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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Interesting article about Sarah Huckabee Sanders

who Trump sent out to try to explain his unexplainable bullshit. She was new, fresh meat and did her best, after which the Orange Clown threw her under the bus with 'alternative facts'  and showed she was just a pawn. By most accounts, she and her rightwingnut dad are decent people, SOOO, how do these 'salt of the earth' types gravitate to the Liar in Chief?

President Donald Trump sent her into the maelstrom of all those hotshot reporters with a false narrative. When she gamely gave it her all, in her first times at the podium, she endured national ridicule. And then Trump cut the legs out from under her arguments almost before the butterflies in her stomach stopped fluttering around like those lightning bugs in Trump’s brain.
Why do good salt of the earth people still like this man? Why do they trust him with what is sacred to them?
In the way that he has lived his life, Trump reflects open disdain for their values. A Christian marriage? Forget it! Striving to cultivate a servant’s heart? Pathetic! Living modestly? Ridiculous! Treating others humbly and with respect? Strictly for losers! Serving the Lord with the faith of a child? Strictly for total losers! Honesty? You’re killing me!
Trump is like those hypocrites, the Pharisees, and that den of thieves, the moneychangers in the temple that Jesus famously sent packing.
What he just did to Sarah Huckabee Sanders is what he is doing to those salt of the earth folks who supported him.
He’s using them like playthings he throws away.
Do they care? Hell no! He has an (R) after is name, so anything that follows is fine with them, cuz they've been groomed by Bullshit Mountain.
Can you say ignorant HYPOCRITES?


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