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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I don't often 'feel my age', BUT,

today the legs are a little sore, after 18 holes to start the day, then dinner and drinks with the kids before we hiking into Red Rocks for a great show from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, opened by Joe Walsh, who hasn't lost a lick.
Didn't reach for my long sleeve shirt til it started to cool off, then found person behind me had spilled what must have been a full, large beer on the shirt under my seat, and then the rain came, which can be expected 'On the Rocks'. Got kinda damp and chilled, but still a great evening. I had just forgotten what a hike (uphill) it is from parking to the seats, BUT, well worth it for the BEST (literally, voted by touring musicians) concert venue in the world.
Thanks, Ted and Kari, for the tix, (and for driving) and to Nate and Laura for joining us on an unforgettable evening. Hard to beat 'Rocky Mountain Way' by Joe Walsh, under the stars, on the The Rocks, with your kids who are also 'best friends'.


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