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Sunday, May 21, 2017

It began with GW Bush

with his 'No Child Left Behind' program, where the Bushies mandated focusing on the bottom 10% of students instead of the high achievers, that make advances for the good of mankind. Now, the anti-science, anti-education Liar in Chief is continuing the carnage, eliminating the funds for "Talented and Gifted' programs, and AP (advanced placement programs), where high achievers, (like my children) were able to move ahead of their age group and take advanced classes, including college courses while in high school.
This SOB is wrecking my country one step at a time, placing time bombs throughout society, especially in Education, which is the main difference between a Dem that studies and learns facts, vs a Pub who thinks the earth is 6000 years old and climate change is a hoax.
Total bullshit but SOOO Republican, as the Liar in Chief installed Betsy DeVos, (whose family donated over a BILLION dollars to the Pubs), in charge in the Dept of Education although she and her family had NEVER attended public schools.
And you wonder why I can't stand the Orange Clown(R) and the ignorant minions who support him?


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