As Trumpty Dumpty gets caught lying, AGAIN,

CNBC, the Business Channel called him out, as it's HIS word, against the facts, and the Liar in Chief is known for lying.

Few Americans believe the president's word anymore.
The man who touted "hyperbole" and "exaggeration" in his best-selling business book and seized the political spotlight with fabricated doubts about the President Barack Obama's birthplace, entered the presidency making transparently untrue statements about the size of his inauguration crowds. He holds the weakest reputation for honesty of any president.
Last month's NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll makes that clear. Only 25 percent of Americans rate Trump highly for being "honest and trustworthy."
WOW, 25% believe him? Oh yeah, the clueless sheep, who are raised on Bullshit Mountain lies. Never mind....
The absence of credibility costs presidents dearly. And the bill for Donald Trump's years of falsehoods is now coming due. Stay tuned.


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