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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Obama tried

to close Guantanamo, where approx 180 prisoners have been held, without a trial, for over 10 years, at a cost of over $800 million/year, BUT the Pubs have fought him at every turn. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/01/us/guantanamo-adds-medical-staff-amid-hunger-strike.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20130501 Now, with no end in sight, they are on a hunger strike, to kill themselves, just like I would probably do. Low level prisoners, caught in a legal web, after the Bushies attacked Iraq (based on lies) with bundles of hundred dollar bills, for anyone who would implicate a 'Taliban'. Now, cuz Obama has been overruled by the Pubs, a huge contingent of Dr's and nurses are being sent to Cuba to 'force feed' the prisoners who have never had a hearing. Unbelievable', but typical for the Pubs, for whom logic isn't part of their thinking process. Charge 'em and try 'em, jail 'em, if guilty, in one of the hundreds of US prisons, and release the rest. We're supposed to be governed by 'the rule of law'. Just another example of the disfunctional bunch of jerks in Washington, who just 'put it off', instead of making the tough decisions. Millions of dollars per prisoner per year, and now it'll be more, as they are force fed. UNbelievable....

Wow, nearly a week

without snow, but Weather.com says we have a 100% chance of snow tonight, and most of tomorrow. Like I've said, I like snow, but this is getting kind of old...

In the insane, bizarro world

of FOXNews, they are the 'only' ones who criticize the prez, BUT, they also praise him when he does good. Are you kidding me? Does ANYONE actually believe the crap they spew? After the White House again singled out FOX, for their continual propaganda, they responded.
"The reason that's happening," O'Reilly explained, "is that we stand alone here in FNC in our bringing skepticism to the president. We tell the folks when he does something right, and then when he does something wrong, we say that."
Wow, I don't know which part of that statement is the worst, but it is typical FOX. Total and complete bullshit. I could give a hundred examples of the 'real' media criticizing the pres for every ONE time, (did it ever happen?) FOX gave him a good review. Fair and Balanced, my ass.... The worst part? Some people actually get their 'news' from these clowns.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Denver Post today,

has the story of Barry Fey passing on this weekend. Seems he was despondent from a hip replacement surgery that he just 'wasn't getting better' from. Last summer I met with Barry and got him to autograph his book, 'Backstage Past', and my framed collection of 'backstage passes' from his concerts when I worked for him for several years in the 70's. I blogged at the time that he didn't look good and I didn't think he'd be around long. Kari freaked out and said he could Google himself, find my post and be upset, SO, I took it down, right away. As I've said, I have mixed feelings toward Barry, mainly lots of respect for being a great businessman and pioneer in the concert promoting industry, BUT, a lot of his success came from the fact that he could be a real hard-assed jerk, to get what he wanted. We always got along well and I could get him to smile and laugh when lots of people were just scared of him, cuz I knew a lot of his growling was just an act. If I had to bet, I'm thinking he was depressed at the idea of getting old, not recovering from his hip surgery and just decided to end it. Just a guess, though. An amazing, driven, intelligent man who was in the right place at the right time and made the most of it.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

This just in...

The 'Truth in Labeling Commission', after seeing GW's revisionist history concerning WMD's in Iraq, has forced him to change the name. It is now going to be called the GWBush 'Lie Bury'.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The whores in Congress (R)&(D)

found out their 'sequestration' BS has 'real' consequences, when they were inconvenienced by their planes not taking off on time, SO, they made an exception, for themselves, BUT, kept the rest of it in place, for the 'little people', who are damaged by their lack of 'doing their job'. A bunch of weasels who have ONE priority, re-election, after they prove they are the most disfunctional crowd EVER to inhabit Washington. The only thing that makes the Dems palatable are the Pubs, who SO much worse, absolutely refusing to compromise or negotiate, cuz Grover Norquist might 'blacklist' them, if they do. Stinkin' weasels...

We got a revealing look

inside a chicken hawk brain, when the FOXNews 'talent' got REAL upset, cuz the US hasn't started bombing 'somewhere' in the Middle East.
Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade said on his radio show, "So like it or not, this president has left the Middle East alone. And guess what happens? Now the IEDs are blowing up in our streets." Yep, the Boston bombing was the president's fault. 100 percent. Why? Because of not bombing the Middle East, even though the suspects, the Tsarnaevs, are from, you know, Chechnya.
Makes perfect sense to the FOXNews crowd.....

Much like they screwed up

'Obamacare', turning a good idea into something that doesn't work, the Repubs in Colorado are now trying to subvert the will of the people, in a back door move, cuz they don't agree with what the voters clearly passed. In an effort to cram their will down the throat of the public, Pubs are wanting to pass two different 15% taxes on cannabis, on top of other high taxes, OR, they will work to repeal Prop 64. These jerks would rather see profits back in the hands of Mexican cartels, and people go to prison, than go along with what Colorado voters clearly passed. Same shit, different day, from the Repubs.

