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Saturday, August 31, 2013

FOX news(?) is bitchin',

cuz Obama is asking for a vote, by Congress, before starting a war. SURPRISE! These jerks are complaining, 'No Matter What', Obama does. It's who they are and what they do. The 'Fair and Balanced' guys say he oughta attack in one article ,and says the exact opposite at the same time. Just to cover all the bases, until a decision is made, then they can REALLY bitch. Too bad we don't have GW in charge. Oh yeah, he was run outta town with a 22% approval rating....

In the crazy, stupid, illogical world

of rightwing radio, Rush is dissing Obama cuz 'he can't put together a coalition' to attack Syria, like GW did for Iraq. HUH? This is wrong in SO many ways, even for FOX crap, but here are a few.
 1. After Bush and Iraq, NO ONE wants to join the US in another war.
2. Obama isn't putting together a bunch of LIES, and packaging them as truth, like GW did.
3. Much of Bush's 'Coalition of the Willing', was made up of countries whose only contribution (like Moldavia, El Salvador, Ivory Coast, etc), was to accept $$ from the US, to get their names on a list, so Bush could say, "Look at all our comrades!'
BUT, it all makes sense to the sheep as Rush explains how Obama sucks, unlike the great George Bush. And the sheep say, Amen....

Like everything else,

companies do research about who uses their product. The porn site, Pornhub, recently released a map showing which states spend the most time on their site. SURPRISE! It's nearly a perfect overlay for the Repub HQ states, also known as the 'Bible Belt', (plus CA and NV).

These aren't tourism highlights, but top search terms for each state put out by the adult website, Pornhub. Take a look below at the most-searched pornography terms, by region, and the per-state breakdown of average time spent on the site. This data is sure to shock and awe you.

Friday, August 30, 2013

I never thought,

that I'd even consider supporting another US attack in the Mideast, BUT, after seeing the 1400+ victims, including women and children, of Assad's chemical weapon attack, I'm leading toward retaliation. Am glad I'm not the one who has to make the final decision, especially after the fiasco of GW's 'Oops, no WMD's' in Iraq. but this is different. There is no doubt about what happened, unlike the 'yellow cake Uranium, and mobile weapons systems, of Saddam, and mushroom clouds', that was total bullshit, put out there by Bush/Cheney. BUT, we have their legacy to deal with, with a REAL threat. Tough call, as the rest of the world doesn't want to ally with the US, after Bush's total screw up. Thanks again, George...

The legacy of GW's, 'Oops, no WMDs',

is rearing it's ugly head again. Because of his reckless misuse of power, based on lies, the world is hesitant to confront a ruthless dictator who DOES have and use actual WMD's. The Brits (as well as the rest of Europe) are rightfully hesitant to join the US, remembering what happened last time, after believing the lies of Bush and Cheney, SO, Assad feels emboldened cuz no one wants to repeat the mistakes of the Bush crew. GWBush. The gift that just keeps on giving...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

In response to the fantasy of the Bush Library,

here is what REALLY happened, while GW was prez, with 'Cheney in Charge'.


The Feds have decided to honor the vote of the majority of Colorado and Washington citizens, regarding legal cannabis.

WASHINGTON -- The United States government took a historic step back from its long-running drug war on Thursday, when Attorney General Eric Holder informed the governors of Washington and Colorado that the Department of Justice would allow the states to create a regime that would regulate and implement the ballot initiatives that legalized the use of marijuana for adults.
A Justice Department official said that Holder told the governors in a joint phone call early Thursday afternoon that the department would take a "trust but verify approach" to the state laws.

Took a long time, but Eric Holder and the DOJ agreed not to arrest those who legally grow, sell and smoke marijuana. I'd bet Denver's building boom, (see today's Denver Post) is only going to continue, now that pot is treated like alcohol. A huge boon to Colorado tourism, business and overall growth. About time....

Surprise! FOXNews is totally WRONG,

as Bill O'Reily claimed, 'No Republicans or Conservatives were invited to the recent Martin Luther King events'.
What? O'Reilly just making stuff up, to support his line of crap? YUP!

