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Sunday, May 28, 2017

The 'Fair and Balanced' (funniest name EVER) propaganda site

is bitchin' cuz the courts threw out a lawsuit blaming Hillary for the deaths at BENGHAZI!
It would have been 'unpresidented', (the Liar in Chief's words) for such a suit, but that didn't Bullshit Mountain from pushing the merits of such a claim.
"The untimely death of plaintiffs' sons is tragic, and the Court does not mean to minimize the unspeakable loss that plaintiffs have suffered in any way," U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson in Washington wrote in a 29-page opinion.
The suit also alleged Clinton’s use of a private email server caused the death of their sons (totally unsubstantiated, but pushed by FOX and the Pubs, who are one and the same), Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, because it exposed terrorists to sensitive information.
FOXCrap had more 'insight' on Hillary's server, that was 'created by the US Secret Service' and never hacked. calling it a  Homebrew server, in their continuing efforts to label DEMS BAD---PUBS GOOD, as always.
Nothing new here, BUT, Fair and Balanced? Even the sheep must laugh, as they get their 'news' from an agency created by the Political Strategy Arm of the Pub Party, courtesy of 'dirty trickster' Roger Ailes. 
Just how naive/ignorant/stupid do you have to be, to swallow this crap? Oh yeah, a typical FOXSheep. Never mind.


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