Friday, April 26, 2013

In an article today, that proves

they just don't get it, one of the Repub's star 'propagandizers', Charles Krauthammer wrote that GWBush could be summed up in one sentence. 'He kept us safe'. WTF???? It was on his watch, after his defense/security agencies ignored several warnings that ' Bin Laden determined to attack US', that we had the WORST attack in US history. Then, after GW/Cheney attacked the Afgans, that had 3 of the terrorists, and ignoring the 15 from Saudi Arabia, he attacked Iraq, based on lies about WMD's. The subsequent 10+ year war, ruined world opinion toward the US, severely damaged our military and created thousands of new terrorists who are plotting even now, to get even. PLUS, he created a two-headed Frankenstein-type monster, the TSA and DHS, that eats money at a rate only exceeded by his bloated military build up. Throw in the $$ sucked out of the economy by his Big Oil policies, for his buddies, that took oil from $15 to $147/ barrel, and his de-regulation of financial markets that caused the huge mortgage mess, and you can see why our economy CRASHED in his final years. 'Kept us Safe?', while wrecking our country? Krauthammer proves again that 'they' just don't get it, concerning what it takes to keep a country 'safe'.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


CNBC, (the business channel), has a program, 'Marijuana, Inc", tonight, that reports/explains the cannabis industry in the US, where over half the population supports legalizing THC, in one form or another, much like alcohol. Prison for 2-10 years? What?? It definitely helps certain medical conditions, as in pain relief, and compared to alcohol, is a healthy alternative. Like prohibition and women's sufferage, I hope we look back on this time as, 'The bad old days.'

Too bad for the Pubs.

cuz they had to acknowledge GW, today, as he trotted out his 'Liberry', in Texas. The same crew that totally ignored him, in the last election ( I wonder WHY?), is forced to face the guy who wrecked the economy of our country (look at ANY chart). Is always tough to be a Repub these days, but today must have been REAL bad, unless you acually believe the swill that FOX spews...

In an awkward ritual,

of the American presidency, Obama will be called upon to 'say good things', at the opening of  Bush's new 'Liberry'. Talk about a tough assignment, after President Obama has left little mystery about how he views his predecessor. “The failed policies of George W. Bush” wiped away a budget surplus and “squandered the legacy” of bipartisan foreign policy. Mr. Bush put two wars “on a credit card,” led the country away “from our values” and “crashed the economy.”
Now he's gotta 'make nice', bite his tongue and pretend to like the former leader of the party that is intent on wrecking the country (again) to get elected. Good luck, Barach...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good day, today,

started with 'grampa time' with Piper, which is always good, but today was even more fun than usual. Then, it was 'Survivor' time, where Tammie outdid herself with a Mexican dinner, and our crew shared 'senior moments', and a bunch of laughs together. As days go, a really good one...

The jerks (R) in Congress

are bitching, cuz their 'sequester' is starting to hit home, with air traffic controllers. What a joke! Those clowns are the most disfunctional bunch EVER to reach Washington. Started with Bush, and just got worse. They should be SO proud, as they drag our country ever lower, while acting like 'austerity' is the way out of the unemployment mess they created.

The 'Fair and Balanced 'Network,

lives up to their name today, again, with 2 headline stories. Dana Perino (former Bush Press Sec) shares 'My Favorite GWBush Memories', telling how strong, compassionate and caring he was/is. Then we have 'Our PC President Would Give Hugs to Thugs', saying how Obama is too soft on terror. In other news, Romney takes a bow for Romneycare in Massachusettes, explaining how the victims of the bombings will be covered, thanks to his great healthcare program in the state, BUT, FOX bashes Obamacare for raising the costs of small business. Same shit, different day, in the bizzaro world of FOX 'news?"

Monday, April 22, 2013

Wow, here we go again

It's snowing, AGAIN, and as much as I like snow, it's getting a little old. There's a rumor that spring started, a month ago, but still looks like winter around here. Not complaining, cuz we need the moisture, BUT, enough already...

