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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

in an effort to be 'well-informed', like the sheep.

I checked out the headlines from FOXCrap today, and learned:

Obama is jealous of Trump and wanted, (or wants?) to be like him.
Hillary didn't lose because of Comey, she's just a lousy, lying candidate.
Obama is ripping off the public, at $400K/speech.
All the (innocent) FOX anchors are being persecuted by the PC police.
Hillary is a whiny bitch cuz she lost and the RUSSIAN connection is made-up liberal bullshit, (even though 17 US spy agencies say it happened).
YUUUGE News! The Bible Museum is opening. (Keep the sheep occupied and riled.)
Comey didn't REALLY mean he was 'Sickened and Nauseus' by getting Trump elected, he just said it, under oath.
The Wiki-leak anti-Hillary dump, within an hour after Trump talked about 'Grabbing Pussy', was just a coincidence.
Trump is the working man's HERO, but the GOP 'caved' on the latest budget.
Trump says "MidEast peace not as difficult as people thought'.

There's more crap, but I just can't handle any more 'Fair and Balanced' "news". that the sheep get from Bullshit Mountain.
 And people believe this CRAP?
Yup, the sheep do, and consider themselves 'informed'. Nothing new here, but WTF?
Anyone who could look at Trump and say 'Yup he's presidential', is beyond help, SOOO, never mind...


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