Some had wondered why no Republicans appeared to be involved in commemorating the historic day. Though three Democratic presidents spoke at the event marking the moment, no Republicans did, and there were no other GOP officials who participated.
Answers were quickly given for this state of affairs. Both presidents Bush had bowed out of the event, citing health issues. Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor were both invited, but declined to attend. (Cantor had a meeting with oil lobbyists instead, and Boehner spoke at a Congressional event.) Jeb Bush and John McCain also declined. Moreover, every member of Congress was invited.

The Pubs were invited. They just didn't show up. And now FOX news(?) just 'makes it up', as they try to explain the lack of Pubs at the event. And, as usual, the sheep lap it up.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Watching 'Pawn Stars',

and saw where someone sold a fake bomb (Air Force bombing practice) from the Viet Nam era. While establishing the value, Rick tells us that over 7 MILLION TONS of bombs were dropped on Viet Nam by the US. WOW! Think about it. Think any of those Repub military contractors (Bush family) made any $$ from that? Just like the Iraq war, a whole bunch of ordinance, dropped on a small country, so the military/industrial complex, could make a 'killing'. Some things never change, as Iraq was just like Viet Nam. Total bullshit, if you were on the wrong end (soldier) but very profitable, if you were a supplier(R). Same old shit, different year, with different Repubs in charge. Was thinking GW, but actually it was Cheney, who lied us into war, and whose Haliburton stock went up over a thousand per cent. Coincidence? And to think there are those out there who can't put 2 and 2 together. They're known as FOX sheep and there's bunch of 'em.

The same jerks (R),

who constantly bitched about Obama not being tough enough in the Mid East, now are hedging their bets, after Obama said he was gonna have a military response to Syria's chemical weapons.  Now they're complaining about the US getting involved. NO WAY these jerks will ever be satisfied, concerning any foreign or domestic policy from the Dems. With Bush, War is Good. Torture is Good. Economic collapse is fine. With Obama? EVERYTHING is BAD. At least they are consistent, in a stupid sorta way, although Boehner and McCain can't even get on the same page, as they're bitching about everything. They act like the whole US population is as stupid as the FOX sheep. HA!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Here in Denver,

we have a large cost over-run problem with a VA hospital. Who'd a thunk? A gov't job WAY over budget. One thing that isn't debatable? The HUGE numbers of patients, supplied by the Bush (Oops, no WMD's) war in Iraq. Tens of thousands of 'em, to join the hundreds of thousands of Viet Nam vets, that are the legacy of Nixon's (R) war, that was also totally worthless. Thanks again, George. The gift that keeps on giving, if you are a caregiver....

This just in,

a mega-church in Texas has a large measles outbreak, that's gonna spread,CUZ, they listened to the rightwing crap (think Michelle Bachmann), that vaccinations are evil. Surprise! Science is REAL, and if you ignore it, you pay the consequences. I just feel sorry for the children, who don't have a choice, as their parents make stupid, political choices.

The US needs to do something,

after Syria used chemical weapons. Obama is saying 'surgical strikes' as retaliation. Seems logical, huh? Not if you're FOX news. Their headline reads, 'Surgical Strikes, The WORST Option'. Surprise! They are against EVERYTHING that Obama/Dems do. Why would this be different? Jerks....

The last time they did it,

in 2011, it cost the US billions of dollars as our credit rating was lowered, and the stock market lost over 12%. Most political pundits claim the Pubs won't do it again, cuz it would be suicidal and damage an already weak economic recovery. We're talking about raising the debt limit, to pay for bills ALREADY APPROVED by Congress. But, Boehner and the Pubs have a plan...

"I've made it clear that we're not going to increase the debt limit without cuts and reforms that are greater than the increase in the debt limit," he said at a Boise fundraiser for Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), according to the Idaho Statesman. "The president doesn't think this is fair, thinks I'm being difficult to deal with. But I'll say this: It may be unfair but what I'm trying to do here is to leverage the political process to produce more change than what it would produce if left to its own devices. We're going to have a whale of a fight."
Said Boehner, "I wish I could tell you it was going to be pretty and polite, and it would all be finished a month before we'd ever get to the debt ceiling. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way."

