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Friday, May 19, 2017

Looking back on Roger Ailes (good riddance)

maybe I was a bit too harsh on him. It's sorta like blaming a snake for biting, or a turd for stinking. You can't help what you are, and Roger was just being Roger. Seeing an opportunity and jumping on it, becoming rich and powerful in the process. Good job, Mr Ailes.
No, it's not Roger Ailes that I despise (well sorta), it's the brainless sheep who looked at a 'news' agency, by and for the Repub party and thought/think, 'Yup, that where I'm gonna get MY news'. What could possibly go wrong?
Could they possibly be misinformed/uninformed and STILL think they know what's going on? Would FOX-PARP lie to them? What would they have to gain? Duh....
Nope, it's not Ailes that makes me think WTF? It's the brain dead sheep that get their 'news' from Bullshit Mountain, and think they're so damn smart....
Can you say Gullible Idiot?


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