Finally, some GOOD news...

One of the 'little people' stiffed by the Liar in Chief, before he was prez, won a judgment against the Clown, who went bankrupt SIX TIMES, leaving small businessmen 'holding the bag', as The Donald managed to do the impossible. Losing money in the casino business. Actually HE didn't; just those that worked for/invested with him. Donald skimmed the profits and declared bankruptcy.
Hopefully, more of the THOUSANDS (look it up) of lawsuits against the Greedy Bastard will be settled, and not swept under the rug, but it's doubtful, as the Buffoon is replacing competent judges with his own people, as fast as he can.
BUT, at least Juan Carlos Enriquez got paid for his time and material, after he agreed to do paint work at Mara Lago, although it took several years and YUUUUGE legal fees...


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