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Thursday, May 25, 2017

SOOO, the Liar in chief can read a speech. written by someone else?

After all of the evidence Donald Trump has provided us about who and what he is, the Denver Post editorial board still clearly doesn’t understand him. In order to do so, imagine accepting that honesty is for losers and that empathy has been surgically removed from your life experiences. Then add an unhealthy dose of greed, narcissism and a childish temper to your personality and you’ll be close to knowing what kind of man Trump is. But don’t stop there. Throw away any knowledge of the world that doesn’t have anything to do with you personally and then, while you’re in Israel, let everyone know that you just got back from the Middle East. This is who Trump is, and his ability to read a speech written by someone else doesn’t change anything. Stop hoping for a reset and focus on helping the public deal with this nightmare of a presidency.


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