Too bad, Mitch McTurtleface is SAD

cuz he couldn't convince the Senators into voting against their constituents interests. Yup, these morons voted in the Orange Clown in November and MAYBE learned a lesson..
Don't believe the crap from FOX.
Politicians(R) don't care about the little people who get sick. They only care about the lobbyists that pay their expenses. And those lobbyists are paid by Big Medicine, Big Insurance, Big Pharma and all those who make a killing by getting rich when we are unlucky enough to get sick or injured, which makes a big payday for Big Medicine, YAHOO for them when we suffer.
Same old crap, but MAYBE the sheep are waking finally up.
I doubt it..
BTW, as the Pub anti-Health Care goes up in flames, FOX headlines are about Hillary.
Same old shit from the morons, and the sheep who swallow their crap.


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