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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Whenever I think

about the dickhead Mike Flynn, I see/hear him leading chant of 'Lock Her Up' at the RNC, cuz Hillary had a 'private server' that COULD have been hacked (but wasn't) by foreign govts. This was WHILE he was being PAID by foreign govts to influence US policy and BEFORE he denied it (LIED) under oath.
I know this is all well and good in the Bizarro world/sheep's eye view of Repub politics, but to those of us with a working brain, it's brazen HYPOCRISY, which is what the Pub brand is built upon.
Nothing new here, but excuse me while I gag, while Trump is meeting with the Arabs, giving away US jobs, technology and military secrets, to the enemies who attacked us on 9-11, under the watch of the last Repub administration.


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