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Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Liar in Chief calls his tour, a 'Home Run'

Yeah right, like someone born on third and thinks he hit a triple. the son of Fred Drumpf.
He is the only G7 member not to sign on to the Paris Accord, which calls for all nations to try and slow down planet warming. He was also the ONLY leader not to have a press conference when it was over, instead he held a 'greatest hits' monologue, in front of a captive audience at a military base, while his son in law is being investigated for setting up back-channel, secret communications with the Commies, BEFORE the Clown was even elected. I can see what The Donald saw in him. They were both handed a YUUUGE real estate empire by their daddies, and built on it by being ruthless, gouging money from the less fortunate.
At least Jared didn't have a BUNCH of bankruptcies, like the Liar in Chief, who left the 'little people' holding the bag, as he took the money and ran. VERY presidential, if you are a clueless sheep.

Other leaders from the G7 called contact with the clown, 'very dissatisfying', as he failed to uphold the basics of NATO, which is common defense, pissing off all the other members.
 BUT, in his vain, arrogant brain it was a Home Run, and the sheep probably swallow it, as FOX feeds them their version of the 'facts'.
Nothing new here.....


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