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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Broomfield Jr High

was already booked, so the Huskers opened against FAU. Who's that, you say? Florida Atlantic, who got paid a million bucks to be cannon fodder for the Shuckers. Good way to get another practice in, before the season starts. Not sure who'd win between the Buffs and FAU, though. Hopefully CSU is a really strong team.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

In an effort to prove,

that nothing is too trivial to criticize, FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same), with all the REAL problems going on, are all over Obama's choice of a 'tan suit', to deliver an address. Is anyone surprised by the jerks who bitch about EVERYTHING, while doing NOTHING?

One of the funniest headlines ever,

 this morning in AOL news, as Bo Pellini, the Nebr football coach proclaimed, 'Marijuana is Out of Control', which wouldn't be funny coming from ANYONE else. But, if you have ever watched a Husker game, you realize there is NO ONE who is more 'out of control' than the Nebr nutjob. Have a toke and chillax, Bo....

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part of the fun,

of seeing icebergs (above), glaciers, orcas, seals, whales and eagles is doing it while you're sitting beside a pool, in the sunshine. Probably not how the original exploreres did it, but pretty cool. Took a lot of warm clothes, incl a jacket, that I never wore....

Just to 'keep it real'

I agree Obama is floundering, BUT, I can't imagine how anyone could/would handle the flaming pile of crap that Bush left him, in the middle east and the rest of the world, (incl the US). Two (unpaid for) wars raging that the people didn't want, AND as we exited (finally), the lid blew off the whole mess, as everyone knew it would, after GW and The Dick wrecked that part of the world, that happened to have oil (like Texas), AND militant Muslims. Who da guessed? Now, the Pubs are SHOCKED, that Obama can't fix their mess(es). Same old shit....

Heard the same thing,

we've heard SO many times before as we travel. Tony Blair was a popular, intelligent PM of Britain, UNTIL he hooked up with GW and The Dick. Now he's like a leper, whose career was ruined, cuz he believed the cowboy conman. I thought the Brits were the worst haters, (of GW and the Pubs), til we spoke with Aussies and Kiwis, who REALLY can't stand the Bushies/Pubs. Nothing new here, as we have seen, I think, 100% of our fellow travelers abhor Bush(R), just as ALL the (intn'l) polls confirm. Bottom line, you have the sheep, and then there's the educated, civilized world, and 'Never the twain shall meet'. It's always interesting as our fellow travelers nudge the conversation toward politics, and all of a sudden they are friendly and outgoing, as they realize we, ALSO, can't stand Bush, and we all laugh at FOX. Nothing new here, as we have NEVER met a fellow tourist who was a Bush/FOX fan. Bullshit Mountain, just a shill for the Pubs, not even subtle, and the whole world, (other than the sheep), are in on the joke.

Visited Skagway,

the port where the Gold Rushers landed and took off on their journey up White Pass (also known as Deadhorse Pass), where the prospective gold miners had to haul 2000 lbs of supplies up a 33 mile long, steep trail, and then transport that over 500 miles through the Yukon, only to find out the amount of gold was WAY exagerated, with all the good claims gone, as winter set in. Saw 'Liarsville', where they had lots of memorabilia, displays and some funny shows with some real 'characters' at the base of White Pass. Also had a 'salmon feast', which the advertisements showed as beautiful, bright orange filets. BUT, the fish they served was kinda gray looking, obviously chum or 'dog' salmon. VERY disappointing, but the beans, salad and cornbread were good....

One of my favorite moments,

was when one of the entertainers was giving a (very good) program on Alaska, with a lot of stories, songs (he played guitar and harmonica) and information. He was explaining how Alaska was very pro-women, as they got the vote 7 years before the rest of the country and he told of several prominent Alaska women and concluded with the story of a young girl who grew up in Skagway, played b-ball etc, became a mayor, and then became the first female VP candidate, as he said, 'You may have heard of...... Sarah PALIN!. Since it was an older (conservative looking) crowd, I was expecting some applause, cheers, etc.
 BUT, it was just SILENCE.
He waited for a while, looked around and said, 'At least you didn't throw stuff at me, like some cruise audiences and every Seattle crowd.'
It was SO nice to see how (most) people realize what an idiot she is, 'cept for the sheep, who don't have a clue....

