Wow, the Clown Show/Circus at the White House

just gets crazier, with the Orange Clown in charge(?).
The only thing the Liar in Chief is good for is the continuing soap opera that could NEVER be a real soap opera cuz it is TOO insane.
The Donald has made a laughing stock of the highest position in the land, thanks to the gullible, ignorant FOXSheep who fell for his YUUUUGE pile of lies.
They must be SO proud as Trump Screwed the Mooch and booted Scaramuchi after 10 days. He joined the YUUUGE number of losers, cast-offs and 'firees' from the JOKE that just 'keeps on giving'.
OMG, it just keeps getting WORSE. Who da thunk? Anyone with a functioning brain, that's who, which disqualifies the Bullshit Mountain devotees....


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