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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It happens more and more,

after Trump showed that being a total jerk/asshole can produce results.

Passengers chanted “lock him up” as United Airlines had a man sporting a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” campaign hat removed from a flight in Shanghai. The man delayed takeoff for hours as he was escorted from the flight for being belligerent and calling flight attendants 'lesbians' and 'Hillary', the airline confirmed in a statement Monday. 
The 'older' man was upset that he wasn't able to upgrade, so he claimed all three seats in his row, although they had been assigned to other passengers.
Who says Trump's not a 'leader'?
Sorta like a parent telling their kid not to lie, bully or make fun of the handicapped, and having 'em say. 'Why not, the president does'.


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