OK, we've been warned. Whoever said these jerks were logical or had the best interests of the country as a goal? It's just about being re-elected by their Tea Party constituency. It's gonna be ugly as they take us all down with them. As I've said many times, I really don't like the Dems, but when you look at the alternative, they are the best of the worst.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bailey's spooked,

cuz something is living under 'her' deck. She tippy-toes around, looking through the cracks, and jumps at any strange sound, while refusing to enter 'her territory' under our deck. Don't know if it's a raccoon, (probably), a skunk, another cat, or whatever, there's something down there, and she doesn't like it...

Got a new Roku 3,

and am hooked up to Netflix and a few other providers. Got a bit of an issue hooking up to  my Bose sound and am about ready to get a new/different sound system. Lots of movies and TV series available, in case I need more ways to waste time. Kinda neat that you can listen (Pandora or TV, etc) to ear buds, through the remote. Cool....

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Someone at Denver University's

School of International Studies invited GWBush to speak, but before he could disgrace the school, a large part of the faculty and over 1600 students signed a petition to keep him off the campus. YAHOO! Welcome to Colorado, Mr. war criminal. In today's Denver Post, I learned that G Dub hasn't been to Europe, and won't be going, because he would be indicted as a war criminal in several countries. Not only did he start an illegal war, but he approved torture that is against the law in most civilized countries. Seems I'm not the only one who can't stand him and thinks he should be indicted.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Are you kidding?

After the Fed govt made it illegal for for 'state legal' pot shops to have bank accounts OR use credit cards, forcing them into being an all cash business, they have now ordered security and armored vehicle companies to stop providing services. WTF? This is a business that was APPROVED by a majority of voters, BUT, because Fed bureaucrats in the DEA and other agencies need to keep their jobs and paychecks, we have these insane new laws. Now, there's gonna be a rise in 'pot related' crime, cuz criminals go where the money is, and opponents will say, 'I told you so it would cause trouble'. Unbelievable, as the govt 'says' they want to cut down on prison populations. Good job Obama and Holder. What a bunch of hypocrites.

FOXNews has a plan,

 to deliver a 'crushing blow' to Obamacare, the plan that was originally a Repub idea (Romney's) and is working well on the state level. They want to 'shut it down'. The gov't that is, to deliver a message. Although even the majority of Pubs agree this is a 'terrible' idea, FOX is backing the Tea Party zealots, in a move that would have disastrous consequences. I say, GO FOR IT!, so the country can see what the effects are, when the whack-jobs at FOX and the Tea Party get their wishes. The sooner it happens the sooner the country can vote these dysfunctional jerks out of office and we can begin a healing process that will only benefit the country.

An inconvenient truth,

for the party of NO.

President Barack Obama took a swipe at his former rival Mitt Romney on Friday, saying Obamacare was actually the former Massachusetts governor's idea.
"It used to be Republican idea. There was a Republican governor in Massachusetts who set it up. It's working real well," Obama said during a speech in Scranton, Pa.
On April 12, 2006 at a ceremony in Boston, Romney signed a law mandating that nearly every Massachusetts resident carry health insurance. Obama later cited that law as a model for his own health care reform plan.

Does this contradiction make any difference to party of hypocrites? Not at all. Their pretzel logic has one overriding theme. Be against EVERYTHING that come from the other side of the aisle. Nothing new here.
 PS. I saw an article on FOX, with a picture of Sarah Palin, and the title 'Stupidity on Steroids', and thought, FINALLY, some truth from the FOX crowd. But, it was the title of an artical BY her, not ABOUT her. Damn....

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We have a bunch

of bell peppers this year, and I have come up with a great, (and simple) way to fix them, on the BBQ grill, with the teriyaki chicken thigh shish ka bob last night and baby back ribs tonight. I just cut then in quarters, clean the center out, and brush them with butter as they grill. Fantastic, and easy, which is my favorite. Yumm...

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

In a classic case

of 'shooting the messenger', Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, while those who he risked (and lost) his freedom to expose, go free.

