Roger Ailes is dead. Good riddance...

Roger Ailes may be dead, but the country is now left
suffering through his legacy: a politics of resentment f
ueled by a stream of racist, sexist propaganda made
palatable with a populist spin.
Ailes’ baby Fox News, which he founded with media 
mogul Rupert Murdoch in 1996, fundamentally reshaped conservative politics, radically changed the media 
landscape and inarguably fertilized the dirty muck out 
of which grew President Donald Trump.
It is illegal to broadcast 'lies' as 'news' in Canada,
so they haven't been subjected to the crap that is spewed
from Bullshit Mountain. Not so in the US.
I'll piss on Ailes' grave if I ever have the chance, and take a dump if there's enuff time.
Cause of death? He ran into a shit eating dog.
Bottom line, you can't blame an asshole for being an asshole (like Trump), but WTF is wrong with the morons who swallow his crap? Oh yeah, FOXSheep.


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