A microcosm

of the financial problems of our nation is shown in the large number of swimming pools being closed, during this heatwave.

In May the Associated Press reported that cities and counties all over the country are closing their public swimming pools. In this summer of sweltering heat, with our nation in three overseas conflicts and oil companies reaping windfall profits from high gas prices and Republican politicians fighting to protect the riches of millionaires and billionaires, we cannot seem to find enough resources to keep the pools open for our kids."From New York City to Sacramento, Calif.," the Associated Press writes, "pools now considered costly extravagances are being shuttered."

While the Repubs fight to keep tax breaks for gazillionaires and have no trouble funding W's wars overseas, they don't have a problem with kids not having a place to swim during a heatwave. It's pretty obvious who owns them...


ladyj said…
Just do like the rest of America..open up those fire hydrants.....

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