Keeping it real

FOXNews exists for ONE purpose. To promote the Pubs while bashing the Dems, using whatever propaganda they think they can get away with. After wrecking our country/economy 2000-2008, the Pubs are desparate to get back in power, but realize, after alienating women, minorities, gays, the 'educated' and the 'young' voters, they REALLY don't have a chance if the economy continues on an 'upswing', SO, the plan is to weaken growth and jobs as much as possible. Promoting the 'sequester' and killing every 'jobs bill' is just part of the plan. Let's just hope the American people continue 'see the light' and understand what's REALLY going on.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I've often wondered,

if all the 'stories' in the Bible are true, including the creation of the earth in 7 days, the stopping of the sun (actually stopping the rotation of the earth), to prolong a massacre, a pair of ALL the animals on earth, and food to feed 'em, on one boat, etc. Luckily, FOXNews addressed the issue today, in a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism, entitled, 'The Bible-Fact or Fiction?' The 'jeniouses' at FOX decided, after much research, that the answer is....... FACT! (Again, nothing about spirituality, merely the 'fact'uality , of ancient myths, where the earth is 6000 yrs old and bears eat kids for making fun of bald guys).
Obviously, if you get your 'science' from the Bible, then getting your 'news' from FOX is a logical progression. Rupert Murdoch recognized a 'special' audience, concerning 'facts', and the 'propaganda network' was born, as the voice of the Pubs.

Bailey told me her secret,

to a happy life: Eat 'til sleepy, sleep 'til hungry, Repeat. Cats have it figured out....

Just read in the Denver Post

how a bill to prevent employers from demanding the passwords to 'social network sites' from their employees was defeated. It was near unanimous Repub voting that allowed 'bosses' to continue to demand, and receive, their employee's PW's, while Dems voted solidly against it. WTF? To be a Pub, are you required to look at every issue, from gun background checks, creating jobs with 'brain research', legalizing gay marriage between committed same sex partners who were 'born that way', bigger military vs teachers, consumer protection, etc., look at the OBVIOUS, then vote the opposite way? What a bunch of jerks. BUT, at least they are consistent, as they continue to vote themselves out of relevency.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Just to keep it real

90% of the American people are for background checks concerning gun sales. 90% of Dems voted for it and 90% of Repubs voted against it. Think about it...

4-20 is kinda famous

around here. It is the date that my daughter Kari got married, by Pamela Anderson. True story. Happy anniversay, dear.

Unusual, amazing stat

In their last 30 home games, the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies have done pretty well. As in, Undefeated, 30-0, with the Nugs winning 23 straight and the Rockies 7. Will be interesting to see if the Nuggies can continue their winning ways, going into the playoffs without 2 of their best players, BUT, no matter what, it has been an amazing run. We'll see, this afternoon, against Golden State. (Update: Now 32-0)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Wow, can't remember a day

like this, having the TV and computer on all the time, as the situation in Boston has played out. Pretty crazy, but it seems like it is coming to a conclusion.

Interesting article on AOL today,

about the highest paying college degrees. Computer Science was number one, closely followed by Engineering. My (obviously greedy) son, whom I am SO proud of, (esp in his new business), got 2 degrees from (the difficult and prestigious) Colo School of Mines, in (you guessed it) Computer Science and Engineering. Good job, Nate. (Yup, I'm bragging, again)

Not sure if it's true,

or what it means, but Boston is locked down, including transportation and businesses, EXCEPT, for Dunkin Donuts, as per police orders.
On Friday afternoon, Dunkin' Donuts stores remained open in the Boston area to serve coffee and donuts, despite the widespread lockdown of the city and surrounding areas. Karen Raskopf, chief communications officer for Dunkin’ Brands, said the orders to remain open came from the city.
"At the direction of authorities, select Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in the Boston area are open to take care of needs of law enforcement and first responders,", although the rest of the city is 'shut down'.

Although they weren't able

to kill it, the Repubs were able to totally screw up the Dems effort to offer medical care to the people of the US, the LAST major country in the world NOT to have health care for it's citizens. The final bill, which bears little resemblance to the 'single payer system' operating like Medicare, was messed up SO bad by the Pubs, BUT, the Repubs did get Obama's name attached to it. Thanks to the mess that the Dems agreed to, just to get SOMETHING started, costs continue to rise and no one's happy. The obvious solution? Change the system, so that illness and injury doesn't bankrupt some, while making others outrageously wealthy. The $90 band-aid, $80 aspirin and $50,000/hour operating room works REAL WELL for a few insurance and health care companies, while bankrupting the country and individuals. C'mon, gov't, wake up and DO something about the OBVIOUS problem. What am I thinking? The clowns in Congress are concerned with ONE thing, which is their own re-election, cuz they hold the purse strings to unlimited $$$$.

This just in

former Bush admin members are banging the drum for a 'shock and awe' attack on Chechnya, while Cheney/Rumsfeld wanna attack Albania, their neighbor, cuz we know they have WMD's, and it is a more 'target rich' environment. Stay tuned...

A rightwing radio host

gave us a peak inside their thought process yesterday.