George W. Bush
George W. Bush was president when the U.S. invaded Iraq based on 'rigged' intelligence and tortured terror prisoners.
"Enhanced interrogation," a Bush administration euphemism for torture, was approved at the highest level.
Dick Cheney
As Bush's vice president, Cheney pushed the nation over to the "dark side," as he called it, in the war on terror.
The U.S. used extraordinary renditions to swoop up terror suspects and send them to repressive regimes in places like Syria and Libya for torture. Cheney was the key driver in producing the faulty intelligence that led the U.S. into war in Iraq. And he steadfastly defended the CIA's use of water-boarding and other torture tactics on U.S. prisoners.
Cheney "fears being tried as a war criminal," according to Colin Powell's former chief of staff Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, but he never has been.
Donald Rumsfeld
One of the planners of the Iraq War, Rumsfeld steadfastly maintained while Defense Secretary under Bush that U.S. soldiers did not have an obligation to stop torture being used by their Iraqi counterparts. He also approved of "stripping prisoners naked, hooding them, exposing prisoners to extremes of heat and cold, and slamming them up against walls" at Guantanamo.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I happen to live,

near NCAR (Nat'l Center for Atmospheric Research), in Boulder, which is the main climate research center in the US. I happen to know people who work there and we get lots of info around here that most people don't, SO, I really hate to see the misinformation that FOX spews about climate change. There will be a report released next month,
http://www.coloradodaily.com/news/ci_23904525/boulder-ncar-scientists-say-new-climate-report-not?source=rss, that details much of their extensive research. I realize that it won't make any difference to the FOXNews sheep, who believe the 3% of scientists vs the 97%, BUT, it should be interesting to the rest of us, who live in the real world.

In the REAL world of news,

(all media except FOX), the latest reports by REAL scientists (not Koch bros), show that climate change is warming Greenland and many other arctic areas at a rate never seen since scientific measurements began. The lesson from this? It just goes to show how FOX (news?) is just a shill for Pubs, big business, Big Oil, etc, as they shovel the swill to the sheep, who don't really care about truth. C'mon, how long can these jerks deny climate change, as world wide temp readings show average temps are warming at an unprecedented rate? Nothing new here, as the sheep made a choice between truth and FOX, long ago....

Since it was 'Senior Tuesday',

we saw 'We're the Miller's', and haven't had that much fun at the movies for a long time. LOTS of laugh out loud moments and can see why it is highky rated by moviegoers on IMDB and Moviefone. It was perfectly cast and everyone did a great job with a funny storyline. It was as good, as 'Elysium' was bad. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a few good laughs.

Monday, August 19, 2013

After the clown car

full of Repub prez candidates last year, I was wondering who was gonna lead the next parade, exemplifying GOP ideals, and it now seems we have the answer. Yup, the rodeo clown in an Obama mask is the early leader, topping the polls as the leading contender. Seems plausible to me, as the Pubs present another stellar pick to lead our nation, and continue their record of high standards.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The results are in,

this week, after Colorado's whack-job Sec of State, Scott Gessler(R) spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to investigate 'illegal voting' (D). After extensive, expensive research, they found exactly ZERO cases of voter fraud. However, this won't stop Texas, Florida and other Rep strongholds from cracking down on 'illegal voters' (Dems), now that the Supreme Court (Pubs) has allowed states make up their own rules, regarding who can vote. In other news, FOX is bitching about NBC and CNN showing 'bias' by considering a TV show about former first lady and Sec of State, Hillary Clinton. Excuse me, while I laugh and puke at the same time, as FOX accuses a media outlet of 'bias'. Too funny, but I'm sure the sheep see nothing out of the ordinary, for the longest running joke in media, FOX 'news?'

In today's Denver Post,

'The Kraut'hammer had his daily diatribe against all things Obama/Democrat and complained that Atty Gen Eric Holder, reacting to severe overcrowding in the prison system had ordered state's Atty Gens to move away from automatic sentencing, based on 'three strikes and you're out'. This thoroughly logical decision would allow judges to do their jobs and incarcerate those who were truly deserving, instead of minor drug offenders. BUT, the Kraut bitched about Holder not having a vote from Congress to change the rules. Are You Kidding? Those jerks(R) won't pass ANYTHING that has Dem attached to any part of it, SO, when it's something so obvious as not sending someone to prison for smoking pot, fortunately the Dems, who WON the election, by the way, don't have to throw legislation into the black hole of Repub obstructionism, who wouldn't pass a kidney stone if they had a Dem doctor who told them they should.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fifty years after JFK's assassination,

