In a perfect example of 'why I can't stand 'em'

the jerks(R) are following the Orange Clown and killing Planned Parenthood, while pulling the US out of the world wide Paris Accord on dealing with Climate Change. They(R) DO have a plan though... Let God fix it.
Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Mich.) told a constituent last week
that God can solve the problem of climate change if the
global phenomenon truly exists. 
The 66-year-old Republican, who is a climate change 
skeptic, made the remark at a town hall in Coldwater,
Michigan, on Friday.
And file this one under 'No Shit'

Alex Jones’ Former 

Wife: ‘He’s A Really Unhappy, Disturbed 


Kelly Jones says her ex-husband was “very cruel” to 

her “every day of our marriage.”


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