Hey FOX/Pubs (one and the same),

you can't have it both ways. You bitch about 'Obama's' failure to secure the border, and the (very real) problems of the possibilty of ISIS crossing AND the problems of illegals overwhelming the school system, AFTER the Pubs refused to vote on an immigration bill (until AFTER Congress adjourned), AND the Pubs cut the $$ for defending the border, in HALF. AND, as for the ISIS infiltration, this is after your boy and his 'Ooops No WMD's' war, that totally destablilized that part of the world, BUT, it got the price of oil WAY high, right before he wrecked our economy. Let's just keep it real.
BUT, it looks like the Pubs are providing comedy, again, with their clown parade as the same crew looks ro run for prez. Thanks Rick Perry, Hermann Cain, The Donald, with Sarah redefining stupid every time she opens her mouth.
AND, we have Bill OReilly claiming whites don't have any advantages over blacks, while Sean says, 'just let the cops know you have a gun in your pants, be polite and there shouldn't be a problem'. FOXNews, what a joke, that is laughed at by the world, which we find out every time we travel and talk to fellow tourists. They laugh out loud whenever Bullshit Mountain is mentioned....

Cruising is fun, but dangerous.

not because we could get 'swamped' by the huge waves created when an iceberg 'calves' from the HUGE glacier, (and we saw and heard many), but other dangers are very real. Although there are many activities, shows, contests, sports/games, entertainment and excursions, etc, there is always 'temptation' beckoning, in the form of FOOD, drink and gambling. Good food and lots of of it, (surprisingly, the sea air shrunk the waistbands on my pants) was the main culprit. Many thanks to Kari and Ted and the 'welcome basket' with bottles of wine and enough beer to allow us to enjoy drinks on the deck, rather than paying the outrageous prices of 'booze on board'. We were very fortunate as we got to sorta know the maitre de, who seated us with interesting couples from England, Australia, New Zealand even some Americans that were fun. The evening shows, from the comedians to the lavish productions, (esp the Beatles show) were top notch, with an amazing 9 piece band. And, the 'room with a view', was very clean and comfortable. Got the best weather imaginable, (the previous week cruisers had just the opposite) and only had rain/fog part of one morning. At over 950 feet (over 3 football fields long) the 'Miracle' is an amazing ship.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

You may (or may not) realize,

I'm not a big fan of FOX and/or the Pubs, (one and the same), BUT, if this article, http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/08/28/census-figures-show-more-than-one-third-americans-receiving-welfare-benefits/
 is true, (which it may or may not be be, considering the source), it's pretty sad/sickening. One in three Americans are getting govt assistance? If true, something's gotta change, or we don't have a chance, as a country. A good idea, (taking care of the truly needy), being gamed by the lazy. Something's really wrong when the 'system' makes it so advantageous to NOT work. Insane, as those who work, support those who choose not to.

We survived

the trip from Vancouver, BC, yesterday, with border delays, 'parking lot' traffic conditions in Seattle after a semi rolled on I-5, the only north south highway thru town, a delayed Frontier flight, etc. The cruise to Juneau/Skagway, Victoria, Tracy Arm Glacier was fantastic, with perfect weather, however, the Vancouver excursion wasn't my best idea, but we'd already paid for a hotel room and rental car, so we did it. I did learn a valuable lesson. When you ask Google how far it is from Seattle to Vancouver, and it says 60 miles, you gotta realize it is referring to Vancouver, WA, not Vancouver, BC, which is about 180 miles, through two (congested) cities and a SLOW border crossing. Great trip, but got home at 2:30 AM, instead of 10. Thanks Rhonda and Denny for taking care of things while we were gone. As for now, need to unpack and try for a nap.

Monday, August 18, 2014

One more time,

for those who don't pay attention, or don't care. FOXNews is approx 95% real news, well done in a flashy manner, with hot blondes and legitimate looking old white guys. BUT, when they go to the 5%, or so, with all their 'opinion' crap, reported as 'news', you realize how/why they are nothing but propaganda for the Pubs. If you don't understand, I can't explain. Nothing new here, in the ongoing world of Murdoch/Ailes/Rove vs reality.
PS. Why do I bother, cuz the sheep don't care, and the real world already knows....

Looks fun

Something I've always wanted to do, esp in the heat of the summer, before all the glaciers are gone.

The same people, FOX and the Pubs,

(one and the same) who bitched about Obama not helping the Kurds and others, are NOW bitchin cuz of 'Mission Creep', as the US extends air support. Am not surprised (by anything these jerks do or say), but this is ridiculous, even for these clowns, as Rep Trent Franks(R), on Bullshit Mountain, bitches about the US getting more involved, after most of the Pubs bitch about just the opposite. SURPRISE!, but nothing new here....