' I'm sorry that you suffered a tragedy, but you know what? Deal with it, and don't force me to lose my liberty, which is a greater tragedy than your loss. I'm sick and tired of seeing these victims trotted out, given rides on Air Force One, hauled into the Senate well, and everyone is just afraid -- they're terrified of these victims. ... I would stand in front of them and tell them, 'Go to hell.'

Bob Davis was discussing those affected by the Newtown, Conn., tragedy during a Friday segment of his show, "Davis & Emmer," on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130. The topic focused on how family members of the 26 victims, 20 of whom were between the ages of 6 and 7 years old, have become advocates for gun control. In Davis' opinion, these Newtown families are infringing on his constitutional rights.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obama's best speech,

of his entire presidency, was pretty easy, cuz 90% of the American public supported him, as he documented how the NRA told blatant lies, concerning a 'national gun registry', to keep the Pubs in their pocket BUT, the FOX 'news' crowd never heard it. The Murdoch/Ailes propaganda machine refused to air it, cuz even the stupid sheep woulda seen what was happening. Nothing new here, BUT, it gets real old, as many of the sheep are just naive and ignorant, which is not a crime, merely a prerequisite for the FOXNews crowd, huddling inside their bubble, impervious to reality, fed the pablum that FOX sees fit to report.

Congress's failure to approve

background checks on gun sales, designed to keep felons and the metally ill from buying guns was reported throughout the 'legitimate media', for what it was. The NRA and it's lobbyists were able to spread lies (national gun registry) and the will of 90% of the public was 'shot down' by the Repubs. The view from FOXNews? Four 'traitors' crossed party lines and voted with the Dems! If you ever need to see the difference between FOX and 'Real' news, just look at the headlines today. Sickening, but typical, as the sheep get a steady diet of swill, and LOVE it!

Had an interesting time

at our 'Survivor' get-together last night. Was surprised it even happened, during a snowstorm, with over a foot on the ground. BUT, I guess the crew was starting to get cabin fever, and they know what a good cook Carol is. Anyway, about 2 hours into the party, I came up behind Carol, who was leaned over the counter, and 'touched her' from behind, as I often do, before talking to her. The only problem? It was a different 'blondish lady' dressed a lot like her. I thought Kathy was gonna bounce off the ceiling, and come down swinging. Eventually, we all laughed, but I will be much more cautious in the future. The good news? Phillip is 'off the island', which should make life much better for the rest of the 'Survivors', and I survived a real dirty look, from Kathy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

90% of the American public

wants background checks on gun purchases, to keep felons and the mentally ill from buying firearms. Over 90% of Dems voted for it, and 90% of the NRA controlled Pubs voted against it. Same ol' shit from the usual suspects, after they willfully told lies (a common Pub tactic), and the lobbyists won again. And the Repubs wonder why they are gradually becoming more and more irrelevant?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Comfortably numb

Yesterday, GW said 'I'm comfortable with my decisions on Iraq', after his 'war of choice', based on lies, costs are now estimated to be over $5 trillion. What else is he gonna say? I really screwed up and I'm sorry I lied, but my Big Oil/defense buddies sure got rich. Today, more of his 'decisions' came to light, as evidence showed he was the first US president to allow the torture of prisoners.
The use of torture, the report concludes, has “no justification” and “damaged the standing of our nation, reduced our capacity to convey moral censure when necessary and potentially increased the danger to U.S. military personnel taken captive.”
 Good job, George. Am so glad you're 'comfortable' with all you did to lower world opinion of our once proud nation, before you and your policies wrecked our economy.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Just checked

on the 12 inch ruler stuck into the snow on the patio table. It disappeared. Wow, good snow, and we got a bunch more coming.

Just stumbled upon

a 'comedy' special with Dennis Miller that wasn't funny, just sick, as he talked about stoners, screwing sheep in a nativity scene, then he got real nasty. Wow, this is rightwing humor?

I love to watch,

and I been watching live weather radar (and the snow) all day, as we have been in the middle of a 'band of snow', that is the first part of 3 scheduled days of snow. The ruler on top of the patio table says 10", and it's coming down strong. Yahoo! I love a snowy day/night and we need the moisture. Am hunkered down... (the only bad news?, I have to knock the snow out of the satellite dish, every few hours)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bailey's all fired up,

running from window to door, cuz there's a new kitty in the 'hood'. Black and white, and she doesn't like it. I hope she's careful...

