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Friday, May 05, 2017

I just can't keep it up (my OUTRAGE, that is), like I used to

I apologize, but I've just given up. I can only read. research and 'hold up to ridicule' The Orange Buffon's idiocy for SO long.
Not that it makes any difference. The sheep sure ain't gonna change. Once they've gone over to the dark side, it's all over. Yup, 'news' from the agency created by the head Repub Political Strategist (Ailes), seems like a GREAT place to get your 'news', right sheep?
If they weren't shamed by The Clown's words and actions BEFORE he became prez, then they never will be. They VOTED for this A-Hole as prez of the United States...
'Nuff said, done deal. Yo can't shame the shameless.
At least on the golf course I can forget about him, and what the Pubs did to us last time (remember W's "Oops no WMD's" War, and the Crash of 2007?) they were in charge.
Just bend over and kiss your as goodbye.....


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