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Friday, May 19, 2017

Phillip Mudd, a guy after my own heart

Mudd lashed Trump for a speech he delivered this week
to the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy, in
which the president said he was doing a “tremendous job.”
“He should be offering a vision of the future,” Mudd said.
 “What does he talk about? The sissy-in-chief talks about
 how tough it is to be president because the media comes
after him.”
Mudd has been a frequent harsh critic of Trump. He
attacked him twice on CNN last week, first calling the
president a “coward” for firing James Comey from his
post as FBI director. Two days later, Mudd criticized 
the president again by saying, “You feel like you’ve got
to give the president of the United States a pacifier and
a rattle and put him in the crib.”


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