As you may, or may not know,

I love sports, and if I can't play, I like to watch. The Master's today, was 'off the chart', and my fav, Adam Scott, won it in extra holes. Then, we watched the final inning in the Rockies game, as they beat the Padres, in the last inning. Now, we're watching the Nuggets beat Portland, although we may have lost Kevin Faried (probably the best 'leaper' in the NBA), for a long time, with a badly sprained ankle. From prior experience, NOTHING hurts like a sprained ankle. On a pain scale of 1-10, it's a 10, BUT, it makes normal pain, kinda bearable by comparison. I really like our new TV system, where we can record a BUNCH of stuff, and watch it at our convenience, with no commercials. Kinda dangerous, when looking at 'recliner time', but hey, it's Sunday afternoon, and now we got 'Game of Thrones'. Wow...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Good day,

at the Denver Zoo today, with my kids, granddaughter and Carol. Perfect weather and a chance to see the zoo, with all the new exhibits and animals. PLUS, a real 'slice of life', as 'people watching' was almost as interesting as seeing the animals. Lotta different humans out there, in all different shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Almost as interesting (or more so), as the animals. Life is good....

Friday, April 12, 2013

As the Nuggets play at Dallas,

I'd forgotten how hard it is to beat the Mav's AT HOME. with the Texan officials. No blood, no foul, if you are a Nugget, BUT, can't take anything away from Dirk Nowitsky, a great player, no matter who he plays for. Speaking of great players, at the Master's today, Tiger was playing a par 3, nailed the pin, and had the ball bounce back, into the water. Wow. Looks like an interesting finish, to my fav tourney.  Update: Totally bogus call, foul on Denver, in OT, with 6 sec left. Denver loses, on terrible call in Texas. Nothing new here..

Great 'bargains' at the local Sprouts store

where we picked up asparagus and baby back ribs. Carol and I went for the same stuff (serarately, today), cuz it is so good, AND a great price. Had it for dinner tonight. WOW. One of my fav dinners, as the ribs start out in the crock pot, then finish on the grill, with fresh asparagus. (and bread pudding for dessert) I LOVE this time of year...

One of the stupidest things 'out there',

is 'Skinny Girl' vodka, wine etc. You can pay extra for a drink that has 25% less calories. Surprise! The calories in vodka/wine come from alcohol, SO, for just a bit more $, you get 60 proof vodka, instead of 80 proof, OR, you could just drink 25% less. PT Barnum was right, about suckers being born every minute.

Great article

about the conservative 'gold bugs' who are certain the gov't spending, to help lift us out of the GOP caused Great Recession, is causing rampant inflation. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/12/opinion/krugman-lust-for-gold.html?_r=1
 It just ain't so, as proven by another round of commodity deflation, lead by gold, silver, copper, oil, corn etc. The main argument, by the Repubs who refuse to do ANYTHING to help the jobs crisis they caused, is deficit fueled, currency killing inflation. In spite of being proven wrong, year after year, they 'have a plan and they're sticking with it'. Fight everything, from infrastructure to brain research, that might help the jobs situation, and therefor the Dems. As always, facts mean NOTHING to them, in their efforts to kill the economy.


The military 'accidentally' (ha ha) released some info.
A classified Pentagon report, which was disclosed by a congressman, shows North Korea is able to arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead — though with low reliability — as Secretary of State John Kerry and other US officials tried to downplay the major revelation.
Seems like a great excuse to ramp up the old war machine. Can't be too careful, you know...

Really looking forward to 'DaVinci's Demons',

showing tonight on Starz.
'In a world where thought & faith are controlled, Leonardo da Vinci fights to set knowledge free. The tortured genius defies authority forever changing the fate of mankind'.
Filmed in Italy, it chronicles a genius, (in SO many areas) fought at every turn by the church, who wanted to keep the people ignorant, and under their control. Lotta things haven't changed.
Saw 'Da Vinci's Machines' exhibit, and was amazed, by the guy who was an artist, engineer, anatomy pioneer, astronomer and weapons expert. A total genius, persecuted by 'the church'.

Tha same people

who worship Alzheimer-addled Ronald Reagan are mourning the passing of Margaret Thatcher, cuz they were so close in their thoughts and actions. True, she was a strong woman in a man's world, but her hardcore, conservative policies alienated much of the country, and helped wreck their economy. The common people are speaking out, now that she's passed and the largest selling, most requested song in the UK is, 'Ding Dong The Witch is Dead', in her honor. Who says the Brits don't have a sense of humor?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Repub brain,

is alive and well (sort of) in Dick Cheney. The 'fear and paranoia' artery is pumping strong, as 'The Dick' warns us we are 'in deep doo doo', with North Korea, and we should be very concerned. Typical Pub crap, as they always want some reason to attack, build up the military, or both. It gets SO old. with N Korea continually rattling their nuclear sabre, and the Pubs wanting to spend 'even more' on the hugely bloated military. Just shut up and go away, 'Dick'. We've seen what you and the 'military-industrial complex' will do, given any chance, even if it takes a bunch of lies...

