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Sunday, May 28, 2017

As we look at Jared Kushner

and his back-channel (read secret, non detectable) Russia hook up, just remember a couple of things.
This was BEFORE the Liar in Chief was even president.
AND, this 'boy genius', only made it to Harvard cuz his rich daddy bought his way in. He is described as 'average' at best by former classmates/teachers.
His ONLY claim to fame is that he is 'trusted' by the Orange Clown because of their common background. They were both born to rich, ruthless  real estate tycoons, who walked all over the 'little guys' on their way to the top.
THIS, is the boy wonder who is tasked with carrying out the Orange Clown's agenda, and the sheep ALL FOR IT.
Think about it, as we see how FAR our country has fallen, as we eye the abyss below.
Thanks again, FOXNews and Bible Belt.


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