers office, getting paid one day, while he was negotiating with the agent of a big name band, though I don't remember who it was. While stirring slices of BBQ beef brisket, (his favorite) on his desk top electric skillet, wearing his white Converse All Star hightops and shorts, he was talking 'price' on the phone. All of a sudden he started yelling, threw the phone down and it fell on the floor. He then started talking to Gary and me, while occasionally yelling stuff at the phone, on the floor, including, " I just want 'em one night, not the whole %#*-ing week'. After a while he asked me to check to see if they were still on the line, and I said they were. 'They better not hang up on me', he said to the floor, as he added more BBQ sauce, pulled some cash out his drawer for us and we talked a bit about the next show, before he finally picked up the phone and got back to 'negotiating'. Yeah, Barry, you coulda been nicer, but you were a 'one of a kind' character.

The FOX (news?) network

took a bit of a break from their 'All Benghazi, All the Time', coverage to say that Mark Sanford's victory in South Carolina proves that America doesn't like liberals. Not really, but it does prove that in a low education, highly Repub state, the yokels would vote for a lying, cheating, disgraced adulterer, who wouldn't debate the issues, unless it was with a cardboard cutout of Nancy Pelosi, cuz he had an (R), instead of a (D) beside his name. Again, ZERO mention of all time highs in the stock market, as the clowns at FOX continue to claim Obama is wrecking the economy. Nothing new here....

There are 12 Federal Reserve Banks

and the heads of them vote on financial policy for the country. For quite a while there has been one dissenting vote, against the 11 person majority, and it is always 'Dick' Fischer of the Dallas Fed. Another 'dick', Rick Santelli, who would have a hard time squeezing his swollen head into a phone booth, loves his 15 minutes of fame on CNBC, cuz he gets airtime for his loud, outrageous rants against Obama and the Dems, as he has claimed for several years, that Fed policy, and QE3 is gonna cause runaway inflation, BUT, year after year, he is proven wrong. SO, to buttress his weak arguement, Rick interviewed the (one of twelve) member of the Fed who agrees with him, and congratulated himself for being so smart. Wow! Good job! Now how about interviewing one of the 11, in the vast majority, who say you're full of shit? Didn't think so...

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The attack dogs/clowns at FOX

are salivating, cuz they think they have Hillary 'by the balls'. In their dreams, Hillary denied protection for the embassy, before and during the attack, and was then in charge of press releases dealing with it, and it's gonna cost her the nomination in 2016, then Newt or Sarah can be the next president and they can wreck the economy all over again. I have no doubt we'll be beseiged by 'patriotic' Repubs who have 'no problem' with GW's 'oops no WMD's' war, BUT are OUTRAGED by Benghazi. Gonna be some really ugly, stupid political theater for a while, with FOX banging the drums and leading the parade. Hey, it's what they do and they're good at it, so get ready, cuz here they come...

Monday, May 06, 2013

Watched 'KPAX' tonight,

and had forgotten how good it is. Was when I  first realized what a fantastic actor Kevin Spacey is. Crazy guy, or alien? Great movie...

Barry always paid us in cash

and we had to go to his office, near the top of Brooks Towers, in downtown Denver, to get paid. Gary Shoemaker, my buddy who got me the job, got along well with Barry, had gone to (Thornton High) school with other 'goon squad' members. We'd talk to Leslie, his secretary, and usually get sent right in. Barry had an electric skillet on his large desk, and I remember one time he was stirring a bunch of sliced ham, smothered in BBQ sauce, as he yelled at someone on the phone. Seems he wanted a convertible Mercedes SEL, but there was no such thing, SO he commisioned a body shop to make him one, which they did, and now they wanted to get paid. He heard the amount of the bill and started screaming and yelling, while we were there. He called 'em crooks and robbers and said, 'no f-in' way I'm paying that much. You can keep it', slammed down the phone, then looked up and talked to us like nothing had happened. Never heard how the story came out, and if he ever had a 'one of a kind' Mercedes SEL convertible. The BBQ looked and smelled real good, but he never offered to share any...