I got some (neg) feedback,

when I claimed I'm NOT a Dem. Here's just some of the things you may not know.
 I'm pro death penalty, I'm pro fracking, I'm pro private gun sales w/out govt checks I'm anti 'wide open borders'. Also, I'm all for making as much money as you can, legally. I'm pro govt listening to suspicious communication. I'm pro law and order, esp in Ferguson, MO. I'm all for 'drilling', just not in nat'l parks, etc. I'm all for oil pipelines, but not Keystone, cuz that's Canadian oil, by and for THEM. I think Obama has screwed up, a LOT. I'm anti welfare state. I'm anti unlimited unemployment ins. I love my conutry, but NOT what some 'jerks in charge' have done in our name.These are just a few, off the top of my head, and I'm sure I could think of many more.
 BTW, have I ever mentioned I can't stand FOXNews and their blatant agenda?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

One thing I fail to realize,

in my rants against FOXNews, is that there are only 3 types of viewers out there, SO, it doesn't really make any difference. There are those who don't watch and don't care, which is MOST people. There are those of us who are sane and logical and realize FOX is just a joke. AND there are the FOX sheep, who gotta realize FOX is nothing but Repub propaganda, and 'just don't care', cuz it's exactly what they wanna hear. SO, why bother with my rants? Cuz it keeps me sane, and I don't have to bother anyone I care about. Works for me....

I know, I'm anti-war,

(unless it's absolutely nec), but I'm all for the US taking out ISIS fighters who are trying to take dams and other targets in Iraq, while killing civilians. Our flyboys always need practice and training, and I can't think of a better use of ordinance. Light em up....

If you read and believe FOX,

(but why?), you found out, today, that some poor lady almost lost her life cuz of Obamacare rules, (nothing mentioned of all who were helped), Taylor Swift has an 'Ugly, New Look', (cuz she wasn't wearing make up and contacts), Rick Perry is getting 'screwed' by Texas Dems, cuz he wants the Dem DA to resign, (so he can appoint her successor)(R), after he cut off funds to the Ethics Committee (in Texas?) that was investigating him for (many cases) of corruption, AND, you read where 'that damn Hillary is 'demanding' the Presidential Suite when she travels, and Obama is trying to 'take people's guns'. (what?, how?)
You could just save time, (and brain damage) by remembering 'Pubs Always Good, Dems Always Bad', as you peruse the Fair and Balanced views from Bullshit Mountain. You're welcome.....

The new Gardner Vs Udall ad,

in the Colorado Senate race, has Gardner 'sticking youngsters with HUGE bills to pay' in the future , BUT, what they don't say, is that the Dems are spending less than the Pubs did. If you pay attention, instead of watching Bullshit Mountain, you'd know that.

Great article on Colorado, today, in the NYTimes


Mostly about how Colorado is a test tube for the country, and someone's always shaking it. Also explains that CO has had nearly the exact same % of prez votes, in the last two elections, as the country as a whole, and the fact that CO is 1/3(R), 1/3(D) and 1/3 NEITHER, like me. Also, CO was recently named #1 by Business Insider, with all the new opportunities in SO many different areas, from high tech to mining. Interesting read, as the Colorado economy, which has had several 'booms and busts' since I've lived here, is definitely booming, and once it starts, it just keeps building on itself. Good news, bad news....

Again, FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same),

are bitchin', cuz Obama is taking a vacation, which I think would be VERY necessary, to counter all the stress of his 'job'. Nearly all psychologists, etc. agree it is necessary to rejuvenate the senses, occasionally, and there are many mental and physical benefits. Unless you are a Dem, according to the Pubs, whose mantra is "do as we say, not as we do', in all matters, esp fiscal. St Ronald set the modern day record for 'vacation days', aat 349, until the cowboy conman came along and had 490. Obama is nowhere CLOSE to Reagan's numbers, but THAT'S DIFFERENT, according to Bullshit Mountain, as they bitch about EVERYTHING this prez does, including taking a break from the most stressful job in the world. The ONLY thing the Pubs would commend Obama on, is if he would quit, and give the job to a Pub. Short of that, they're gonna bitch about EVERYTHING, until they install one of 'their boys', and we saw what happened last time. Our country couldn't survive another Bush-type disaster. Nothing new here....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

In the insane world of Repub politics,

and FOX news, Rick Perry is the 'victim', when he cut funds to the Texas Ethics Committee, cuz they were investigating HIM, and he blames the Dems, cuz he says they don't want him to be prez. Are You Kidding? He was indicted by a grand jury, who looked at his corruption. There is (almost) no one the Dems would rather run against than Rick Perry, who 'doesn't have a chance' of winning anything outside of Texas, or a similarly uneducated, backwards Repub stronghold. AS IF, the Dems wouldn't LOVE to run against him, BUT, in Pub world, it's always the Dems who are the bad guys, even when Rick cuts funding for 'ethics complaints', after he's caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Who believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep.
This just in: Rick (another Dick), says about his indictment. 'We don't settle things by indictment, in the US', as his Repub buddies 'sue the president'. Who swallows this swill. Oh yeah, the sheep.

