SOme FACTS that the rightwingnuts don't or won't understand

Russia is our enemy. Biggest military, other than US in the world. Putin/Russia are aggressors.
Russia DEFINITELY supported the Orange Clown over Hillary.
Do you nut jobs ever ask yourself WHY?
You think just maybe they want(ed) to WEAKEN our country? What better way than to help put an inexperienced, vain, arrogant Bozo in charge of America?
Brilliant, and SO simple.
Just weaponize information, slowly leak it and get clueless sheep to think BENGHAZI!, OMG!, is the worst thing EVER. Except maybe having a 'private server'. OMG! That's terrible!
Starting a war, based on OBVIOUS lies, having a vain, arrogant pathologcal LIAR as prez? NO PROBLEM.
Using the same server set up by the US Secret Service for the president, that was NEVER hacked? OMG! Lock her up!
Just a small peak into the dark recesses of the rightwingnut brain, located deep inside a rightwingnut ass. Scary, right?


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