there are still thousands of pages of 'classified' documents that remain sealed. In spite of continued attempts, under the 'Freedom of Information Act', the gov't refuses to release the relevant info on who shot JFK and why. Looking back on it, this was when I first realized that our gov't lies, when it is in their interest. Hopefully, before I die, we can find out the truth about what happened that day in Dallas, and the 'single gunman, no conspiracy' fiasco can be put to rest. In my mind, there is no doubt that the military-industrial complex was upset that Kennedy was going to end their very profitable war in Viet Nam and they conspired to make sure it didn't happen. Please, show me where I'm wrong. Do the right thing and release ALL the info, no matter how damning it is.
P.S. Over the years, it has been very interesting that for the most part, the same crowd that believes the 'Official Govt Version' of JFK's death, also believes in Noah's ark and thinks that FOXNews is a legitimate news organization. Not surprising, but sad, nonetheless, as the Pubs have a consistent audience that demands no critical thinking or a reasonable thought process. A perfect base, for their agenda that's killing the middle class, while fighting for the 1%.

Friday, August 16, 2013

On the Daily Show,

John Oliver, filling in for Jon Stewart, interviewed Regis Philbin , who had just joined the new FOX Sports. John's first question was, 'Is FOX Sports gonna do to sports what FOX News did to news?' As in,  'Today, the Eagles lost, cuz of ObamaCare'. Good one, John, and SO true, as the FOX jerks put their spin on EVERYTHING, and the sheep lap it up....

As we approach

next month's vote on raising the debt ceiling, many pundits are saying the Pubs won't dare 'shut down the government', just to make a point, cuz it caused so much trouble for them (and us) last time. HA! Wanna bet? This is the same crew who adopted the 'Sequester', which was billed as so Draconian that it would FORCE them to negotiate. AND, if you have further doubts, just realize the power that the Tea Party holds over so many of them. When you look at the various inhabitants in the Repub 'clown car' of presidential candidate leaders, just last year, you get an idea of how logic and rationality parted company with this crowd, long ago. As for financial planning, I'm expecting the Pubs to 'shut it down', no matter how stupid that is, cuz that's who they are and what they do. They can't help themselves. AND, a crashed economy is their only hope of regaining power.

Good article today

that says a lot about truth vs perception when dealing with the deficit, as the Pubs threaten to shut down the gov't over the debt limit.

 Hal Varian, the chief economist of Google, offered to run a Google Consumer Survey — a service the company normally sells to market researchers — on the question of. 'has the deficit has gone up or down since January 2010'. And the results were even worse than in 1996, when the public thought Clinton had raised the deficit. A majority of those who replied said the deficit has gone up, with more than 40 percent saying that it has gone up a lot. Only 12 percent answered correctly that it has gone down a lot.
Am I saying that voters are stupid? Not at all. People have lives, jobs, children to raise. They’re not going to sit down with Congressional Budget Office reports. Instead, they rely on what they hear from authority figures. The problem is that much of what they hear is misleading if not outright false, when so many get their news from FOX. 
Nothing new here, just a confirmation that the sheep get their 'news' from a biased source, that continually preaches 'Dems Bad, Repubs Good', with no regard for facts.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's really hard

to admit, BUT, FOX may have been right, when they said 'Elysium' is a bad movie. NOT, for the reasons they said, as in class warfare, but, it just sucked, in many ways. Maybe it's something wrong with me, (not the first time), but I really didn't like this movie. Just my opinion, but that's all I've got. I can't remember the last movie I literally wanted to 'walk out' before it was over. The best way to describe it is, 'an assault on the senses', with no character I really cared about. Bottom line? It sucked...

Monday, August 12, 2013

My new book, 'Zealot',

agrees with one of my long-held beliefs, that the story of Jesus' birth, in a manger in Bethlehem, is an obvious fabrication. The early writers were faced with a quandary, knowing Jesus of Nazareth, (referred to often as 'the Nazarean') needed to be from the House of David to fulfill Biblical prophecy, SO, they came up with a story. His (not really?) father Joseph, supposedly had to return to 'the city of his birth', Bethlehem, (the nearest town with actual descendants of David), because of a census. BUT, the census of the time was only to count residents of an area to give an estimate of taxes to be extracted. The Romans couldn't have cared less where they were originally from, and certainly a pregnant woman wouldn't travel 60 miles on the back of a donkey, (are you KIDDING?) just to be counted, BUT, the story was necessary to match the Old Testament prophecy   that the Messiah was from the house of David.
Another 'fact' that had to be fudged, for the prophecies to be true, was that the messiah had to come out of Egypt, SO, Matthew, (and only Matthew), concocted a story about Herod killing all the firstborn male babies, to get rid of the future' King of the Jews', sending Jesus into hiding in Egypt. BUT, there is not a shred of corroborating evidence of the heinous 'baby killing' in any Jewish, Christian, Roman,  or other, chronicle or history of the time. Made a good story, though, and fulfilled another prophecy that was well known to the 'scholars' of the time. But, one prophecy they couldn't deal with, was the Messiah uniting and freeing the tribes of Israel. Hmmm..