Just finished Stepen King's 'Mr Mercedes',

and enjoyed it, although the 'bad guy' was really bad. Typical SK novel, but with a retired 65 year old as the hero. Not sure what book will be next, but have several 'best-sellers' downloaded. (thanks, Ted) and ready to go. Finishing up 'Mad Men', our summer 'binge-watch', and looking at several series that are available, incl. 'Weeds', 'Walking Dead', and 'Orphan Black', which comes highly recommended by Ted and Kari.  Have I ever mentioned, 'I love being retired?'

Great article in the new 'Rolling Stone',

How the far right has used the refugee crisis - and ignored suffering children - for short-term political gain

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-gops-fake-border-war-20140813#ixzz3AZykAx4U

Much like the Pubs bitch about the deficit, which is MUCH lower than it was under Bush, and unemployment, ditto, they love to bitch about immigration, although it has gone from over 400,000/year, under 'their boy', to nearly a 'net zero', BUT, much of that credit goes to the Pubs, for wrecking the US economy.
Now, after refusing to do anything on immigration, including 'not allowing a vote' on a bill that would have passed, (although they 'passed' a scam, AFTER Congress adjourned, so they could tell the 'low-information' sheep, 'We tried!), they are using the border problems to further their agenda, after they are the ones who refused to confront and fix the problem(s). Same old shit from the same bad actors. It gets SO old. Read about their shenanigans in the above article, although I'm sure the sheep wouldn't be caught dead, reading actual facts, instead of ingesting FOX swill.
Free sample:
In perhaps its most stunning defeat yet, the House Republican establishment wound up fully capitulating to the troglodyte wing of the party, who had been rallied, insanely, by Sen. Ted Cruz – born in Canada! the son of a Cuban granted asylum in the United States!


Texas gov Rick Perry(R), didn't want an 'ethics' probe of him and his buddies, in the land of Tom Delay, Bush and Repub 'Big Oil. He (illegally) promised to veto the bill on corruption (Surprise!), unless the District Atty (D) resigned, because of a DWI charge. Typical Texas, Repub, stinking corrupt politics, and now he's screaming 'partisan politics' after he's guilty of the most egregious type.

"The Republican governor is accused of abusing his official powers by publicly promising to veto $7.5 million for the state public integrity unit at the Travis County District Attorney's office. He was indicted by an Austin grand jury Friday."

Wow, how bad do you have to be to be a Pub, indicted in TEXAS? I guess when you as obvious as Perry, with his 'Pay to Play' scam, at taxpayer expense, even Texans can understand.
 BTW, GW became gov and PREZ, after he was busted for DWI. But hey, that's 'Different', in the land of Big Oil, and little education.
This just in: How does FOX report the indictment?
It's a political farce!, and the DNC is already on the attack, much like it was when another potential 2016 GOP White House candidate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
Same old crap from Bullshit MOuntain. Blame the Dems....

As we see the violence in Ferguson, MO,

which looks WAY different after seeing the big, black, bully/punk steal the cigars from the convenience store, we see the Iraq-surplus, bomb proof military vehicles, weapons and gear being used by the cops, which makes them seem much more like soldiers than police. Not getting into whether it is warranted or not, BUT, it does give a glimpse of how much US tax money was spent in Iraq, as billions were paid to 'defense' contractors after Bush/Haliburton/Big Oil decided to (very successfully) raise the price of oil (over ten-fold). If you ever need to figure out WHY an unnecessary war like Iraq 'happens', just 'Follow The Money', and it gets real obvious. The bomb and bullet mfgrs, along with Humvee and helmet makers 'made a killing' and now some of the surplus is being handed out to police forces across the country. It is better than leaving it behind, as much of it was, where it is now in the hands of the 'bad guys' who were kept at bay, until The Dick, and his little buddy GW, decided to lie us into war. As always, when in doubt, just 'follow the money'.

One of the MANY 'unintended consequences',

of the Bush/Cheney(R) rush to war, killing and wounding thousands, spending trillions and trashing world opinion of the US, is that many years 'after the fact', the next administration, and the American people are loathe to commit our military, even when it's needed. LOTS, of damage from the 'Oops, no WMD'S' fiasco, but one of the worst, along with filling VA hospitals for decades to come, is not having the will to fight, again, even when it's necessary, and because of that, the bad guys rampage and the innocents suffer. Thanks again, George, and DICK.

Friday, August 15, 2014

After nearly universal condemnation,

for his comments about Robin WIlliams' suicide, Rush (the Pig) Limbaugh opened his mouth, today, to change feet, saying:
'Don't blame me. The "Left' are the ones justifying and 'Glorifying' it, and claiming, "I was 'misquoted', when he's on tape with his swill.