The 'Fair and Balanced' 'news?' site

had ZERO articles about the Dow Jones Industrial average hitting an all time high at over 15,000 (cuz that might mean Obama is doing something right), BUT, had SEVEN stories about Benghazi. Yup, seems fair and balanced to me....

Sunday, May 05, 2013

As I see FOX

totally distort reality for their own ends, I realize how successful they are, in dealing with the sheep. Don't like the 'real' news? Say it's all controlled by liberals and provide an alternative. Notice that you are always at odds with scientists and the well educated? Tell the sheep that colleges are controlled by the Libs, and 'cherry pick' numbers and stats from corporate stooges. Don't like what's going on as the economy is finally getting better, after Bush and the Pubs wrecked it? Tell the sheep it's an illusion, and it's really getting worse. Truth? Doesn't matter. They're FOX sheep, they get their 'news' from the 'bought and paid for' Murdoch/Ailes propaganda machine, and once they've made that decision, the battle is over. Best money the Pubs ever spent......

I just realized

another reason that Barry Fey 'might have liked me'. It was a Halloween concert at the old Denver Coliseum in the early 70's, (I think Santana, but Carol says it was Led Zepplin). My 'costume' was a flasher outfit from the local 'Goodwill' store, consisting of a trenchcoat, the bottom half of a pair of pants, with a curly black wig and a pepperoni strapped to my waist. Right before the show started, I walked up to center stage, like I was gonna do some announcement, then 'flashed' the audience. First it was just gasps, then a bunch of cheers and clapping. I noticed Barry off to the side and he was laughing louder than anyone. The next day I was on the front page of 'The Straight Creek Journal', (click on to enlarge pic) which was the 'Westword' of the time, a free underground newspaper. Later, I offered Barry a bite of my pepperoni, (after others 'took a bite', while I was still wearing it) and it was one of the few times I ever saw him turn down food. After that, Barry remembered me and was usually friendly.

For non-locals

and those who haven't kept up on the news, there has been a controversy about where Barry Fey is gonna be buried, after he recently took his own life, following complications from hip replacement surgery. Barry had expressed a desire to be interred at the Morrison Cemetary, where the music from Red Rocks Ampitheater would waft over him for eternity, and he had an agreement with the mayor of Morrison, the small community that owed SO much to him, for all the business he brought with his many concerts at the nearby arena. BUT, that mayor is no longer longer alive, and no one can find a binding agreement, SO, he has been barred from being buried there, because it is for Morrison residents ONLY. Seems the current board could make an exception, but they won't, which many think is wrong. I'm guessing that some board members have had dealings with Barry, and this is their way to get even. He could be a hardassed SOB, and I'm thinking that he pissed off the wrong people. Just a guess, but if I had to bet...

After Barry Fey's passing, this week,

there have been lots of stories about him in the local media, including today's Denver Post. In addition to his concert promotion business, Barry nearly single-handedly saved the Denver Symphony and was the driving force behind Denver getting major league baseball.. Described as having 'a heart the size of a beachball and a mouth like a flamethrower', I can recall his mercurial moods, going from a nice guy having fun, to throwing a tamtrum and cussing out everyone in sight, for some minor infraction. He loved the power that came from being in charge and having everyone kiss his ass so he wouldn't 'explode'. In keeping with the local theme, I'm gonna reach way back and recall some of my favorite 'Barry stories', over the next few days. As I've said before, for some reason Barry kinda liked me, and treated me better than a lot of his security guys. I always got to 'work the stage' while some of the guys hardly ever did. After a couple of incidents, esp at Red Rocks, Barry's contracts with various venues specifically barred uniformed police past the entrances, so he got to depend on on his 'goon squad' security guys, and we were quite an eclectic crew. I think my relationship started with the softball games, organized by Barry, where we'd play against the roadies when we were on tour, as a way of keeping guys occupied during the 'down time' between shows. I ended up pitching for both teams, cuz the game was no fun if someone couldn't toss strikes. He loved watching the games and being the umpire. It was part of his 'control' thing. Anyway, after watching a rerun of 'Studio 12', a local TV special, where Barry was interviewed about his 'Backstage Past' book, I was reminded of a few times where I got some special 'Barry time', that was always memorable. AND, it'll keep me from watching and reacting to the Repubs, as they do everything in their power to mess up our govt and economy. Time to clear away the fog, and make a list of 'Barry stories' before I forget them forever....

