By refusing to staff or fund the Census Bureau

the Trump administration, who is continually at war with 'facts', is endangering our country's ability to count it's citizens, and plan the budget accordingly.

An administration uninterested in staffing federal agencies, at war with facts and eager to help Congress cut the budget is further endangering a cornerstone of American democracy: the duty to count all who live here.
Every decade since 1790, as required by the Constitution, the federal government has undertaken a painstaking census of its people, the accuracy and fairness of which serves the interests of both political parties and of every citizen.
The decennial count is used to apportion seats in the House of Representatives and set the boundaries of congressional districts. It determines how tens of billions of dollars in federal aid are divvied up. The current administration is trying to bypass this system and spend revenue as it sees fit.
Just one more effort to wreck the country and reshape it as per The Orange Clown's plan. This just in:
File it under- Just what we need, more pregnant teenagers.
The Trump administration has quietly cut more than $213 million from teen pregnancy prevention programs


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