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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Remember when the Pubs bitched and whined SO much,

(rightfully so), when Nancy Pelosi, famously and stupidly said about Obamacare.
'We have to pass it to find out what's in it.'
Now, the jerks(R) are doing the SAME thing, trying to get Trumpcare passed BEFORE the CBO, (Congressional Budget Office) can tell us a couple of tiny details.
How much will it cost?
How many people will it leave out?
We DO know that millions more will be uninsured, it will cost MORE, and the rich will benefit while those needing it most will be left uninsured.
SO, for the Pubs, it's a Win-Win.
Same old shit from those who can 'spin on a dime', while replacing a bad bill with a WORSE one, BUT if it has an (R) after it, just shut the fuck up and vote for it.
Nothing new here, but the hypocrisy gets SO old.......


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