I just started my new book,

'Zealot', (thanks Ted, for the download), and already found a section I can readily identify with.

The more I probed the Bible, the more distance I discovered between the Jesus of the Gospels and the Jesus of history – between Jesus the Christ and Jesus of Nazareth.
In college, that initial discomfort soon ballooned into full-blown doubts.
The bedrock of evangelical Christianity, at least as it was taught to me, is the unconditional belief that every word of the Bible is God-breathed and true, literal and inerrant.
The sudden realization that this belief is patently and irrefutably false, that the Bible is replete with the most blatant and obvious errors and contradictions — just as one would expect from a document written by hundreds of different hands across thousands of years — left me confused and spiritually unmoored.

WOW, that last section could have come from my own life. Am looking forward to reading more.

3 years before

the next presidential elections, the Pubs are rolling out the clown car again, and the Bozos are lining up. 'Sweater Vest' Santorum, 'The Donald' Trump and Ted Cruz were all in Iowa this week getting ready for the infamous straw poll that begins the clown car journey. Trump was still claiming Obama has a fake birth certificate, while Cruz claims even though he was born in Canada he is eligible to be prez cuz, 'my mother is a US citizen'. Yup, them Repubs are nothing if not rational. Yahoo! Let the fun begin, as we wonder who will be the next Herman Cain, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, to keep the late night comedians stocked with material, while the Pubs try to outdo each each with who can be the Tea Party favorite. I love it....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Am looking forward

to reading  'Zealot', the #1 national bestseller, about Jesus, the historical man, vs the Biblical Jesus Christ. Just finished reading a BUNCH of reviews, and it is unusual that both Christians AND non-believers really enjoy the book. Ironically, the FOX News(?) interview, where the author was attacked in an 'ambush interview', went viral and is one of the main reasons the book is doing so well. Much like 'Elysium', if FOX hates it, I bet I'm gonna like it. I didn't realize that the Jews in Jerusalem, after listening to Jesus and many other firebrands of the time, revolted against Rome in the year 66, winning 4 years of freedom before the Romans returned in 70 AD and crushed them, burning the city and surrounding area, slaughtering the inhabitants and enslaving the survivors. The teachings of Jesus, then underwent a major revision, to make them acceptable to the conquerors and the remnants of the believers. I didn't realize the first book of the New Testament wasn't begun until the year 132 AD. Also, the author claims that Jesus' miracles were never disputed at the time, even by his non-fan detractors. Am really looking forward to the book, as almost all reviewers claim it is extremely well written and very interesting.

By far the 'Reddest' part,

of our Blue state, Colorado Springs is the HQ of the Repub Party and conservative Christians in Colorado. In another example of Pub hypocrisy, they rail against Big Govt, and the 'handouts' that come with it, BUT, it is BY FAR the largest concentration of military and retired military to be found in this part of the world. Show me a bigger example of Big Gov't than the military, where you can retire after 20 years, with a generous gov't check, free health care and discount groceries at the PX. As these self-righteous 'retirees' scream about 'handouts' to the poor, they 'double-dip' and get a 2nd job, so they can get TWO gov't checks when they reach 62. This bastion of Repub church-goers is the exact opposite of Jesus' teaching as they fight to cut assistance to the poorest and neediest of our society, while espousing tax cuts for the richest 1% and major corporations. In a case of supreme irony, the inhabitants who claim God's wrath upon the unrighteous (gays, non-believers, etc.) have been the recipients of several record-breaking 'Acts of God', in the form of HUGE lighning caused forest fires and devastating floods that followed. Maybe there is a God, and he doesn't like blatant hypocrites...

