Truth matters?

Yup, outside of FOXNews, it does, although you would know it listening to the Liar in Chief.
After Donald Trump won the presidency, many Americans despondently wondered whether facts mattered anymore.
Trump, after all, won the presidency despite a constant stream of falsehoods. He launched his political career with a lie about Barack Obama’s birthplace and just kept on lying, about almost every imaginable subject. He also admitted to being a sexual molester. He refused to release his tax returns, unlike every other modern nominee. And yet he was elected president of the United States. There was, and still is, ample reason for despondence.
But the events of the past few months, and especially the last few days, offer some reason for encouragement. They have demonstrated that facts still matter and that truth has some inherent advantages over falsehood.
That’s the No. 1 lesson to take from the collapse of the Republican health care bills.
In trying to pass a bill, Trump and his Capitol Hill allies had some big advantages. They controlled every branch of the federal government, and they were willing to ignore decades-old congressional traditions, but they still failed, because they dealt in misrepresentations and outright lies, and got caught in them.
Maybe there's still hope for us.


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