Some interesting facts

have come out in the last few days, concerning Rupert Murdoch and his news empire/monopoly.  He is the largest shareholder (in NewsCorp), at 40%, but the second largest is a Saudi oil prince, whose profits rose obscenely, at the expense of the American people when W attacked Iraq, based on lies, shoveled out by FOXNews. I'm shocked. Also, the investigation in the U.K. has shown that Murdoch and his minions hacked politicians' phones and e-mails, then used the info as blackmail to get them to go along with his right wing agenda. I'm shocked, again. Who woulda thunk? The good news? News Corp, (FOXNews in the U.S.), is now under investigation, here, for the same type of slimy practices. Any guesses how the 'Fair and Balanced' network is gonna do under the microscope? Should be interesting as the truth comes out, not that it will change the opinions of any of the 'true believers' in the evil empire, who blame Obama for having to borrow money to keep us afloat after Bush wrecked the economy. Will be fun for the rest of us, though. Would love to have a chance to sell some swamp land, or a bridge, to those 'faithful' who have no concept of reality.


ladyj said…
And how dear Rupurt's parents must feel as they see their fair haired son fail (both being age 102). This jackel has had way too much freedom to roam and must been reined in. I hope the UK, for they are the only ones with enough clout and grit to do the job, will grind Murdock under the heels of their boots. The US, of course will only give him a slap on the wrist, due to the fact that the minions in Congress own so much to Mr. Murdock in campaign funding. You see, that's how it works in these United States, the (ahem) land of the free and the home of the IOU.
Fam Guy said…
Yup, I would bet you're right, as I'm sure he's got dirt on U S politicians. THe FOX endorsed people are so corrupt that there might be some stuff to dig up on them. I can only hope.

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