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Sunday, May 28, 2017

To all you youngsters out there

on this Memorial Day weekend.
Being young is great, OBVIOUSLY, but can you imagine every day being like a 3 day weekend? That's what retirement is like, IF, you make the right choices.
Bottom line, don't believe Repub bullshit, and U2 can retire comfortably.
Think independently, and don't rely on 'The Rapture' for retirement. (duh)
RU kidding? It ain't happened in the last few hundred generations, and it ain't gonna happen for you, no matter what the Thumpers say.
Make sound, rational, logical decisions. Bottom line, trust your brain, logic and rationality. That ALWAYS works, no matter what the Noah's Ark people say.
Please, show me where I'm wrong.
Cuz I can SURELY show you where the Thumpers are SO wrong. Wanna bet?
You  can trust science/reality, OR are you a braindead/brainwashed sheep/Pub?
 Nothing new here....
Bet your life?


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