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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

While trying to dissect the meeting between the Pope

and 'The Devil Incarnate', Morning Joe Scarborough pointed out the BIGGEST difference,
'Well', Joe said, 'the Pope's a Christian'.
Do the sheep really believe the Liar in Chief is a Christian? I doubt it, (though most of them are REALLY dense), but having an (R) after his name is 'close enough' in sheep world....
If you actually believe that before God got pissed off and scrambled the words in everyone's brain, (in the entire world), ALL people spoke the same language, all around the world. BUT cuz of the Tower of Babel, (where men dared to build UP to Heaven), now people speak different languages,then you can believe the Orange Faced Pussy Grabber is a Christian.
No problem.... AND you also believe FOXNews, and vote straight Republican.


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