Friday, August 09, 2013

Didn't really care

about the new movie 'Elysium', until I saw Fox and Fiends say it was gonna destroy Matt Damon's career, cuz it is so 'Socialist'. They then went on to explain how 95% of Hollywood is Liberal and can't speak for 'us'. If FOX hates it, I'm sure I'm gonna love it...
This just in: The movie that's gonna destroy Damon's career is #1. Typical FOX bullshit....

Sometimes you need a different point view,

rather than just within our country, where the 2 sides have never been further apart. A Pew Research Poll, concerning world-wide opinion of the US, shows that we have FINALLY returned to the level we held in 2002, before GW and the pubs totally alienated most of the planet, just like Nixon and his pals did during the Viet Nam years. Taking the 'world view', where our actions are reported without a FOX news(?) spin on it, the US is gradually being seen as a positive influence again, since the Repubs are no longer involved in foreign policy decisions.

The Pubs just don't get it,

when they try to tar Obama with a bunch of phony scandals. A scandal is when the prez OK's a break in to Watergate, then erases the tape recording of it, or OK's the sale of drugs to buy guns for Contra rebels, or lies to start a huge war and then outs a CIA agent who tried to expose the truth. It is NOT a scandal when lower level IRS agents do their job, by correctly investigating 'non-profit' groups, who exist ONLY to take down Dems. It is NOT a presidential scandal when an embassy gets attacked after the Pubs cut funding to protect it, and it is NOT a scandal when the prez follows the former admin's policies in NSA listening and drone attacks to continue. HUGE difference, no matter what 'FOX and Fiends' lead the sheep to believe.

In a nutshell,

an article by Charles Krauthammer in today's Denver Post showed the typical right-wing, Con mentality. After a somewhat logical rant about the difference in 'lexicography', or labels, Charles complained that Obama used the word extremists, rather than terrorists, and made several examples of word usage that differed between the parties, one who likes nothing better than an active war and one who would rather avoid it. Like most FOX News(?), it kinda made sense until he got to the punch line, when he ended it with, 'the wordplay is merely cover for lack of leadership. This is not leading from behind. This is not leading at all.'
WTF? Just because 'The Kraut', and his ilk don't like the leadership, which THANKFULLY is different than they would like, doesn't mean there isn't leadership. AND, it has put us on a steady path to recovery, while keeping us out of any new wars.
 Wow, if only we could get back to the 'good old days' of GW, with two unpaid for wars, a housing crash and a total economic meltdown.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

It must be REALLY hard,

for the 'talent' at FOX to be against EVERYTHING Obama and the Dems do, while PRETENDING to be for the people, when it is SO obvious they are just shills for Big Money. Luckily for them, the sheep don't look real close at the facts, esp when they change their views, as per Romney's health care, which is just like Obama's, the immigration policy that is just like Bush's, NSA policy that IS Bush's, drone policy that is just what they advocated. They bitch about Obama's foreign policy, while overlooking Bush's 'Oops, No WMD's' and they freely give $$ to Big Ag, Big Banks, Big Oil, the 1%, while their policies destroy the middle class. They also say they defend the Constitution, which seperates church and state unless it is THEIR church, defend state's rights, UNTIL it is something they don't like, as in the over 80% of people that supported background checks for gun purchases, etc.  Like I said, it must be REAL hard, but then I remembere their target audience. Never mind......

Interesting article today,

found in several places, but here is CNN's version, http://edition.cnn.com/2013/08/08/health/gupta-changed-mind-marijuana/, Dr Sanjay Gupta, well known and respected physician, publicly changed his long-held view of marijuana, admitting he had been mislead by the gov't and their misinformation. Basically, after extensive research he claims that cannabis has many more benefits than disadvantages and it DOES have legitimate medical uses, with a very few side effects. Interesting article, that explains how the Nixon administration labeled it as a Class I narcotic, demonized a natural substance and began the 'Big Lie' to a naive public that actually believed them..


The 'talent' at FOX continually said Obama should cancel the meeting with Putin, because of the Russian's bad behavior. Now, after the the White House did cancel the meeting, the afore-mentioned dickheads are bitching that Obama cancelled the meeting. Anything new here? Of course not. Whatever he does, the propaganda arm of the Repubs is gonna scream and moan. 'Fair and Balanced'? What a joke, as the laughing stock of the media gets even more laughable...

