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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Orange Clown slipped a BUNCH of bombs

into our country, like Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, (who loved the KKK until he found out they smoked pot) as Atty Gen, but probably no one worse than Betsy DeVos, as Sec of Educ.
Betsy, or her children NEVER attended any Public Schools, (although her family donated over a BILLION dollars to the Pubs), SO the Donald thought she should lead 'education' in the US.
Remember, this is the party that doesn't believe in Global Warming or evolution, not to mention most 'science'. Got a problem? Pray about it.
BUT, the worst thing about Betsy, is her proclivity for 'Charter' (read Christian) schools, where taxpayers are forced to PAY for vouchers, where nearly anyone' can start a school, and 'finance it' with vouchers, paid for by us 'taxpayers'.
As bad as that seems, my daughter Kari, librarian at Coal Creek Elementary/Middle School, gets those 'students' after the Charter School where they started their 'education'  FOLDS and their 'students' get dumped on Public Schools, one to three years behind their peers, and they screw up the classrooms for everyone. Happens all the time.
The Liar in Chief and Betsy want to MULTIPLY this disaster.
And you wonder why I can't stand 'em(R)?


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