IF I believed in Christian mythology,

I'd welcome the thought of the fat bastard, Roger Ailes, sizzling (in his own grease) in the lake of fire, for eternity.
If anyone truly deserved everlasting torment, it would be the Repub Political Strategist, who first helped elect Nixon, and all Repub presidents since then, with well constructed lies, who convinced the gullible, feeble-brained sheep that HIS news agency(R) told the TRUTH, while ALL the others were liars.
Seems impossible right? Not when you latch onto a crowd, based in the Bible Belt, for whom 'facts don't matter'. They know the 'one and only truth', and all others are lost, and need to be controlled through conservative politicians, who laugh at them behind their backs, gorging at the public trough, after getting their votes.
He created an agency where opinion was broadcast as fact, anything anti-Democrat was passionately believed, and anything Republican, no matter HOW bad, like 'wars based on lies', (and totally wrecking the US economy) was forgivable, all within a toxic environment where sexual harassment was the norm. 'Wanna keep your job sweetie? Suck on this'....
If you ever wonder, 'How the hell could America EVER elect Donald Trump?', just think Roger Ailes, along with Rupert Murdoch's money, backed by the anti-science, uneducated masses in the Repub Bible Belt Base and it will all become clear.

Ailes is universally regarded as a brilliant political strategist. He advised at least four Republican presidents, President Donald Trump among them. Yet for all the praise, Ailes also leaves a legacy of deep divisions that critics say will plague the Republican Party — and American politics — for years to come, after he took his role of political strategist into the media realm.
Under his leadership, Fox regularly highlighted conspiracy theories throughout President Barack Obama’s time in office.
In 2009, Fox anchors reported incorrectly that the Obama administration was pursuing concentration camps. In subsequent years, anchors and guests, including Trump, promoted the false notion that the nation’s first black president was a Muslim born in Africa.  Four in 10 Republicans polled by CNN in 2015 said Obama is a Muslim.
“Was he a capable propagandist? Yes. He was an artful liar,” said Angelo Carusone, president of the media watchdog Media Matters for America.
“For better or worse & the ignominious end to his reign at Fox News, the impact of Roger Ailes on American politics & media was indisputable,”


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