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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fantastic video,

of an interview with Cheney, on the web right now. He lays out, with surprising accuracy, why we SHOULDN'T invade Iraq. He claims the world wouldn't support us, and, among other things, that Iraq would spiral out of countrol, with all the different factions fighting each other. He states it would be too large an order for us to try to maintain order after such an invasion, and the Arab world would never forgive us. For once, this puppet of the oil industry was right. Only problem, the interview was after Desert Storm, when Bush senior refused to invade Iraq, citing many well thought out reasons. Seems W is much smarter though. He realized we would be greeted with flowers in the streets and worshipped as liberators. OOPS. Jeez, who could have seen this mess coming? Anyone with a brain that's who. That leaves out W and his ilk. Oh well, only 508 more days and this cowboy clown gets put out to pasture where he belongs. Just can't come soon enough....

One of the low points

in George's War, had to be Abu Graib, where detainees, many turned in for the $5000 cash reward, were humiliated and tortured. Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush, overturning the Geneva Convention rules, stated torure was OK, but ONLY if traditional methods didn't work. Once the pictures and accounts of the treatment of prisoners at Abu G were released, further inflaming anti-American sentiment around the world, we were assured those responsible would be held accountable. Well, yesterday, the ONLY offficer charged with a crime was sentenced. Reservist Stephen Jordan received a REPRIMAND, not for torturing detainees, but for disobeying an order to keep silent during the investigation. Sorta shows, in a nutshell, what W and his crew is all about. In the meantime, an investigation is being begun into the no-bid contracts awarded to 'friends of the administration' in King George's War. Should be interesting...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No pics,

and am really pissed off at my 'My Pictures' program. Will not let me add any new pics to my blog. Have tried all I can think of. No go. BUT, had a mahvelous time at 'The Cat Ranch', near Lake Powell. Where to begin.... If you've ever been to Lake Powell, you know it is like another planet, but you can see some mountains in the back ground. At the base of these, six miles off the road that leads to Powell, past Goblin Valley, lies the Cat Ranch. Nearest neighbor approx 20 miles away. A bit of heaven on earth, with unbelievable views, and a stream running thru it. The old homestead is no longer used, but the new house is very comfortable. All the water you want, and, with propane refrigerators, ice is no problem, but electricity has to be rationed. A $40,000 solar system, with battery back-up, provides enough juice to run a TV and a few lights, but forget about hair dryers and waffle irons while the lights and TV are on. No big deal, but after a cloudy, rainy Monday like we had, the generator had to be fired up for awhile. Just a small inconvenience to living at the end of a 4 wheel drive trail. Used to be a working cattle ranch, with a large orchard, a hundred years ago, but is now a retreat from the modern world. We rode ATV's to Anasazi ruins and picked up flint chips where they used to make tools and arrowheads. Saw petrified trees and from the 'Yelllow Cliffs' saw the canyon where Aaron Ralston had to break and cut his arm off to survive. Also spent time on the lake, but the ranch was the highlight. More later, and hopefully I can get the 'darn' picture program to work, cause I got some good ones. Later....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trying to get inspired,

