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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wow, the spin-meisters of Bullshit Mountain

are in hyper-drive, trying to nullify all the crap that's flowing from the White House.
According to the apologists at FOX, it's NO BIG DEAL that Trump shared classified info with Russians, in the Oval Office, and FIRED the head of the FBI, who was investigating a YUUUGE number  of commie contacts, between Trump and the Trumpies, with Russia, incl swaying the election, Mike Flynn and his lies, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Roger what's his face, while Trump puts his totally unqualified son-in-law in charge of increasing more, and vital, US interests.
All the while, the Liar in Chief is lying his ass off and the clowns at FOX, plus their uninformed, head up their ass minions, couldn't care less. According to FOX, he has an (R) after his name so 'shut the fuck up' and don't bitch, although the jerk told Comey to 'back off' the Flynn investigation and asked for his unquestioned 'loyalty', both of which are clearly 'obstruction of justice'.
The same a-holes who couldn't stop bitching about Hillary's 'careless' handling of confidential info, don't give a crap when their boy does it.
And all their screaming about Hillary's BENGHAZI! 'lie' has turned to total silence in the face of DOZENS of obvious lies from their Liar in Chief.


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