Same old shit

As Obama tries to compromise and negotiate, attempting to move our country forward, the do-nothing, obstructionist 'party of NO' refuses to participate. 
After complaing that they wanted a 'balanced' approach, not a single Congressional Republican will discuss a budget that combines twice as much in spending cuts as it raises in tax revenues. For now, it has served its purpose — no one will be able to accuse Mr. Obama of refusing to touch entitlements, and no one can credit Republicans for being at all serious about a deficit-reduction compromise. BUT, they are consistent, in their efforts to take down the country's economy, just like the last time they were in power.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

There is nothing more obvious

than the fact that the US needs jobs, and the gov't can get money at REALLY low rates, and we need a BUNCH of infrastructure improvements. BUT, the Pubs wanna fight anything that can help the economy, CUZ, they see that as their only way into power. The same power they lost, the last time they were in charge, cuz they screwed things up SO bad. SO obvious, to anyone who can see what's going on, unless you are a FOXNews clown, then it's ALL Obama's fault.

Snow day, for Bailey and me

SO, we were cat-fishin'. Which means I use a fishing pole, with one of Bailey's 'mousies', which I cast and retrieve, and she attacks. FUN, for both of us.

This explains a LOT

Click on it, to enlarge.
I esp like the 'Fear and Paranoia artery', feeding the whole system.

I love a snowy day,

and that's what we have, after being in the 70's yesterday. Not the big snow event that was planned, and it's not over yet, but we'll take all we can get. Should be good skiing later in the week. Am sure Kari is disappointed though, cuz they closed schools in anticipation of a big 'dumper'. And, guessing Z will enjoy his walk (run) in the new snow, on the wide open golf course, like he always does. No 'Old Farts' card game today, but is a good day to just hunker down and enjoy the fireplace.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Don't know how, it's gonna end

BUT, there's an amazing story going on in the final game of the NCAA. Unknown freshman, Albrecht, whose highest game was 7 pts, now has 17 in the first half. Crazy, but that's how things happen in live sports. Now there's a guy from L'ville who's going crazy..

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Kari's alma mater,

Metro St, is playing (and leading) for the Div II Championship this afternoon. Go Roadrunners! The Nuggets, with their 2 top scorers out with injuries, put up 132 against Houston last night. What a bench. AND, the Rockies are looking really good. If only the Broncos were playing...
UPDATE: Metro blew a 17 pt lead, didn't score in the last 3 min 50 secs, missed a bunch of free throws and lost by one point.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Have always been a sports fan,

and it has been esp fun lately, with the NCAA tourney, and the Nuggets win streaks, which continued last night, (19 in a row, at home), a 1 point win against the Mavs,  with 2 seconds left. The bad news? Gallo is out for a long time, with a torn ACL, joining Ty Lawson (the two highest scorers) on the bench. The Nugs have a deep bench, but this isn't good, as we enter the playoffs. In other news, the Rockies open at home today. Go Rocks...

As I have said before,

I really like Jon Stewart, and really don't like FOXNews, for obvious reasons. Jon nailed it again, on 'The Daily Show' last night, after Sean Hannity, among others on FAUX 'news', was defending the Rutgers coach, who was fired for physically and verbally abusing his players. Sean claimed his father beat him with a belt, 'but I turned out OK'.
Jon countered with, 'Seriously? You're OK? Have you seen your show?'
Perfect reply, from someone who 'gets it' to someone who doesn't. Yup, that belt whippin's a great idea, cuz it helps to produce FOX News idiots???

In an effort to lead,

and break the stalemate in Congress, Obama offered entitlement cuts, as a start to negotiations with the Repubs. It took 'bonehead' Boehner about to ahour to respond. 'No way', and 'I won't consider it', was the response, AGAIN, from the obstructionist party, determined to wreck any economic advances, as they continue to block EVERY program designed to fix the damage they did last time they were in charge. Today's lousy jobs numbers show their 'sequestration, is hurting us, and now they are threatening to NOT extend the debt limit (paying the bills already run up), which was disastrous last time. What a bunch of bozos.Nothing new here, as they stick with their 'plan', to wreck the economy, at the expense of the working class, as their only hope of being elected nationally....

'The Company You Keep',

soon to be released, with Robert Redford, Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Shia LeBeouf, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliot and others, seems like it could be a great movie, as it explores the lives of 60's activists, who have sort of 'moved on'. From what I've read,  http://movies.nytimes.com/2013/04/05/movies/robert-redfords-company-you-keep-revisits-radical-60s.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_20130405&_r=0,
it could be interesting, like 'An Unfinished Life' with Redford, Morgan Freeman and J-Lo, that we just saw and really liked.

