No exact numbers yet, BUT,

the gov and 'pot shop' owners are saying tax receipts are 'off the chart' for recreational cannabis. Not surprising. LOTS of people smoke, and now that it's legal, the govt can get revenue, instead of it going to Mexican cartels. Even the Pubs should be able to understand that? Nope, that's asking too much, for the FOXNews crowd, who wants to just 'throw em in jail'. Nothing new here, as they will gradually get in touch with the people, once they figure out that's where the votes are. Hypocritic jerks, as always, who will be dragged, kicking and screaming into the mainstream. And they wonder why they are a dying breed...
Haven't been to a pot shop yet, but will probably do it soon, just to see what it's like. I can't imagine living somewhere you can get thrown in jail for possessing a naturally growing plant. Gotta love them Conservatives, who contiually are 'behind the curve' and just don't get it, as they fought Social Security, Medicare and now fight affordable health care. Some things never change...


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