but not having much luck. The reunion is over, and, like, 'rocking chair moments', got few if any comments, and I can understand. Bush/Iraq fiasco is such an obvious screw-up, no one, that I care about, argues that anymore. Am having a problem downloading pics into my new computer, so I don't have any new pictures to share. Whenever I want to download into this program, it loads ALL the pics on the card, almost 1000, instead of just NEW pics. If anyone has the disc that comes with a Canon Powershot SD, (ZoomBrowser EX) I would love to borrow it, 'cause I do have some good new pics. Crox went up, then way down, now back up, but that's not interesting unless you are an owner, and if you are, you already know about it. Most people don't care about golf. SOOO, am uninspired at the moment. We're watching the dogs while Nate and Laura join Jen and Jess at the ranch/Lake Powell, then we hand off the animals to Ted and Kari and head out for Lake Powell for awhile. Should be fun. Speaking of Kari, (or writing, that is) this is her first day teaching at Coal Creek Elementary. Beautiful place, with amazing views. Should be interesting with kindergarteners, then middle school classes in Social Studies, Spanish and Algebra. Helped Kari get her room ready and it looks really good. Hope she does well up there. Hurricane Dean couldn't have hit a better spot (unless you happened to live there) for causing minimal damage from a Category Five Hurricane. Probably won't be the last this year, though. Anyway, sorry to be so boring, but not much going on. Did spend a fun weekend at the Mountain Haus w/ the kids. Had great food/drinks and hikes. Gonna find a pic to post, just 'cause I haven't been lately..... (Found one of Russ and Danica that I've always liked, and don't think I've posted before)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Officially 'On Call'

for Hurricane Dean. Is supposed to hit the US, based on current models, late next Weds. We have Lake Powell planned on Thursday. It never fails. Not that it is for certain it will hit, and I will be needed, BUT, whenever I get an 'adjuster' call, you can bet I already have plans. Never fails. We'll see, but am not looking forward to going to Texas, in August, to a disaster zone, but, it's what I do....

Monday, August 13, 2007


only you golfers will appreciate this, but I had an amazing experience on the the golf course today. On the 4 par three's, today, I played them 2 UNDER. Which means, two pars and two birdies. Pros would be happy with this. PLUS, I was a half inch from a hole-in-one. What makes it even more special, I started the day at the chiropractor, who REALLY cracked me good. Life is good...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Great movie

Don't know if you saw/liked the other 'Bourne' movies, but 'The Bourne Ultimatum' is really good. Fast paced, great action, and good story. At least I (and Carol) thought so. Amazing scenery in Europe. If you wanna go to a movie, and don't know what, let me recommend the new Bourne movie. You won't be bored...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Excuse me,

if it seems like I'm bragging, but maybe I am. If you read me at all, you know I had a GREAT time at the reunion. Seeing old buddies, and showing off my beautiful wife. 'Twas a fantastic time, and loved the golf and everything. One of only two people to get appplause, at program, (Cause of that game winning shot) But just realized, my two cart partners, for the two golf tourneys, were; Tom Heller, best man at my wedding, and the ONLY guy from Kearney to ever be World Herald (biggest newspaper in Nebr.) Athlete of the Year, All-State Everything, (could tell you LOTS of stories), and 2nd day, Scott Nelson, the guy who put the whole thing together. Was honored by my friends. Good times......(Again, sorry for pride, but when you get old like me, you look back on the Good Times)

Published, again

Am 2 for 2 being published with Letters to the Editor. First, Broomfield Enterprise, then, on Aug 9th, the Rocky Mntn News. The latest had to do with a political cartoon I took exception to. It featured two ball players looking at a scoreboard that read, Insurgents 3, USA 2, in the first inning. A player was saying to the one with DEMOCRAT on his back. "We're down 3-2 and you want to QUIT??" My reply, to the editor, was, (paraphrasing), "If we're in the first inning, this is gonna be 'one, long game', since it's been about 5 years, we're still in the first inning. Our fearless leader. continuing his 'reign of error', refuses to listen to the majority. It's time to bring our troops home, now. Anyway, Carol saw it and told me. I would have missed it. Oh by the way, have I ever mentioned, I REALLY don't like that retarded cowboy in the White House?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another 'reunion story',

called, "Carol doesn't play golf". As some of you may know, last Friday Carol went to her best friends' husbands' b-day party and I went to the first day of my of my class reunion. Anyway, as I was on the driving range, before our second day of golf, a friend asked why Carol wasn't playing with us, as several of the guys' wives were golfing with us. I said, "Carol doesn't golf." Which, as those of you who know us, know is true. And he said, "OH REALLY", with a bunch of attitude in his voice. But, Carol had played in a golf tourney, over a hundred miles away, for the 3rd round of her life, WITH, the daughter of the guy on the driving range, the day before, AND, his daughter had called him, telling him he was she was playing with a classmate, Carol Olson. HUGE coincidence, but, just now realize, I guess you had to be there. 'Twas funny....