The bad news? It just gives the rightwing asshole more attention, no matter how BAD it is, and that is what he wants, as he feeds his monstrous ego, with his double digit IQ minions egging him on. Nothing new here...

It's not unusual for someone to laugh at FOXNews,

and their slogan of 'Fair and Balanced', BUT, even the sheep gotta wonder, when:

Republican Senator Tom Coburn called out Fox News during a talk on Wednesday, saying that some of the network's shows are exactly the opposite of what the network claims to be in its "Fair and Balanced" slogan.
“There are certain shows on Fox I can’t watch,” Coburn told audience members at Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma. “Because they’re totally not fair and totally not balanced. What I want is, I want all the information if which I can make the best decision.”

What am I thinking? The sheep don't care about fair, balanced, truth, facts, etc. They only wanna have their biases and fears reinforced, and they know where to go, to get the swill they crave. Bullshit Mountain never disappoints (them). FOXNews. What a joke. Just not funny...

As we relaxed on the deck, yesterday evening,

with a glass of wine and music in the background, I mentioned something about what Rush (the pig) Limbaugh said about Robin Williams' death, and how it was sorta like how he said Michael J Fox 'used' Parkinson's disease, (and faked how bad it was), to get attention, and she said 'Don't', but I didn't realize what she was saying. I mentioned some other Rush opinions/quotes, and she got pissed. It was basically,' Don't even mention that &#**@, just the sight of him or sound of his voice 'turns my stomach'. And she was SERIOUS! I can't stand the jerk, and now I know what Carol 'Really Thinks'.
To imagine there are those out there who listen and say/think, 'Right on, Rush, you tell 'em', makes me realize there are basically two types of people in this world, and I'm proud to be part of those who can't stand him, or his ilk.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Was just reading, yesterday,

in Kari's library, (after assembling IKEA furniture, while the girls decorated), about the Plains Indians, who had been here for over a thousand years, respecting the land and worshipping their deities, when they were forced to fight or flee, by the encroaching white men. They had no chance against the sheer numbers and technology of their new enemies, and when they did surrender and sign treaties, those were quickly broken as the hoards streamed steadily west. As the tribes were relocated, not only did the native Americans lose their land and way of life, but they were forced to abandon their sacred beliefs, for the white man's religion, or have their children stolen from them and 're-educated'. I can understand how it happened, but it is one of the saddest parts of American history.

Today, in the Denver Post, was a related 'letter to the editor':
Mobs of violent armed religious fanatics, streaming over the land, and destroying property, confiscating possessions and executing all who refuse allegiance to the faith. Pledging to rid the world of “infidels” and to establish the kingdom of the Lord, they lay waste to everything, committing unspeakable atrocities wherever they go. Terrorism at its peak.
No, not in Iraq or Syria, and not in 2014, but all over Europe in the 11th and 12th centuries. Brandishing white flags with red crosses instead of black flags with epithets, and carrying swords and clubs rather than automatic weapons and artillery.

 Sobering thoughts...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WOW, after being smacked in the face,

for YEARS, with 'reality', while he was preaching (screaming) INFLATION!, the resident right wingnut, 'Rick the Dick' Santelli is finally forced to report facts, instead of his Tea Party opinion. With virtually ALL commodities (oil, precious metals, corn), as well as bonds, going DOWN, instead of UP, as he has predicted, (for many years), while ranting about Obama/Dems 'wrecking the economy' with runaway inflation, cuz the Feds had to bail out the country after the 8 year 'reign of error' that GWBush(R), subjected the country to. Must REALLY hurt for Santelli to do a '180', but I bet he got the word, 'from above', after his dressing down by Steve Leisman a few weeks ago, as Steve called him out, on the air, saying he had been 'wrong about EVERYTHING', and anyone who listened to him would have, 'lost their ass', following his financial advice. Just what I've been saying for years, and the 'Financial Channel' isn't about giving a platform for 'wrong' opinions, all the time. WOW, there is some justice in the world....

The Pubs love to say,

(along with a BUNCH of other lies), 'We are the party of business and job growth, and Obama/Dems have wrecked the economy'. As per usual, the facts prove just the opposite. See if you can guess when Bush(R) took, and left, office, just from Labor Dept job chart. BTW, the latest job figures are even better, with taller blue lines.
Bottom line, our country can't afford another Repub disaster, as they skew everything for the 1%.

Just when I think,

I can't be shocked anymore by what the right wingnuts say and/or do, some jerkwad like Rush 'OxyCon' Limbaugh comes up with more swill for the sheep, and proves how totally out of touch with humanity he actually is.

Rush Limbaugh seems to think he knows why Robin Williams died in an apparent suicide earlier this week -- and it's because unhappiness is an attitude of the political left.
The leftist attitude is "one of pessimism and darkness, sadness -- they're never happy, are they?"