At a time like this,

the country REALLY needs jobs, AND research toward a cure for the most expensive disease (Alzheimer's), SO Obama wants $100 mil for research into the human brain. Great says everyone, esp economists, and even some Pubs. BUT, say the same Pubs, we're not gona pay for it, even though the benefits are obvious. Take the money from 'somewhere', like Social Security or Medicare, but don't touch the 'temporary' Bush tax cuts for the 1%, or change the tax laws where 1/4 of corporations pay ZERO tax. These a-holes are consistent, if nothing else. Whatever they can do, to wreck the economy, is just 'part of the plan'. Today's terrible job numbers, as their sequester begins to ripple through the economy, is just a start, as over 700,000 jobs are projected to be lost. They have a plan, alright, but the voters also have a memory, and know who's screwing things up. Look for the Repub party to sink further into the sunset, as their 'plan' blows up in their faces, much like the economy under GW and the Pubs, the last time they were in charge.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Just so there's no mistake,

I have blogged (and complained) about the 'religious right', who believe in a literal Bible, and think they should make laws for everyone. I said nothing about spirituality, where I have more questions than answers.  I just don't like it when someone claims to have 'cornered the market' on it, at the expense of all other thought. Hopefully, there's 'somebody out there', and most people on earth believe there is, but there are MANY different beliefs/thoughts/religions. I have no proof, one way or another, but am open...

Interesting article, today, about the birth

of FOX News, hatched by the money and scheming of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/hoyt-hilsman/roger-ailes-fox-news-gop_b_2981167.html

'The irony is that the biggest long-term beneficiary of the Fox propaganda machine has been the Democratic Party and, most especially, President Obama. After almost 20 years of Fox's pseudojournalism, the country has shifted distinctly to the center-left, and Republicans are viewed as a party of reactionary, old, white guys, hostile to everyone from Latinos to women. Fox worked hard to gin up their viewers -- conservatives, Reagan Democrats, Southerners and rural Americans -- and it worked, sometimes too well. A sizable group of those voters have now moved further to the right and into the ranks of the tea party', who have scared away moderate voters.

Looking at it that way, I gotta say 'Thanks, FOXNews, for all you've done', by making the Dems look good (which isn't easy to do), when compared to the Pubs.

Most people have no problem with,

and support, the firing of Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice , after he hit, kicked and shoved players, threw basketballs at their heads and called them 'f***ing fairies' and 'f***ing faggots'. Fox news though, as always, looks at things a bit differently.
To Fox News host Eric Bolling, Rice's ouster was a symbol of a culture in "free fall." Speaking on "The Five," he called it the 'wussification of America', that a coach should be fired for such actions. Just when I think FOX can't get any worse, they always do.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

World's Largest Egg, up for auction today

Rumor has it, some blonde chick named Daenerys Targaryan, is the main bidder.

The 'Sequester' was set up,

to be SO onerous, that politicians would be FORCED to negotiate, cuz cutting the budget, with a hammer, as opposed to a scalpel, was SO stupid. BUT, it was just fine with the Pubs, who refused ANY talk of new revenue, incl subsidies to Big Agra, loopholes for the 1%, corporations paying ZERO tax, the 'Oil Depetion Allowance' for Big Oil, etc. SO, we are now going to see the sequester cuts gradually work their way through the economy, damaging what little growth there was, following the HUGE crash, after 8 years of Bush/Pub rule. Remember? It's fine with the Pubs, cuz that is their ONLY chance bring elected, on the national level. They DO have and plan, and they're sticking with it.

Had the last package of walleye fillets,

from Glendoe, WY, last night.  The only reason it lasted so long was that it got misplaced, and lost, for a few months. Had forgotten how good it is. Wow. Is just about that time of year again, though.

I was gonna

invest, (gamble)  in 'Bitcoins' last week, (after considerable research) and spent about 15 minutes setting up an account, cuz it seemed like a good idea, although they had already 'run up', quite a bit. I gave them all the information they reuqired, which was a LOT, but balked when I needed to scan my driver's license, or passport, as the final requirement. They said this was necessary to prevent fraud, which makes sense, but I didn't want to do it. At the time, a 'bitcoin' was trading at $89.00. If you don't know what a bitcoint is, just Google it, (or https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Main_Page), but it is basically web-based, electronic worldwide currency (but NO phsical bills or coins) that is continually offered at a 'bid/ask' price, and transactions are performed instantaneously.  In my case I would be dealing in dollars, but nearly all curencies are allowed, as long as there is a buyer and seller at an agreed upon exchange rate. Today, that $89 bitcoin is trading at over $140. Time will tell, but seems pretty interesting...

