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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Remember Bill Murray, in Groundhog Day?

Well, it's BAACK...
Why is the Republican Party having a Groundhog Day experience on health care, with its House leaders continuing to push for a bill only to go through the same cycle of having their own members rebel?
Because top Republicans still aren’t willing to grapple with reality.
They have spent years pretending that it’s easy to fix the health care system and lying about both Obamacare and their own proposals. They’re still doing it.

Evidently — and unfortunately — you can win elections by making up your own facts about health care, among other things. But it’s hard to pass a bill based on fiction. And it will be even harder to pass the bill through the Senate, if it somehow makes it through the House, no matter what the Liar in Chief says.
Same old shit from the Pubs. Convince the low-info FOXSheep that you have all the answers, THEN, when reality hits, just fumble and hem and haw, and lie even more. Why change a winning policy?


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