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Thursday, July 06, 2017

After ALL the US intel agencies agreed

that Russia interfered in our election, the Liar in Chief stood in front of Putin and other world leaders and said, 'Nobody knows, for sure'.
Can you imagine the SCREAMS from the rightwing if Hillary was in the Orange Clown's shoes?
This lying weasel just continues to 'make it up as he goes along', and the jerks(R) behind him just smile and swallow the lies like a pet snake with a dead rat.....
The 'legitimate' news had just finished reporting on the Liar in Chief's 'misleading' comments when his favorite attack dogs, Sean and Rush, were screaming and shoveling crap to the sheep about the 'un-American' and 'traitors' who don't 'swallow and catapult' the Clown's lies. Unbelievable, but SO typical of Bullshit Mountain, where lies are accepted and expected.


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