Monday, August 05, 2013

I get SO tired,

of the Pubs always claiming to be the 'smart party', while all the provable stats show otherwise. As before, I would direct you to gov't stats, that show the highest education/income states, where the top 15 are ALL Dems. Then look at the bottom of the barrel, where 11 out of 12 are Repub, and they suck up the most welfare/food stamp dollars. A near perfect overlay shows the Deep South, Bible belt, low income/education stronghold and the Pub 'Base', where FOX news(?) rules. What a joke, if it weren't so UNfunny.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

This just in...

Mitch McConnel may join other 'dinosaurs' as it is reported that he has a kidney stone. When told of the development, he responded just like he does to legislative bills, regardless of their merits. His response?  "I refuse to pass it!" In other breaking news, Rick Santorum says he's considering a run for prez in 2016. PLEASE do it Rick , since Bachmann, Palin, Perry and the other Repub clowns who made (anyone but) Romney actually look good, have dropped out, we need someone to articulate what the Far Right actually believes, so it can wilt in the light of day. Go For It, Rick. We need the comic relief....

A couple of (related) stories

in the Denver Post caught my attention this morning. In June, only 43.6% of 18-29 year-olds worked full time. Think about it. In another story, our national deficit dropped to 4% of the GDP, down from over 7% when Obama took office. BUT, the Repubs, who had the helm of the ship of state when it crashed (worst since the Great Depression) only want to make unemployment worse, by cutting, or totally non-funding desperately needed jobs. These Bozos, who fight tirelessly for the 1%, all of a sudden became 'fiscally conservative' when someone else began trying to fix the mess they made, which brought in far less taxable revenue, but sent social program costs skyrocketing. Sickening, but SO typical, as they found time to vote against Health Care, for the FORTIETH time, before they slithered out of town for their vacations. Worst hypocrites EVER.

Friday, August 02, 2013

In a new low,

even for the 'Party of NO', the Pubs slunk out of town for their August recess, unable to agree 'WITHIN THEIR OWN PARTY', so there wasn't even a vote on the vital transportation bill. The Tea Party Pubs did their typical thing, but the moderates recognized there is a disaster looming and tried to find some common ground to keep the gov't from crashing this fall. Good luck! Just when you think the 'do nothing' obstructionists can't get any worse, they never fail to disappoint, as the train wreck of the US Congress careens toward total dysfunction. The Repubs are sticking with their plan. Wreck it all and maybe the voters will choose them to fix it. Sickening....

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Just as I like to thank

the Tea Party whackos for pushing the Repubs SO far to the right that they are unelectable, I wanna thank the 'ignorami' for screaming about the the Rolling Stone cover. They couldn't have been further from the truth as they claimed it glorifed the Boston bomber, and in their zeal to start 'book burnings' they actually doubled the sales of that particular issue, which happens to have a great article on climate change that even THEY could understand. Never mind, what am I thinking? They get their facts from Limbaugh, FOX and the Koch bros. The 97% of climatologists who agree that global warming is caused by man? Obviously just a bunch of bleeding heart Liberals....

In the strange, irrational, illogical world

of the Pubs, nearly all agree that they need to change, to survive. Then, it gets funny. Approximately half of them think they need they need to get MORE conservative. When it comes to shutting down the government', over raising the nat'l debt limit, approx half think they oughta do it, even though they got their asses handed to them in the elections following the last time they did (1996). In a world where compromise is a dirty word, they'd rather allow a 10%, across the board hatchet job, which was set up as being so onerous it would force them to negotiate, rather than do their job. They fight for the Big Banks and 1%'ers, corporate farm subsidies, oil depletion allowances and outrageous profits for hospitals and health care providers while America's dwindling middle class continues to be hammered.  As I've said before, I really don't like the Dems, for many reasons, but when you look at the idiots on the other side, the Libs look like real servants of the people.
PS. If you doubt the 'real world' difference between the two parties, look at any economic chart as to what GW inherited, then what he did to it before being run out of town with a 22% approval rating, and what has happened since the Dems took over. Slow, but gradual improvement, from the worst mess since the Great Depression, as the Pub's 'Trickle Down Theory', of making the rich, richer, is continually proven wrong.