Funny story,

from reunion. Two of my buddies swear it's true. "Donnie", his brother and their parents, liked to go to Nebr football games together. They also like to drink, A LOT. So, after tailgating, drinking from a flask during the game and celebrating afterwards, the boys decided dad was too drunk to drive home, and had a more sober friend take the folks home. The boys decided to drive dad's new Cadillac to his house and get their cars. On the way, they rolled it. No one was hurt TOO bad, and the car was still barely driveable, although the roof was about 10" lower. When they got to the folks' house they found dad, passed out in bed. Donnie had a great idea. They carried him to the car, drove to a field a few blocks from home, and put dad behind the wheel. When they spoke w/him the next day, he said how lucky he had been to roll the car and not get hurt, but he didn't remember any of it. Understandable, they said. Several months later, a friend mentioned to 'dad', how lucky his sons were that they weren't hurt too badly when they rolled his Cadillac. He put 2 and 2 together, and removed them from his will. My buddies SWEAR it's a true story, and I guess it could be. At worst, it's a FUNNY story...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bush references

I liked.... Telling you to pray, while you can see the devil on his shoulder. AND, Born on third base, and he thinks he hit a triple....


Just got back from my 40th Reunion, and I know what you're thinking. "How can a bunch of people that old, get together and party"? Well, we did, and it was a GREAT time. Golf tourneys two days, and two cocktail/dinner parties with interesting programs. Amazing how little people had really changed. Sure we were grayer, heavier, (some a lot, but most not much, and some not at all), but at this point we are all friends and the camaraderie was fantastic. Some of the rich guys threw in nice little extras like a dance band, a caricaturist (lost mine, and it was GOOD), and a roving photographer who took hundreds of shots, the first night, then printed them and gave 'em out the 2nd night. Carol was a dancing fool and made the rounds with her favorite guys. I was more subdued. Have been to 10, 20, 30, and now 40 year reunions. Can't believe next one will be 50th. But I'll be there (I hope) 'cause they are REALLY fun. I knew we had an exceptional class, and we prove it every ten years. Can't wait for the next one.....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Another rocking chair memory,

would have to be an 'Oh Wow' moment from several years ago. Back before we hunted Snake River Ranch, we used to scout out new, likely looking, elk hunting territory, when we decided a 'new place' was in order. Matt and I were doing a weekend scouting/camping trip up in the Flattops Wilderness area, and were in the middle of nowhere, on a 'semi' 4WD trail when we ran over a sharp rock and tore up a tire. Matt had just gotten the Bronco, and I wasn't too worried 'cause we had a good spare and the necessary jack and lug wrench. We also had, we noticed for the first time, an anti-theft lug nut on each wheel. The kind that takes a special 'key' that fits in the lug wrench. What we didn't have was the 'key'. We decided to walk in different directions, to high ground, and see if there were any ranches/people around. After a long walk we both made it back w/the same news. Nothing in sight. And the sun was going down. The road was too bad to drive with a flat tire, so we realized we were gonna be there for awhile. About dark we heard an old pickup rattling toward us, with a couple of 'real' cowboys in it. They tried to help get the lug off with a pipe wrench and vice grip, but no luck. Just as they were getting ready to leave, one of them noticed an old 'key' in his tool box, from a locking lug nut set he once owned. What are the odds is would be the right manufacturer, AND the right 'key' as they sold several different ones? Well, we had an 'Oh Wow' moment when we found it was THE right one. We fixed the tire, continued on our trip, and still, to this day, can't believe our incredible luck. OR, we just had someone watching over us. Who knows....