What do you get

when you mix FOXNews with the religious right? 13% ( one in eight) of the public believes Obama is the 'anti-Christ'. Yup, the people who get their 'news' and 'facts' from dubious sources can believe some strange stuff, including, the sinners he fools will be spending eternity burning in a lake of fire. And the sheep said, amen.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I love a snowy night

and today has been a beautiful, snowy, Colorado spring day, that's really dumping in the mountains, closing I-70 for the 2nd day in a row. Good March, now April is starting off right. Yahoo...

Today is the 10 year anniversary,

of Jessica Lynch's 'rescue'. You may remember the Bush admin's account. Brave Jessica was attacked by Iraqi's, fought til she ran out of ammo, was wounded, then captured, assaulted and imprisoned, until brave US forces 'rescued' her. BUT, the 'REAL' story was, Jessica's driver got lost during the attack (based on lies), and crashed after running off the road in the dark, injuring those on board. The locals assisted her, treated her injuries, hospitalized her and called the US military to pick her up. In a publicity gimmick, special forces 'rescued' her in a raid that killed and injured the very people who had helped her. Typical Bush admin lies to the US public, to gain support for their war based on more lies. Don't believe me? Just look it up, unless you are a FOXNewser, then facts don't matter. . http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/story?id=128387&page=1

Monday, April 01, 2013

We all look at, and believe

(or disbelieve) recent history based on our own experiences. Am watching 'Ali' on HBO, as Will Smith did a fantastic job, (esp on developing his body), in the role of Cassius Clay, who was the World Heavyweight Champion, BUT, told the US gov't to 'no way', and said he'd go to jail rather than going to fight in Viet Nam, when he got drafted. I grew up (or rather graduated high school) during the same era, watching friends get killed/wounded in Viet Nam, in a war that the gov't lied about to start ( we weren't attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin), to get the war they wanted to make a bunch of money, for the 'defense' contractors, and keep the military busy. The 'draft' was in full swing, based on 'God and Country', and I developed longstanding opinions on both, as they'd send us to jail for a LONG time, if we were caught with pot, or didn't wanna fight their war. At least we thought it couldn't happen again. HA! Bush/Cheney did the same thing, with a war based on lies, for the profit of a few, at the expense and suffering of many. Bottom line, some things never change, from the beginning of time. Those in power send soldiers to suffer and die (and kill) for profit. The only question is, 'How can people not see what is SO obvious?' Oh yeah. They believe FOX. and the Pubs. One and the same...

Finally, I'm starting to see,

from other sources, what Ted, (Kari's husband), a geophysicist who works with oil drillers all over the world, (and the US), has said for quite a while. With the advent of 'horizontal drilling' and other new technologies, the US is set to become a net oil EXPORTER, in the 'not too distant' future. Will have a huge effect on world economics and politics, and it's not that far off. Read more here.

I had a bit of an 'epiphany' today,

and realized that maybe FOXNews really is trying to report the truth, as they see it, and that maybe Gorge Bush really did get 'bad intelligence info', before his attack on Iraq. And, maybe there really was a Noah's Ark, where a pair of all the animals survived a world-wide deluge, on one boat. Maybe it IS a good idea to use nearly half of our corn crop for ethanol. I guess it's possible...
Ha ha. April Fool! Are you kidding me? Does anyone REALLY believe this 'BS'?

Did you know

that (then) Sec of Defense, Dick Cheney was the first to OK the military 'subcontracting' military tasks, such as food prep, maintenance, security, etc, in 1992? THEN his company, Haliburton, got into the business, and in the next five years ('92-'97) his personal net worth went from approx ONE million to over FORTY million? AND, the company that got the MOST contracts (over 800) in Iraq, before, during and after his war, based on lies, most of them 'no-bid', was KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root), a SUBSIDIARY of Haliburton?  Coincidence? HA! Many more interesting (but sickening) facts in the documentary, 'Why We Fight', now on HBO, that explores the links between politicians, the military and 'defense' contractors.

Lots of talk this morning

on the financial shows, about the David Stockman (R) article, respected economist and former Reagan cabinet member, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/31/david-stockman-george-w-bush_n_2989094.html blaming Bush for the financial crash that we are just beginning to emerge from. Totally disregarding traditional Repub fiscal responsiblity, GW busted the bank with his tax cuts for the rich, while expanding Medicare and launching TWO, unpaid for wars. Then, the Pubs blame Obama when the bills come due, and he's forced to 'fix the mess'. Of course the sheep will 'blow it off' and FOX will ignore it, even when it comes from 'one of their own'. What a bunch of hypocrites, BUT, nothing new here...