After seeing the NRA ads and meetings

about the 'gun grab' and Obama, 'coming for our guns', you'd think they were reacting to a threat to gun ownership. Nope. These nutballs are all fired up because, after several mass killings by 'mentally unbalanced' shooters, the govt is asking for 'background checks', to keep felons and the mentally ill from easily acquiring firearms, and 90% of the country agrees with the concept. Does this matter to the rightwing, antiObama crowd? Not a bit. They are against anything and everything that he supports, no matter if it's background checks, creating much needed jobs, consumer protection or closing Guantanamo. Name a Dem issue, and FOX will rile the sheep against it. It's what they do and they're sure not gonna change now.

Although they won't do it,

Pubs know exactly how Congress has always worked, in the past. They have to compromise. The Senate would have to agree to some of the House’s spending cuts, and the House would have to agree to some of the Senate’s spending increases and the tax increases on the rich to pay for them. As the country has learned in recent years, however, House Republicans are incapable of compromise on those issues.
Being intransigent in a formal budget conference, however, will put Republicans in a bind. The public will be able to see that Democrats are offering billions in spending cuts while Republicans are offering nothing. SO, the Pubs 'Just say No', in their rendition of 'fiddling while Rome burns'. Sickening, but typical behavior, by a crew that cares for nothing but their own re-election.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Is so funny(?)

to read about the new record highs on Wall St, housing doing much better and a gradual (though still too slow) rise in employment in 'real' financial news, and THEN see it covered by the clowns at FOX. According to them, the 2008 recesssion just dropped out of the sky, and Obama should be crucified for not having it 'all fixed' by now, AND, the economy is really bad and only gonna get worse. Bottom line, if things continue to improve, the Pubs don't have a chance in 2016, SO, they do everything possible to downplay, and thwart ANYTHING that's gonna help. The other HUGE news on FOX? At least five articles on Benghazi, where 4 Americans were killed several months ago, and they're still on it like a ravenous dog on a bone. Thousands killed, trillions spent on W's 'Oops, no WMD's war'? No Problem. 4 killed in Benghazi? Oh My God! We gotta hang somebody, preferably Obama. Fair and Balanced? My ass....

Loveland closes tomorrow,

so we used our last tickets and went skiing yesterday. Perfect conditions after 44" of new snow, clear blue sky and no wind or crowds. Was just what I needed after a week of bad news. Nothing like schussing down a mountain, with tunes in your ears and the most awesome scenery imaginable to lift your spirits. Carol and I realized we have been skiing together for 43 years, and although we should probably be better by now, we're still good enough to really enjoy it. We both wish we'd have gone to 'short' skis, long ago. I realized I'm 'in the zone' when all I had to do is think where I wanted go and I ended up there. Sorta like low level flying. Yesterday was also special, realizing it was the last day of the year, for us. Left at 9, skied all we wanted, and home by 5.  Good way to replace negative thoughts with positive energy. I love Colorado.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Most people,

(unless you are a rightwing nut, like him) realize Ted Nugent is really 'out there', but he feels a need to continually prove it. Yesterday, he claimed that the high rate of suicide in veterans is because they realize that Obama is 'violating the constitution'. Oh really, Ted? Studies actually show it is because of war related PTSD, after being shipped to an unwinnable war, in a HOT country where they are despised, seeing friends and locals killed and wounded, then returning home and being unable to find a job, cuz the same guy that started the war (based on lies), also wrecked the economy. Oh, and the number one reason for suicides was the aforementioned, plus a broken relationship. BUT, Crazy Ted, who can always get an audience at FOX (news?), claims the main reason is Obama 'violating the constitution'. Typical FOX propaganda, that passes for information, on the 'Fair and Balanced' network.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The weatherman was right,

we woke up to snow, today, and is supposed to snow all day, again. Our 'Old Farts' golf league plays on Weds, but in April didn't play once, cuz of snow. It's usually gone in a couple of days, with beautiful spring weather, then on Mon or Tues it snows again. Great! Is gonna make it nice and green around here, and help fill the reservoirs. Works for me...