For an a**hole who thinks he's SOOO smart

the Liar in Chief sure is sure stoopid when it comes to picking fights.
Yup, the Orange Clown has pissed off just about everyone, except the brown-nosed bozos at FOXNews, and their low-info minions, but starting a war with the FBI, after already dissing the CIA and other intelligence agencies shows just how monumentally/ignorant/arrogant the buffoon actually is.
He thinks he's KING, not just one part of three (Legislative and Judicial) in the govt.
Anyone with a brain could/can see he's totally incompetent, BUT, he continues to take it to new levels. Unbelievable, and we're only a little over a hundred days into his 'reign of error' and it just keeps getting WORSE!
Bottom line. Who's surprised? Everyone but the brain dead sheep saw it coming, and they still have their heads firmly, deeply implanted.
It's like giving a 9 yr old the keys to a Ferrari and then wondering why it got wrecked....

The FBI values its independence from the political branches above all else, an independence directly threatened by Trump firing Comey in retaliation for the Russia investigation. Historically, the bureau has been willing to fight — and fight dirty — to stay independent.
"The FBI is a tribal organization," Ben Wittes, a senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution, tells me. "You screw with the FBI, you screw with the institution of the FBI, and ... a lot of people are gonna be angry."


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