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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Although Jared Kushner and others involved

don't deny it, and in fact support the idea of his back-channel link to Russia, set up to avoid detection by US intel, the Liar in CHief handled the expose' like he does EVERYTHING that he doesn't like being exposed.
'Fake news' Tweets the Orange Clown. Made up stories by the fake media, says The Donald. as he always does when another of his nefarious schemes are unearthed. Why not? The clueless sheep parrot his baseless claims and it keeps him from addressing the real issues.
He sweeps it all into the same stinking pile, which HE labels 'fake' and his mindless minions swallow it like Debbie from Dallas.
Sorta like when 17 US intel agencies claim Russia influenced the latest election. The Clown in Charge claims 'fake', FOX-PARP backs him up and the sheep don't give a shit.
Welcome to Trump World, where TRUTH is trumped by Trump.


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