It's what the Limbaugh's of the world do. Take a situation and make a HUGE sweeping generalization from it, that makes them look good, and their enemies look bad. It's one of the main pillars of FOX News(?), that they rely on, daily, and the sheep eat it up, as it makes them seem superior. Nothing new here, but sad, just the same.
This just in: DOCTOR Keith Ablow, a resident FOX 'X-Spurt', says we shouldn't listen to nutrition advice from Michelle Obama, cuz she needs to 'drop a few' (lbs), and she must be sneaking into the White House kitchen for fries and snacks. As I said, just when I think these jerks can't get any lower, they now have to look UP, to see whale shit.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Same old crap,

from the FOX headlines, today, concerning Obama. When he doesn't do what they'd like (starting wars), they accuse him of 'not leading'. When he is FORCED to lead, bypassing the do-nothing Repub congress who won't even vote on substantive issues that would obviously pass, like immigration, (cuz the Tea Partiers have em by the balls), then he's called 'The Imperial President', or King Barack. Make up your mind, Party of NO!

Hillary says,

we need a better foreign policy mission statement, than 'Don't do stupid shit', and I agree. BUT, that statement was obviously better than  the previous administration's, whose motto must have been, 'Ready, Fire, Aim', or 'Let's do a BUNCH of stupid shit'. Pretty obvious when look at the Bush(R) legacy.

FOX and the Pubs, (one and the same),

love to bitch, and blame Obama for what's happening in Iraq and the surrounding area. BUT, let's not forget who and what caused the chaos there. You think it mighta been Bush/Cheney and the 'Oops, No WMD's', big adventure that destabilized the entire region? Saddam wasn't a great guy, but he was contained after his failed attempt to take Kuwait and their oil. The Bushies got their war, and with it (their MAIN objective) a HUGE bump in the price of oil, as well as HUGE profits for their 'defense' contractor buddies, and 'no-bid' contracts to fix what they'd destroyed, and left the US and Obama holding the bag, with a HUGE mess to clean up. How the Pub war criminals involved can sleep at night is beyond me, as the innocent men women and children refugees try to survive, day to day, after the infrastructure and stability of their country was destroyed.

Monday, August 11, 2014

As is typical for FOX

when the sheep read the 'Headlines'
 Outrage after Navy yanks Bibles from guest rooms

Lawsuit: Soldier forced out of Army for serving Chick-fil-A
they're gonna be all 'riled up', which is just what Bullshit Mountain wants, from the herd.
BUT, if you read 'the rest of the story', you realize it's typical FOX bullshit. Click on it and read it yourself.
You think it could be all the 'anti-Obama', racist crap the soldier did?
AND. did the Bibles get yanked, or is it just a suggestion from some group?

Same old shit from the same jackasses, who are nothing but shills for the Pub party, and the sheep eat it up. Nothing new here, but it gets SO old. Who believes this crap? Oh yeah, the sheep.....

As we watch an historical program

about Rome/Italy/Christianity, I realize Constantine, who ruled the Roman Empire, should rate right up there with Paul,  as he changed the rules in approx 300 AD. Before then, you could be killed for being a Chrisitian, BUT, to keep order, the new rules meant you would be killed, if you WEREN'T a Christian. Amazing, how it spread, among the conquered peoples. Look it up....

Sunday, August 10, 2014

After Obama had to make tough decisions in Iraq,

half the Pubs are bitchin' that he did too much and the other half are bitchin' cuz he didn't do enuff. Look at the headlines on FOX. I'm shocked, that they don't agree with him, as he has to deal with the crap they left in Iraq, after W's Big Adventure....

I guess I'm just a couch potato,

but the PGA Players Tournament, the last major of the year, at Valhalla, in Louisville, is AMAZING. Not over yet, but haven't seen this kinda competition, in any sport, like is happening today. Whoever wins this is gonna deserve it, as the best golfers in the world are at the top of their games. WOW.

Update: Rory won it with a string of birdies and an eagle. Some people are gonna be pissed as the network overrode the nat'l news and 60 Minutes, for a 'fantastic finish', as they finished up, in the dark. One of the best sports moments, ever. Congrats, Rory....

Saturday, August 09, 2014

40 years after Nixon resigned in disgrace,

FOX has a headline to put it all in perspective, just in case you don't know what Bullshit Mountain is all about.

'Nixon Was Bad, But Obama is Worse'

Yup, good ol' FOX news, as the prez has had to deal with the Bush legacy of two unpaid-for wars raging, and the worst recession since the great depression, soaring unemployment with a crashing stock market and  home values, from a prez with a 22% approval rating. Yup, if we could only return to the 'good ol' days of GWBush(R)'.
FOX and the sheep. What a joke.

