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Sunday, May 28, 2017

While the larger failures of Trump's trip were widely recognized,

such as failing to join the other six nations of the G7 on Climate Change solutions, providing the kill 9-11 Killers with US weapons, 'to be assembled there' and failing to affirm NATO's goals of 'keeping each other's back', some of his other gaffes were also recognized. Meanwhile, the Liar in Chief was declaring his trip a 'Home Run' during his self-congratulatory victory lap at the US military base, with a captive audience in Italy, ALL the other leaders were holding press conferences. Mostly bitching about the Orange Clown.
The smaller moments of the president’s trip were noted as well, from first lady Melania Trump’s apparent reluctance to hold her husband’s hand to his shoving aside of Montenegro’s prime minister to get to the front of a pack of leaders at a NATO photo opportunity. At the G-7, it was Trump’s interactions with other leaders that commanded attention.
The six other heads of state took a short walk from one event to the next, chatting convivially as they strolled through the narrow Sicilian streets. Trump hung back, deciding against joining his peers.
Instead, he got in a golf cart and the American president’s mini-motorcade drove the route alone, Trump once more having charted his own course. 
Can you say jackasshole?


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