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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Again, I say, I don't blame Trump

for being the vain, narcissistic, arrogant ass he is. He was born that way.
What I can't forgive or understand is the YUUUGE number of naive, ignorant losers, who look at him, and in relation to their own loser lives, say, 'Yup he's presidential and just what we need in America today'.
A thrice married, 6 times bankrupt, admitted pussy grabber, supported by Russia whose vile mouth drips lies like honey from a comb; Yup, a rightwingnut, Evangelical's dream.
Insanity, that can only be explained by a sheep mentality that believes in Hell, Noah's ark and FOXNews.
They are 'Out There', and they vote. And you wonder why I want ZERO contact with the idiots?
Insanity MAY be contagious. Definitely not worth taking a chance....


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