Friday, August 08, 2014

WIthin a few minutes,

looking for something to watch on TV, we saw a Rick Steve's travel show, on Madrid, about all the stuff done by the Catholic church, to heretics, as they were tortured and killed. Then saw a bit of 'Dateline', about the followers of Warren Jeff's, an LDS leader, who gave all the young girls in his 'congregation' to the dirty old men who wanted young wives. The 14 and 15 year old girls were scared to death of 'eternal damnation' if they didn't go along with it. This was right after the 'news', where the Israeli's were killing the Paestinians, cuz they had a different religion, before we saw images of the Sunni's killing the Kurds, cuz they are a different sect of religion. Excuse me, but I am SO sick of all the different 'religions' who are SO sure that they are the 'one and only' true believers. I can't think of any more destructive force in the world today, than all the different 'religious nuts', who are all totally sure, 'God is on MY side', as they kill each other in God's name.....

Not that it meant much,

but was nice that the Broncos beat the Seahawks, after the embarrassment that Denver suffered in last year's Super Bowl. Overall, an interesting game, (for pre-season), except for all the yellow flags. Pretty ridiculous, with all the ticky tack fouls whistled by the zebras. If they keep it up, they may as well play 'flag' football, cuz they aren't allowing any contact, in this new version of the game.

WIll be interesting to see,

how the clowns at Bullshit Mountain react to Obama's decision to help out the Kurds with limited airstrikes. Of course they are ALWAYS against EVERYTHING Obama/Dems do, but, even they should know that the majority of Americans don't want to get involved in a ground war, 'over there'.
Hmmm? After their boys, 'The Dick', and the Bushies, screwed things up, nationally AND internationally, as bad as possible, (without WWIII), it'll be interesting to see what 'talking points', from Murdoch/Ailes, are regurgitated from the 'talent' at FOX News(?).

As I started the day with CNBC, today,

there were a couple of interesting segments. First, 'Rick the Dick' Santelli, commenting on the 10 yr bond being at historically low levels, (which portends, 'there is NO inflation'), FINALLY pulled his head partially out of his ass and was forced to admit, after claiming (daily) for over five years that Obama's policies were gonna cause runaway inflation, that it looks like 'they' were wrong about inflation being a large problem. 'They' is YOU, jerk, and I'd love to know how much money his right-wing followers have lost (too bad, LOL), following his 'X-spurt insights' into the market, usually 'screamed' at the camera, as he ranted against 'all things Dem/Obama', BUT, he got his 15 minutes of fame, which he drug out for years, by continually giving terrible advice. The other interesting investing 'tip' had to do with the aging US population and the money to be made in...... Adult Diapers. Probably true, but sad, nonetheless.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Just to be clear

there's a time to kill the bad guys, in Iraq, and that time may be now. Glad I don't have to make the decision, but hope it's not based on profits for 'defense' contractors, as Pub decisions usually are, but humanitarian reasons to save innocent lives. Time for some F-18 action....

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Most of the time,

Bullshit Mountain is at least a little subtle in their anti-Dem diatribes, but they've taken off the gloves today, with all their 'news?' about Obama, Robert Reich, Obama administration, Jimmy Carter and several other 'Headlines' that are part of their on-going mission to put Pubs in all political offices. Like I said, the "Fair and Balanced' network seems to have given up all appearances of being anything but a conservative rag, run by political hacks. BUT, it's just what the sheep love and they know where to get their 'news?', and aren't disappointed as their biases are reinforced.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

All of you who think,

the Viet Nam war was such a great deal, just listen (or look up the transcript) to the Nixon(R) tapes, (released today) about why it went on for SO long, and got expanded into Laos and Cambodia. Tricky Dick(R) had his own reasons. At least he showed a generation of us what being a Pub politician was/is all about. I thought that BS was all behind us, then we got GW(R) and Iraq. Same old shit. Repubs should be SO proud of their 'traditions', which consist of starting and expanding wars, 'based on lies', to enrich their 'defense' contractor buddies, killing and wounding young Americans and other humans, while trashing the US in world opinion.

Those who defend FOX,

say that most of their news coverage is excellent. I agree, BUT, it's like defending a child molester cuz the candy he gave out was 'really good'. Duh... It's just something to get the victim's attention, before the actual damage occurs.

In the insane world of Pub politics,

I'm not the only one to notice, as Jon Stewart had this last night.

House bill was passed after the Senate already left town, leaving House Speaker John Boehner to suggest that President Barack Obama should take action on his own.
"There are numerous steps the president can and should be taking right now, without the need for Congressional approval," Boehner said.
This statement left Stewart practically speechless -- but only for a moment.
"Did John Boehner just suggest that if Congress won't act to change a law it doesn't like the president should? Because I'm pretty sure there's a guy right now suing the president for that," Stewart said, referring to Boehner's lawsuit against Obama.

