Preview of coming attractions?

The State of Minnesota officially shut down today, cuz they are bankrupt and the Dems and Repubs can't agree on a solution. Much like W left a sinking ship of state, Tim Pawlenty (R) left a huge mess in MN, and now the shit has hit the fan. Thousands of state workers laid off, state parks closed, etc.  Will be interesting to see it play out as we approach the Aug 2 deadline for the debt vote in Wash DC. Gotta love them politicians...

The shutdown means thousands of layoffs, a standstill for road projects and padlocked state parks just ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. The effects were already being felt hours ahead of the deadline, as people rushed Thursday to get driver's and fishing licenses, and park officials began warning campers to pack their gear and leave.
See more of the effects, here,


ladyj said…
But we just keep building in Iraq and Afghanistan!!!!!!!!!

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