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Sunday, May 21, 2017

After spending years and years, persecuting and prosecuting Hillary

and all the other Dems, over every rumor that came his way, Jason Chafetz(R), of the House Oversight Committee, finally had some 'meat on the table', with the YUUUGE number of Trump/Russia ties. SOOO, he did the typical Pub thing, and punted.
Citing 'family time' the weasel couldn't dodge the facts or face the heat, so he QUIT, instead of doing his job.
Same old crap from the Pubs. Hold scores of meetings on BENGHAZI! and dozens of "Private Server' investigations, finding NOTHING, but when faced with real evidence of collusion between the Trumpies and the Kremlin, he folds his tent and sneaks out of town.
Nothing new here from the hypocritical jerks(R), but their 'double standards' get SOOO old.
Start a war based on lies, costing trillions and killing thousands? NO PROBLEM!
Use a private server? OMG! Lock her up!
FBI getting too close to your Russian ties? Fire the director!
Sickening, but SO Republican, where hypocrisy is a way of life.


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