Just when you think the Pubs can't get any less rational...

Monday, August 04, 2014

I get SO sick and tired,

of the right wingnuts who listen to, and believe Bullshit Mountain, as they claim the Pubs are the 'smart' ones, who 'pay the bills', when just the opposite is true, when you look at the facts, as per red vs blue states, and income/education, who pays, who doesn't. Not even close. Don't believe me? Google it. Any way you want. Think Alabama/Mississippi/Louisiana vs Washington, Oregon, Massachusettes, etc. I get so sick of the crap from FOX and the lies that the sheep are fed, and believe, contrary to facts.....

The results of a survey,

that rated the worst things the US has ever done, was released today, and it seemed about right. Worst was slavery, followed by treatment of Native Americans, Viet Nam War and Iraq War.
Seems about right to me, but after growing up during the Viet Nam era I am REALLY anti-war, unless there is a REALLY good reason, unlike Iraq....
 I am of the opinion that if you think a war is necessary, then go sign up. It would shut up the chicken hawks, who love to send others to fight their stupid wars...

Am taking a bit of a break,

on the whole political thing. Can't stand the Pubs, but the Dems aren't a whole lot better, and there's nothing I can do about it anyway. It all just seems so stupid, but there was a good line in the new Rolling Stone mag.
'The president is nominally in charge of so much that it often feels like the power dynamic inverts, and that the White House exists to take blame for the misdeeds of others – very often agencies or bureaucrats over which you have essentially zero control.'
SO true...

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/the-presidency-and-the-press-20140804#ixzz39StZzCQR

What do you do?

If you're a Pub who gets called out for not even taking a vote on an immigration bill, that would OBVIOUSLY pass, cuz you're scared of the Far Right Wingnuts in the party? If you're Tom Marino, R, PA, you blame it on the Dems who were in control 5 years ago, and become a hero to the sheep on FOXNews. And this makes sense to who? Same old crap the Do-Nothing, Just Say NO! House of Reps(R).

Sunday, August 03, 2014

You know that impeachment crap

that Bonehead says 'originated at the White House as a stunt to raise money'? Well FOX has more on the Dem 'stunt'.
IOWA GOP REP. STEVE KING suggests the Republican-led house could reconsider impeachment proceedings for President Obama if blah, blah blah...

You can tell when Boehner's lying. His lips are moving....

Beer and Bluegrass Festival, in Keystone

this weekend. Sounds fun.
My fav place for BBQ'd turkey drumsticks. Mmmmmm

The Great Colorado Weed Experiment,

is the title of a New York TImes article this morning. Factual and well done. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/03/opinion/sunday/high-time-the-great-colorado-weed-experiment.html?emc=edit_th_20140803&nl=todaysheadlines&nlid=50989228&_r=0
Bottom line, the dire predictions haven't come true, crime is down and the state is getting $$ that went to Mexican cartels.
The second article shows the difference between two towns, Gunnison and Crested Butte, and their attitudes toward the new laws. I had never realized, but is pretty obvious, and is shown in the article, that above 8000 ft, in Colorado, it's nearly all Dems, and in the flatlands, it's nearly all Pubs. It's all about property values. Land is MUCH cheaper on the plains, where the Pubs can afford to live. Once you're educated, you can get a decent job and afford better property. Duh...

Friday, August 01, 2014

Are you shittin me?

The Pubs are claiming they put forth an immigration bill. After they avoided any kind of vote, for months, until after Congress had adjourned, they post this stunt? Is anyone stupid enough to fall for this crap? Oh yeah, Bullshit Mountain sheep. Nothing new here, but still, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Just when you think they can't get any more ridiculous, the Pubs always do....

Nearly everyone, incl a majority of the Pub-controlled House,

thought there would be an emergency immigration bill passed, to deal with the mess on the border, primarily caused by a GWBush bill, which guaranteed a hearing for children, who get that far. BUT, the 'do nothing' crew, with their FAR right wingnuts, led by Ted Cruz, R-TX, were able to keep the bill from even being voted on, before they left for a 5 week 'vacation'. Vacation? Don't you have to DO something, to get a vacation? These clowns, with a single digit approval rating, maintained their 'Just Say NO' reputation, as they do nothing but bitch and moan, while others have to clean up their messes. Nothing new here, but it does get REAL old.
This just in: The Pubs passed a 'token, stunt' of a bill, that they know has 'no chance' of passing, before slithering out of town. They purposely waited until it far too late for anything meaningful to be done, BUT, now Bullshit Mountain can tell the sheep. 'See, we DID something'. As always, what a joke....