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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Betsy DeVos, the Bozo Trump picked

to head the Dept of Education, is in the decided minority, as she tries to get 'Creationism' taught in public schools. Before the advent of science and education, a majority of people believed these myths. Not anymore.
A recent Gallup poll regarding American views on
creation and evolution returned some unprecedented
The acceptance of Creationism, the belief that God
made humans as they are today, has hit its lowest
point since Gallup began asking the question 35
years ago.
Only 38 percent of the respondents chose it to describe 
their understanding of how we all ended up here.
Let me guess where these 38% are clustered.
Can you say Southern Bible Belt, Pub base and
center of poverty and the uneducated in the US?


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